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Congressman Schwach?

Dear Editor,

Mr. Howard Schwach for Congressman - that's the only hope for Rockaway. After reading The Wave on May 16, the article "From the Editor's Desk, by Mr. Howard Schwach" hit a grand slam homerun in the ninth inning of a World Series game to me. Mr. Schwach's attack on our do nothing politicians was right-on. Mr. Schwach pointed out the shortcomings. So nothing, do-not-hold-responsible-phonies we have to represent us.

As an Independent, Mr. Schwach you can use both the Democratic and Republican party's to yours and our advantage. When each party has a close vote of a bill they want passed they will come looking for you. That's when you can make a deal to get our pool, ferry and better train service for the Rockaway peninsula,

Mr. Schwach, you make more sense and back up your statements, and you are not afraid to stick your neck out on an issue you believe in. This is something our local politicians will not do.

Mr. Schwach, you can be the power broker (leader) we been waiting for. Mr. Schwach, you can put it in Ted Stevens (Democrat - Alaska) who's the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and bypass the do nothing Mr. (Foul Mouth) Weiner. Mr. Schwach, if you get a few hundred names on a petition for a ferry, pool or for a new school, Ted Stevens would have to answer you.

Like the old saying goes, if you want anything done, do it yourself, and if you don't get it done bypass the middle man and go right to the top.

Mr. Schwach, myself and a lot of other people would love to call you Congressman Schwach.


Laughable Letters

Dear Editor,

Stephen Wohl's nonsensical letters used to make me angry. My anger
reached its peak when he called our troops "bombing coward/bullies, mass
murderers, and thieves for Exxon" in April 5 issue. However, when I read both of his letters in last week's issue, I simply laughed. The man is so ridiculous he's amusing. His idiocy and lunacy shine through more and more with each irrational rant he submits. I can picture him twitching and muttering as he obsessively types his non-sequitors and run-on sentences. Although, if you weed through the nonsense, his use of grammar is technically correct aside from the run-ons and his pretentious use of the British spelling of the word "cheques".

He has previously referred to his availability to show up anywhere given a day's notice. I wonder what he does for a living (if anything) that
affords him the time to drop everything and show up somewhere on such short notice. Or, is he receiving assistance from the evil and arrogant
government that he regularly vilifies in this publication? I'm just curious.

So, Mr. Wohl, please keep Rockaway entertained with your senseless
ramblings. After all, America is about free speech, and you have the right to express it as much as the next guy. (FYI...if you attempted to write about Saddam Hussein in such a manner in your beloved Iraq while he was in power, you would probably be dead before your words hit the page). Better yet, ask the editor to give you your own weekly column in the space opposite Dorothy Dunne.  It would have to be on a volunteer basis, though. You couldn't possibly accept payment from the "fascist media".


Parade Chairmen Offer Thanks!

Dear Editor,

The members of the Daniel M. O'Connell Post, American Legion, express their appreciation and thanks to the hearty people who turned out to participate and march with us in the wind and heavy rain on Memorial Day to honor the memory of those who gave their lives in defense of our great country. Also to all of you who turned out to cheer for us along the line of march.

We appreciate your support.



Ticket Blitz On Beach

Dear Editor,

Last year, we were treated to a ticket blitz (although Capt. Talamo denies it) for our normal use of the beach. Tonight was the first real break of spring, and having gotten home late from work, made my first trek to our sandy haven. To my dismay, I saw posted a NEW sign, Parks Dept. logos and all, restricting beach use between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Other odd rules were posted, but we all know that playing a radio or flying a kite is not allowed in city parks.

Never until this spring have we been officially prohibited from the usual hours of city park operation, which are 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. in every other city park. I find no logic to this prohibition, and cannot recall any public announcement of a policy change by Park officials. If this is a matter of safety, then why is Central Park open until 2 a.m.? Will Capt Talamo chase the residents from the beaches and allow visitors at 116th St. to remain, as he did last year?

Or, as I am guessing, is this a way for Capt. Talamo, with the approval of the Parks Dept, to police "his" beach as he sees fit? In this vein, I have been reading with interest the Daily News articles on citizens unfairly ticketed so that Police can meet quotas. It is my estimation that Capt. Talamo was trying to make "points" somehow with Police brass, and got caught up in his efforts. I wonder how the Daily News would report on his activities here last year. I also wonder if we can expect the same treatment again.

I was going to forward to the Daily News copies of your(our) publication from June to November of last year, almost all of which has less than glowing things to report about Capt. Talamo and his frivolous ticket blitz. I feel, however, that such a message should come from you, as the publisher. However, they may feel that is old news. Lets hope it stays that way!

