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Get Cops Off Beach!

Dear Editor,

Responding to D.F.D.'s letter to The Wave dated August 1, "I've never gotten a ticket and never been hassled by a police officer or Park Department employee. Neither has my family or any of my friends." Well I am not a D.F.D. I was born in Rockaway Beach hospital and spent my entire life on this beach, and up until last Saturday (July 26), I also have never been harassed on the beach.

Saturday, myself, my wife my two daughters with their husbands and children, my sister, her husband and her grandchildren, my brother and his family visiting from upstate New York, were enjoying a beautiful day at the beach (Beach 102 St.). We were sitting in a large semi-circle, beach chairs, umbrellas, baby carriages, a red beach wagon, and coolers, filled with sandwiches and soft drinks.

All our attention was on the kids playing in the water, when out of nowhere a cop in uniform appeared in the middle of the family group. He had climbed over the baby carriage, the red wagon, ducked under the umbrellas and sidestepped the coolers and blankets.

He startled everyone and I immediately asked if something was wrong. He didn't answer or apologize, just looked around and started to walk away. I couldn't control my anger and demanded an explanation for his intrusion, violating our space and intimidating our grandchildren with his rude behavior; he just walked away.

It was apparent he was looking for somebody in the group drinking an alcoholic beverage. I am a former New York City police officer. My brother-in-law was also a police sergeant. We are law-abiding people. When you turn people like us against police, the police ultimately lose.

P.S. The top story in The Wave: murder and gun incidents on the rise in the Rockaways! Get the cops off the beach and back on the street!


Schools Have To Change

Dear: Editor

Some time ago I wrote you about the conditions in Rockaway and why the politicians do nothing. I said that they can always count on Rockaway to vote Democratic and until we vote someone in that is not a Democrat we in Rockaway will always be losers. This week you talked about a new Republican candidate for the City Council named Michael Mossa. Your main objection is that he is for school vouchers, which you, as a former teacher, consider violations of the most sacred order of things and the usual argument, use the money for the public school system. I could not agree with you less.

Most of the argument against school vouchers suggests that the money be used better public education. If more money were the answer the answer then why is the Washington DC school system considered one of the worst in the country. We in New York City put more money into the school system than most states. Yet we have the one of the largest drop out ratios in the country. If you paid more attention to Dr. McWhorter and Dr. Williams, two prominent Black Educators, it is the makeup of the student body and the peer pressure that is ever present. By peer pressure I mean, "You Study, You get good marks, what are you trying to do? Act like a white kid."

My contention is this; Teachers Union cares only about jobs. They know that the schools are a failure, and yet the are deadly afraid of anything that resembles competition. The Democratic Party plays the game to the hilt. The democratic hierarchy including your heroine Hillary feels that if you continue to keep the black population dumb and dependent on the government you will continue to keep them in Democratic Party. The school system in New York is a disaster for the most part. I know you can name some good schools but in the majority the graduation rate is awful. So instead if sending more children into the system vouchers would take a few of them out of the environment and make them useful citizens.

You could start with uniforms, or a dress code, to see these young kids with hats on sideways, long shirts, and pants that are falling down going to school is a joke. Yet the liberal schools say they have a right to dress as they want. As far as I am concerned the only right they have is to go to school. The next step is manners, act like you are there to learn not to take up space. The teachers themselves dress like slobs. What student respects a teacher in a t-shirt and dungarees? Clean that act up. When I taught in a junior college we had rules, shirts and ties, no denim, and in general no extremes in dress. We took the children who could not make it into college and made them college eligible. It was no accident, we made them work at it. You can not do that in a system that allows too much freedom. When my wife taught in a public high she told me horror stories of people forced into English as a Second Language groups because they had Spanish surnames even though they were born, raised and educated in English before they entered high school. This is the logic of the ESA, but as usual no one in the union will admit it. This is the same reasoning against vouchers. It may help the black population, but damage the teach­ers union.

