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Justice to All

Dear Editor,

Lately we have seen a breakdown in law enforcement bungling responsibilities and mishandling their duties, and as a result, loss of innocent lives. One has to be concerned about as to why the rise, only because all of us, including families with members in law enforcement, could at any time be subject to these insensitive mistakes. When these mistakes do occur, only the one making the mistake is held to higher standards. Maybe it's time we start reassessing the reasons behind these mistakes and who other then the enforcing authorities should be held accountable.

It used to be that prior to the courts issuing any approval authorizing the enforcement of any search and sezure operation on any suspected community operation the requesting authority had to establish beyond reasonable doubt proof to the courts, prior to any approval towards any unlawful and forceful entry.

It is seemingly obvious thru the recent illegal and mistakeable events by the police and approved by the courts, that the policies in regards to legalizing forceful entry has severely failed and allow the enforcement authorities to infringe judicial check and balance policies. The duties of the courts in regards to these issues need to be carefully scrutinized before initiating invasions of the rights of others. Who else but the courts can secure these rights? And if the policies of the courts fail to secure individual protection under the law, it leaves a very dangerous, problematic, ongoing situation. The functions of the courts are to be revered at a higher standard regarding individual rights, than enforcement request. And if the courts failed to duly exercise it's responsibility in due process of it's obligation, then the courts should be subjected to similar reprisal as the requesting authority.

Therefore the only other recourse is to place in motion a law calling for judiciary penalty for wrongful order to law enforcement, and for the courts to bear equal the responsibility as the requesting authority. Wrongful approval must mean equal reprisal. Because justice to one should be justice to all. Think about it.


Recovery Attempt

Having read last weeks USA Today's article, "Airbus Knew Tail Fin Could Snap Off" in last week's Wave, one paragraph stood out, "Using too much rudder in a recovery attempt can lead to structural loads that exceed the design strength of the fin".

As the wake turbulence theory appears to not have been an influencing factor, what event would have caused the pilot to be placed in a recovery mode?


Assemblyman Lentol's Bill

Dear Editor,

I think that the residents of Rockaway should be very interested to learn about the following. I heard today on WNYC radio that Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol (Fiftieth District, Brooklyn) was presenting a bill to the New York State Assembly that has to do with developers receiving federal funding through the New York City Development Corporation (NYCDC).

According to WNYC, there has been a lot of abuse of the public funds offered by NYCDC. Because there is no stipulation in the guidelines that regulates the loans in regard to the population targeted for rental, as well as in the contracts that bind the grantees and NYCDC, many developers have preferred to deal with the City of New York at the rate of $3,000 per apartment to house homeless New Yorkers.

The Lentol bill would add some clauses to the guidelines and give more power to the community whether to welcome or reject a project.

You may remember the controversy of summer 2001 about Mr. Miller building apartments for rental on the block bordered by Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Holland Avenue, between Beach 92 and Beach 94 Streets. As a Beach 93 Street resident very concerned by this major new venture taking place six houses away from mine, I researched the conditions of the loan that Mr. Miller had received to make it happen. Doing so I became aware of the fact that there was nothing on the NYCDC website that indicated that Mr. Miller would not be able to rent his apartments to whomever he wanted.

I will contact Assemblyman Lentol's office later this week and will let you know about my finding.


A Letter To Wohl

This letter was sent to Stephen Wohl in response to his letters in The Wave.

Dear Mr. Wohl;

The people that gave their lives for the right of your having free speech also "wrongly" assumed that the people that used that right would take some responsibility to use that forum wisely. 

While you wear your politics on your sleeve I wear my flag.  That you would imply that our leadership is on par with Hitler's is a little more than I as an American will put up with.  While I understand that you are grieving that there is not a Clinton in the white house I would hope that you would respect the office of the presidency.  You can say what you like but remember the old saying "America, love or leave it".  As you seem to not like what is going on here I would suggest that you travel the world for a year or two and spout your comments elsewhere.  If you make it back to America, I would like to see if you change your tune. In the meantime show some respect for all of the people in America.  Use your head instead of your mouth.

My regards to those who believe.


Brotherhood and Sisterhood

This letter was written by an 11-year old St. Rose of Lima School student.

I feel brotherhood and sisterhood is when various people from all walks of life come together for one common goal.

I believe that our school is an awesome example of brotherhood and sisterhood. We were sent to St. Rose by our parents obviously with one common goal, to get an excellent education, to be in a safe environment, to learn about God and good values. It's obvious to me that all the parents at St. Rose also want us to learn acceptance and tolerance of all children. Our school is made up of families of all different colors, nationalities, religions, and cultures. This is a perfect example of brotherhood and sisterhood taught by our parents.

Our leaders at St. Rose, Mrs. Andersen, Fr. Peter, and all our teachers also share this common goal. Mrs. Andersen and Fr. Peter constantly invite the entire Rockaway neighborhood from Far Rockaway to Breezy Point to come join our unique family at St. Rose. Families of all nationalities and religions are welcomed to join our school for the same common goal. They all want the best of life for us. They choose to teach, that no matter what race, religion, family, or economic status all who share this positive goal for their children are welcomed! How can we not know the meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood??

As a fifth grade student attending St. Rose from Pre-K, I have learned to accept all children. I have friends of all colors, religions, and nationalities; different family lives and economic status. I have learned that prejudice does not exist in my circle of life. I am proud to say that I have learned from our whole St. Rose family how to practice the meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood in my life. I am very proud to have friends from all walks of life! Brotherhood and sisterhood is not just a nice word on paper but an example of living as one and as God....The world could learn from our unique school!


