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The Wave Has An Agenda

Dear Editor,

I was wondering why your paper goes on and on about the dangers of the driveway at the new Duane Reade. As far as I can tell, you can easily see in both directions while exiting it, and it is at the end of the sidewalk where there are no pedestrians walking, unlike the Wendy's driveway which I consider much more dangerous since it is off by a foot and you have to inch up crossing a sidewalk where pedestrians are often crossing, and if there's a van or truck parked on the street it blocks your vision of the oncoming cars. The new mirror helps somewhat, but I never read of any complaints about that driveway in your paper.Then when I read the final sentence in your article, it became very clear. "Duane Reade is currently suing Tribute Park artist Patrick Clark and "The Wave." It seems like your paper prints articles and letters according to your own agenda. Why else would you refuse to print a letter I wrote complaining about terrible service and food at The Irish Circle, calling it "blatantly unfair" when I questioned why it was not printed, yet you print the ramblings of some nut almost every week. I wonder if my letter was not printed because it might jeopardize the placement of the full-page ads The Irish Circle seems to take out in your paper every week. Hmmmm.


'Dog Beach' Is The Answer

Dear Editor,

I read, and for the most part, agree with the prominent article addressing the dog waste problem in our community.I have a dog, love my dog, walk my dog, pick up after my dog, pick up after other dogs with less considerate owners, and I observe that most of my dog-owning neighbors do the same. 

There are bad apples in every barrel and, yes, it would be marvelous if inconsiderate folks that think they didn't have to pick up after their pooches woke up tomorrow morning suddenly convinced that they did.  But, I doubt that's going to happen, so I will continue to walk my friend with two bags in my pocket instead of one.  And, though I sympathize with the woman who posted the "inconsiderate..." sign, suggesting that people only walk with their dogs on their own blocks is tantamount to throwing out the baby with the bath water.

I do think that it's high time for a dog run in Rockaway.  Such a place would contain a lot of the dog activity, and having visited other such areas in and out of NYC, I have found that those using these areas are usually very sensitive to the cleanliness of the dog runs.  As a possible location, perhaps the following can be considered.  There are beaches that are unable to be manned by lifeguards due to budget cuts.  Creating a "dog beach" to allow dogs some freedom would be a great addition to the Rockaways.  I can't imagine that it would cost much to fund such a project, and having a safe place for dogs to just be dogs, and run, and play, and chase a Frisbee near the surf would be a joy to dog lovers, and it would give leash-bound doggies a place to enjoy a real romp without the usual tether.

And finally, all that being said, and before the ticket happy fellas at the local precinct start a new ticket blitz on dog owners, can I, just once, see them issue a summons for littering?  Many mornings, as I walk on the beach, I clean up beer bottles, fast food containers, paper of all description and garbage that defies description.  By the time summer really gets rolling the area around Beach 116 Street is completely awash with trash.  It piles up in wind blown corners, and seems to be a permanent fixture as part of every fence.  The parking areas are nothing short of disgusting.  As we prepare a Memorial Park in the area, is there any plan to clean up what will soon be a focal point?  I watched in amazement one day not too long ago, as a bus driver parked near the boardwalk on 116th Street opened his bus door and blithely tossed out the remains of his lunch.

So, how about the city raising some revenue for a change by issuing summonses for littering?


Sad And Disturbed

Dear Editor,

In reading The Wave, I have noticed how many Rockaway organizations go outside of Rockaway for their functions, dinner dances, etc. The most recent one is the Rockaway Chamber of Commerce dinner dance. I guess they are telling us that there are no worthwhile businesses left in Rockaway. What a sad fact to face for someone like me who grew up in Rockaway.

I am also disturbed by the spoiling of our beaches by the administration and the damage of the boardwalk by so many motor vehicles. There seems to be a constant stream of Parks Department, Police Department, and even Fire Department vehicles.


Dogs Should Have Beach Time

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the letter, "Dogs Are People, Too." Being a dog owner myself, I feel very strongly about having a place for dogs to walk, play, and socialize. Actually, I would have never taken a dog in if I knew that Rockaway had no place for the dog to run. I feel I am a very responsible dog owner and feel very strongly about people that aren't. People that don't pick up after their dogs should definitely be penalized.

I think it's totally bizarre that with all the lots and beaches not in use that we can't find a designated place to take our dogs. Neta Erez had a great idea of letting our dogs be permitted on the beach before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m.

I don't know about other dog owners but there is a great feeling that I get when working all day or week, taking my dog Cookie to the beach and watching her run with her friends Max and Jake. The problem is I hate having to constantly look over my shoulder to see if a cop is driving down the boardwalk to give out tickets, simply for doing what responsible dog owners, who care for their pets do when their pets have been in the house all day. So it would be very appreciated if the community representatives could please work on this issue.


Waste Is Health Hazard

Dear Editor,

I have been reading in The Wave all the ideas about keeping the dogs from having their owners bring them in front of other people's homes and I agree with it all.

The one thing that is really a serious health hazard is that they throw the crap down in the sewer at the corner in the plastic bag. It causes flooding plus then it goes into the bay. People fish from the bay and eat the fish and all this dog doo is also washed there.


Hotel La Pigeon Coup

Dear Editor,

After reading this week's Wave about pigeons in the parking lot at Key Food. I just had to wonder, is it really that bad. I happened to be parked on Beach 116 Street about a week ago, and I was truly horrified to see thousands of pigeons living in the Hotel Lawrence. Now, they truly have marvelous accommodations, waterfront property, a glorious view of the Atlantic Ocean - private rooms, a spacious open window as a grand entrance to fly in and out as their little wings desire. Best of all the price is right and there are no rules and regulations for private nesting and propagation.