So go ahead Mr. Schwach, keep voting for Democrats elect Hillary President and wind up in a Socialist Country. Incidental, did we raise the level of education for the black people or lower the educational level of the rest of the school.


Veritable Blackout

Dear Editor;

I wonder if you can help me.  I live at 7800 Shore Front Parkway and there is a veritable blackout down there from Beach 80 Street at least to Beach 74 Street on the Boardwalk and the median.  On July 7 I called the 311 number and gave two addresses (since they do not really recognize Shore Front Parkway and wanted a building address).  I got a complaint number (4416286). I was told there was a period of ten days in which a determination would have to be made as to the lighting problem.  I stressed the fact that it was a matter of safety and it seemed to be a blackout and I was told to call back.  I called back on 7/15 and was told no determination had been made yet.  I called again on 7/22 and was told it was determined not the DOT's responsibility and was given a
number for LILCO (which did not work, of course).  I called LIPA and was told they do not take care of streetlights - that my town would take care of it. Councilman Addabbo's office was called and we have not heard back from that office.  I have read nothing about it in the Wave.

The only lights on SFP down there are from apartments in Dayton Towers.

I heard from Lew Simon's office that it was an underground problem and would take a while to correct.  Meantime, perhaps your paper could use its influence and get some fire under some agency, as I look out every evening and see nothing but car lights.

Thank you for any help you may be able to give.


If You Like It, Come

Dear Editor;

First off, I do not go to your neighborhood and tell you how you should live. A great majority of the people who live and raise Their Families here like it just the way it is! If you liked it so much MOVE HERE and contribute to the neighborhood. You talk about parking.. I would like to park in Manhattan without restrictions! Give me a break, you do not live here and you complain and tell us what to do in OUR community. If you don't like it ..DON'T COME! Go to Brighton or Manhattan, Plum Beaches instead.

You know what I would like to see...people who visit our neighborhood beach and clean up after themselves.


Seniors Need Your Help!

Dear Editor,

The Department for the Aging of the City of New York closed the Far Rockaway Senior Center known as BFFY Senior Center on June 30, 2003. BFFY was sponsored by Catholic Charities, and located at 307 Beach 37 Street, Far Rockaway, NY 11691.

As a consequence, the seniors at St. Gertrude's Catholic Church have no senior center in their community. For this reason the seniors have started a senior club, the purpose being to help the seniors to have a safe and social environment outside of their homes.

We are not funded, and we need your help to keep this club functioning. We are asking you for donations in the form of monies, paper goods, foodstuffs, and anything you might offer to assist us with the daily functions of the center.

The club thanks you for any and all assistance that you may offer.


Thank You, RAA!

Dear Editor,

The DSSM-Neponsit Adult Day Health Care Center's clients and staff recently had a fabulous outing and picnic at Fort Tilden. We were fortunate to have a guided tour of the Rockaway Artist Alliance's new exhibition of artwork called "Local Motion" including artwork depicting sports activities from the Rockaways and beyond.

Susan Hartenstein, publicity director of the RAA, spoke about each f the multi-media works on exhibit. She was so animated and knowledged that all of us felt immersed in the process and experienced the vitality of the artwork. She truly made the work come alive.

We want to thank Susan for her efforts and to express our appreciation for the entire Rockaway Artist Alliance. We are all lucky to have such wonders in our backyard.


Suggestions For Little League

Dear Editor,

I would like to make a couple of suggestions for Rockaway Little League for next year. First though I would like to thank Marty and Rick and the rest of the staff for another good job and to thank all the volunteers who kept the fields in great shape for our kids.

My first suggestion is to have a copy of the book "Coaching For Dummies" on hand when the coaches are assigned their teams. It is a great book for anyone who is interested in coaching Little League kids. I have a signed copy from Bobby Valentine. It covers everything a coach needs to know and stresses the fact that these are kids we are dealing with here, not the Yankees.