To The Good Times

Dear Editor,

I just sat down and felt like writing to someone; only I find I have no one to write to. Do you have this problem?

Read this, and have a laugh on me.

You know what I do in the morning? I get up at 6:30 - 7 a.m., throw out the cats and dogs, let them in and feed them. Put the wash in the washing machine, have a little breakfast, and go back to sleep. Get up at 10 a.m., dress and have a glass of orange juice, and a few vitamin pills to keep me going for the day. Then, I'm off to the local senior center for lunch. Come home at 1 p.m., and go back to bed and that's my day!

So they say, "a sense of humor is everything." Well, that's one thing I have, plus an ulcer, a tumor, high blood pressure and a heart condition. And outside of that I'm in pretty good shape, though I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see what I am going to get! Not much in our neck of the woods, same old crap. Walk to the local store for staples just down the road apiece. See people I don't know, and there was a time I knew everyone in our small town of Broad Channel!! And I wonder what happened to all my friends? What hasn't moved away, have passed away. And such is the way of life!

I have a funeral parlor right across the street, how handy can it get? Hildebrand's by name. And they got all my brothers and my mom and dad, my aunts and uncle. But they're not going to get me. I'M going to be cremated, and my ashes thrown over Jamaica Bay (my backyard), where I did most of my swimming, and all the good times I had!

So what have you been doing lately? Let me know. I have been at the same address for over 81 years!!!

I'm the granddaughter of composer and sports editor for the Daily Sun 'Mickey Finn," who was a comedian too!!!


Explains 587 Crash

Dear Editor;

All the Ph.D's and the Aero. Engineers at the AA Flight 587 NTSB hearing, have not figured out the probable cause, even after seeing the picture of the vertical stabilizer, showing the three rudder actuators that were completely severed from the rudder!

Airbus states flatly that the rudder was pilot commanded!  The rudder movements were so rapid, and in opposed directions, that no pilot could or would operate the rudder in this manner!

At some point in time the 0.3, 0.4 and the 0.8 G forces from the rotating vortices, of the Boeing 747, struck the vertical fin and rudder, BROADSIDE, and severed the rudder linkage to the actuators. The rudder is now freely floating and moves in the direction of the wind shear forces.  These same wind shear forces are also striking the vertical fin, BROADSIDE, and now we have an additional, and very effective, flight control surface.

The large, two engine, jet transport design requirement for a large vertical stabilizer, for engine out on take-off control, has created a very large, weather-vane.

The 0.8 G force against the left side of the vertical control surface induced  an abrupt, left yaw of 10 degrees/sec., into an instantaneous Dutch roll, with a left bank through 25 degrees and a pitch down to -30 degrees.

Although the pilot used full opposite ailerons to counter the radical roll to the left, he did not have the use of right rudder to assist the aileron in countering the left bank. He had no control of the rudder.

A horizontal tornado, the 747's vortex ATC released AA 587 15 seconds early and then turned him inside the path of the departing heavy B747.  AA 587 made a perfect join-up on x.


Rebuttal to "Invincible We Stand"

This letter is a response to a letter that was printed in the June 6 edition of The Wave.

Dear Editor;

I know you are entitled to your opinion, but I was repulsed by your letter to the editor. I am elated at the capabilities and achievements of our armed forces too, but your statement that we won a "glorious" war to free the Iraqi people from "Moslem" slavery was offensive, and I would hope others find it offensive as well.

The attack on the World Trade Center was truly savage, Mr. Doblack, but even as a Christian I know it was not a "Moslem" attack. A "religon" or a "belief" didn't attack us. Fanatics and individuals with murderous intent did. Sure they hid under the honorable cloak of a religion, but they did not attack in the name of that religion.

Lastly you said "Now the Muslems have to be introduced to the American Christian Western Civilization" You sure know how to anger people, Mr. Doblack.

First, you keep slaughtering the spelling of the religon you seem to have a problem with. Its "Muslim". Second, as a Christian it infuriates me to think that people still write such things, and then are the first to complain that the whole world seems to be against them.

"Individuals" with this kind of thinking have plagued mankind from the beginning of time. "Fanatics" who kill and maim in the name of God or a religion. "Degenerates" who only know how to murder men, women and children by sneaking up behind them, jumping them when they are not prepared or capable of defending themselves. "Cowards" who won't face you, one on one. "Spineless bastards" who think nothing of cutting the throat of an unarmed stewardess or stabbing a child in the back, because they are "non-believers." And somehow in their warped minds it brings glory to the Almighty God. This is not religion or anything close to it, it's the work of deranged and warped minds.

I don't speak for all Christians, just myself. I believe that like the United Nations, which brings nations together to discuss mutual aid, cooperation and emergency assistance, We need a "Council of Religious Beliefs". A central place where representatives from every religion, regardless of belief, can come together to learn about each other, provide emergency aid, pray together, and a place where issues can be resolved from across a table, not on a battlefield or in an airliner at 40,000 feet.

As for Americans "introducing Muslims to American Christian Western Civilization", I believe that all Americans will show the world what we truly believe. "In God We Trust"


Thank You

This letter was sent to The Beach Club:

Dear Editor,

The "St. Francis de Sales - Class of 1953" would like to thank you for your staff for making our June 1, 2003 reunion a tremendous success.

The Beach Club's menu, the deluxe Brunch Buffet, was perfect, not only delicious, it was presented and served professionally. Your staff, in the office as well as in the Atlantis Room, was most helpful and courteous in meeting the needs of everyone.

We would highly recommend The Beach Club to anyone who wished to arrange a gathering.

Good luck and success in the future.


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