I notice they have made a grass patio on the roof to make things more comfortable! I have renamed the edifice "Hotel La Pigeon Coup."

But, how can they go on. It is truly a health hazard - as it is a known fact that pigeons carry a serious diseased called psittacosis. As a native of Rockaway for many, many years I am truly appalled at the disgusting conditions - but I am beginning to wonder - if I am the only one who is aware of this revolting condition?

Seems to me this can be easily corrected. Come on now, Chamber of Commerce how about taking care of this dreadful eyesore? As, I am sure, if you contacted the powers that be, this situation could be corrected before all of Rockaway will be wearing masks to ward off psittacosis (Rockaway SARS of 2003)!

P.S. Now, at least we have a hotel in Rockaway, "Hotel La Pigeon Coup."


2012 NYC Olympics!!!

On Friday, June 7, 2003, the International Olympic Committee voted to let NBC have the 2010 (Winter) and 2012 (Summer) Olympics. With this announcement it makes New York City the front-runner for the 2012 Summer Olympics. GE/NBC already has most of the facilities in place to host the 2012 (Summer) Olympics. With 30 Rockefeller Plaza NBC headquarters NBC would not have to build an Olympic Media Center it is already in place and it would save the GE/NBC powerful political, economic, international family a billion dollars. NYC will get the 2012 Olympics, It makes sense economically, and it meets all of the International Olympic Committee requirements.

All of our local politicians shall be out there beating the drum for Rockaway to get it's fair share, if not more of the Olympic venues. The years we've been forgotten should be made up to us in 2012. (1) Ferry service - we want it and we need it. We have the facilities for docking. Most of the Olympic venues will be transporting people by ferry. Not to impact the already crowded roads.

(2) The Senator Schumer "If I am elected you get your pool" promise could come true. We don't need any $200,000 San Francisco half-assed study. The NYC Olympic committee wants the Olympic water polo in Westchester Pelham Bay Park (NYC Olympics???). The water polo venue will be held in the north wing of the grand art deco style Orchard Beach Pavilion to be restored and converted into a world-class venue for the games. A temporary warm-up pool next to the competition area will be available to the athlete use prior to competing. Extensive support services will be provided in the pavilion's lower level for the athletes, spectators, and the media.

The NYC Olympics Committee legacy for the pool in Orchard Beach is to expand the facilities regularly available to the Bronx residents and will expand the season for the use of the park. Mr. Weiner, we don't need federal money if we get this Olympic venue!!! Why can't our local politicians listen to their people and get Rockaway its fair share of the Olympic venue.

(3) Pelham Bay - Westchester again gets the shooting center the 2012 Olympic shooting center. The center will include three new indoor and partially enclosed target ranges of 10 meters, 28 meters, and 50 meters, along with three open-air trap and skeet ranges. The ranges will be equipped with electronic display capabilities to enhance the spectator's experience. Support spaces will include lockers, administration, and media facilities, and a fully equipped armory. The NYC Olympic legacy for the Olympic shooting center has been designed in collaboration with NYC Police Department, which will operate the facility after the games. What's wrong with Fort Tilden and Floyd Bennett Field for both the Army, Marine Reservists, and the NYC Police Department to use.

(4) Mountain biking in Fort Tilden instead of Staten Island. The mountain bike route would take full advantage of Fort Tilden's diverse natural characteristics, which include the low lands, the beach, dense forest, and open meadows, not to leave out the rich historical aspects of the fort's history.

(5) Look into Rockaway getting the Slalom canoeing from Flushing Meadow Park. The Whitewater Center is being modeled on the highly acclaimed venue created for the 2000 Olympics games in Sydney, a 400-meter course in Flushing Meadow Park will provide challenging conditions for Olympic athletes within the city limits. A "C" shaped artificial waterway will wind its way down from the top of a dramatic berm, which will provide a 20-foot drop from the start to the finish a system of moveable obstacles will allow the course to be fine tuned for Olympic competition. The legacy for this Whitewater course will allow NYC as a national center for Whitewater canoeing training and competition. Varying sped of the water will make the course accessible to recreational users too. Three boathouses will house the kayaking center that rents boats and provides instructions. Also in Flushing Meadow Park the city and the Olympic committee will put in four new soccer fields that will be constructed to meet the intense needs of the vibrant international community in Queens. With the berm providing seating for the many fans who come into this area.

(6) If anyone thinks that the 2002 Olympics are not coming to NYC, you must believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny!!

Our local, state, and federal politicians, including our own Howard Schwachland, all of the local Rockaway Community Boards should not rest and take "no" for an answer when it comes to Rockaway getting its fair share of the Olympic venues. It's a natural fit. We are a water community with a great deal of needs. With NYC the IOC and NBC throwing money around like there is no tomorrow when it comes to the 2023 Olympics, it's our turn and our children's turn to get our ????? is not more.

2012 Rockaway Olympics.


An Open Letter

Dear Editor,

On the eve of my retirement, I would like to give thanks to the P.S. 114 community. Very few people have the good fortune to live their dream. I have been one of those blessed. I dreamt of growing up to be the little old lady who lived in a shoe. For thirty-seven years, I have outdone that lady. I knew what to do with our children: teach and learn from them; nurture and cherish them; and laugh and share with them.

As I pack my belongings, I am careful with those most precious to me, my memories! Of my beloved children, each one was special and wonderful. Of the mentors and master teachers who have been my colleagues; and of the parents who have befriended and supported me. I have has a career doing what I love-teaching. What serendipity to have loved to be in the place where I taught - 114.

As the song says, "I've had the time of my life....and I owe it all to you." Thank you for all you've done and all you've been. I can never forget you for you are a great part of my life.


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