I think some of us are losing sight of that fact and we should be teaching our kids that fair play, sportsmanship and having fun is the reason we play sports in the first place. Having fun is the reason the kids are out there in the first place and we shouldn't forget that. This is about the kids isn't it?

My next suggestion is to build a box out in centerfield in the shape of a horse's !@# and make it like a penalty box. Here are some ways to get in: when an eight year old accidentally hits a kid with a pitch and a parent on the other team (who is on the outside of the fence) yells to the next batter to take a pitch because the kid is throwing at your head.

My son was the pitcher and he didn't need to hear that, from a parent no less. Another way to get in is when you make a remark (parent again) about how a kid shouldn't be playing in this game because he is in a wheelchair, or you move infielders in when this young boy gets up to bat. How about taking extra bases when no other team in the league does it. Very sportsmanlike, isn't it?

We can take your picture in the horse's !@# box and then maybe you will realize how foolish you look and sound. I think we get the idea don't we? As for all the coaches and parents who do such a great job and thankfully you are the majority, keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated by the rest of us.

By the way, we had a very extraordinary young boy on our team this year, his name is Chris and he is the first player in the history of Rockaway Little League to play in a game, who happens to be in a wheelchair. Chris showed more courage and had more fun than any kid I will ever see on a baseball field and to see his smile when he got a hit or took his position in the field with the rest of his teammates is what it's all about. To all the kids and fans who cheered Chris and our team on all I can say is "Thank You!"

Thanks to Rockaway Rugby for sponsoring our great year and congratulations to Billy Erhardt and his team on their championship.


An Apology

Ms. Hananh M. Gutman, P.S. 44, from your class of June 25, 1942 sixty-one years late. We are very sorry for disrupting the class while you were trying to teach us. I know we must have caused you great pains at times; we never done anything really bad. I guess we were only being kids talking and clowning around. I truly am very sorry for not letting you do your job at the time. I also send my apologies to her family for our antics.


Perfect Team

Dear Editor,

Perhaps going to the dentist is not uppermost on our "happy" priority list, but for the benefit of the survival of our "pearly whites" we must go!

For some time now, I have been going to Dr. Trezzi, and her much pleasant assistant, "Barnie." They truly are a team!

Despite the fact they are excellent in what they do - Dr. Trezzi, a much competent and caring dentist, and Barnie, who is also most competent dental assistant - emphatic, pleasant and a great asset to the team of "Dr. Trezzi and Barnie."

In addition to their excellent qualities, they are both so professional, and as I like to call them a "perfect team." As a matter of fact I "almost" look forward to going to the dentist!


Unbiased Reporting Needed

Dear Editor;

I am curious, why the double standard when reporting on bias cases? I don't know what happened in Breezy Point in regards to a hateful assault as reported in the Wave. But why, when whites are assaulted for no other reason for being white, it is downplayed by the media and rarely if ever reported by the daily papers. I do not condone assaults or verbal abuse of people based on their race, religion or color. But when whites are assaulted in minority neighborhoods the usual response is that they should have known better! Why were they where? Are they crazy?

Last fall an off duty firefighter was attacked by a group of Hispanic teens. The police were quick to point out that the "incident does not seem to be a bias incident". If a group of white teens attacked a Hispanic man would the police have made the same statement?


Thanks For Response

Dear Editor,

Last night during the power failure of 2003, I parked my car about 11 p.m. on 128 Street off Newport Avenue. As I was getting out of the car a very large branch fell on my car. I managed to get out and go upstairs and called the precinct, who told me to call 911, which we did.

I would like to thank Officers Weisenhauer, Pues, Felten and Linder from the 100 precinct (cars 2239 and 2448) for not only responding so fast (they were there by the time I got downstairs), but for being friendly, caring (worried how I was) and very human. They called the Fire Department who were also very friendly and worked very fast and hard. Within one hour my car was free and safe.

So thank you very much to these officers and firemen who always seem to get a bad rap.


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