In any case, I'd like to hear Parks brass explain the need to close a summer resource to the citizens who've grown up with "sand between our toes." It was bad enough that the budget made the ocean unavailable for guarded swimming, but there is no excuse to prohibit the beach. This would probably be a moot issue were any person at the helm of the 100th but Talamo.


Stop Feeding Pigeons

Dear Editor,

Recently, I requested that Key Food put up signs in their parking lot to encourage people, not to feed the pigeons for the safety and health of its customers.

Pigeon droppings are all over cars in Key Food's parking lot, as well as the railings and steps leading to Seaside train station. With pigeons being constantly fed in this area, they have multiplied in a short period of time.

As a community activist I would like to thank Key Food's Jerry Nierenberg for posting signs throughout the parking lot to help improve the quality of life for Rockaway residents.


Wake Up!

Dear Editor,

My compliments to Harry Morpurgo's May 23 "Letter to the Editor" Why would our Republican Mayor, Governor or President do anything for a Democratic stronghold like Rockaway?

You constantly vote for the people who dump on you and you wonder why Rockaway has become a dead end? Wake up and join the rest of the world and stop hiding.


Let's See Real Debate

Dear Editor,

Just wondering why the "Letters" page remains so one-sided in its publication of obviously inflammatory rants by certain individuals such as Wohl and his friend Pergola. It's not that I mind their publication; it's the fact that you won't print my clearly worded, well reasoned and factually correct responses.

I understand that many people respond to these (Wohl/Pergola) letters because of their slant but you are risking the integrity of your paper's editorial staff when you choose to omit reasoned counter points while printing two of these ill-conceived letters in one issue.

Let's see some real debate, not a weekly peep show of the fringe element.


Why Two Days?

Dear Editor,

I know of the incident in MS 53 where two kids brought a gun to school. I also know that the two boys only got a two-day suspension.

I wonder how long a suspension the two would have got if they actually shot somebody. Three or four days, perhaps?

Something is wrong with the discipline issues at MS 53 if bringing a gun to school gets you two days; I have never attended a school where they gave less than a five day suspension to students who get into a fistfight.

I don't enjoy writing this, but MS 53 needs a Columbine-type incident in order to see the need for stricter rules concerning guns. It is apparently easy for a student at that school to kill somebody an with very little disciplining from their authorities.


Invincible We Stand!

Dear Editor,

I am so proud of the U.S troops that fought and won the glorious war in Iraq, making the Iraqis free from Moslem slavery.

If anybody wants to know where is the bravest, finest youth in America, look at the U.S. Armed Forces.

The savage Moslem attack on the World Trade Center has been avenged, it is so sweet!

I am so proud of my President, George W. Bush.

Now the Moslems have to be introduced to the values of American Christian Western Civilization.

The U.S.A. is the freest, most democratic, most civilized society in the history of humankind.

Invincible we stand!


Iran's Next

This is a letter directed to the people and government of Iran.


You had better do all in your power NOW to stop the imminent American invasion and oil-grub in Iraq.

The increasing American military deployment to your East in Afghanistan and the upcoming aggressive imposition of American military force directly to your West in conquered Iraq, are preparations for completion of the sworn agenda of the first George Bush, the CIA chief/Vice President/drug runner/President, dedicated to returning a Shah-like puppet government to Iran.

Not only will your oil once again rest in the hands of Exxon (with a little of it gifted to BP), but all of the oil of the central/southern Soviet Union - after execution of this aggression against Iraq/Iran - will become pipeline-exploitable through and around Iran for limitless American corporate profits extending decades or perhaps centuries into the future.

Since 1981, when fascism openly revealed the totality of its control of U.S. affairs (following the Texas coup d'etat of 22 November 1963), fascism's victims in Granada, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Georgia, Rwanda, Congo, Columbia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere have witnessed the degree to which Wall Street/Washing­ton Power is committed to relentless barbarism in pursuit of its 1000-year Reich.

If you do not keep Junior Bush's death-deliverers out of your neighbor's house, you too will witness their horrors on your own soil soon.

The League of Nations did not confront fascism's slaughterous self-invited expansion in the 1930's, but sane forces in the United Nations are beginning to confront wild U.S. fascism today. Actively join them.


Change Beach 116 Street

Dear Editor,

It is really a shame that Beach 116 street strip from end to end continues to be a disgusting slimy, junkie, alcoholic, derelict, pandering infested scene. Beach 116 is surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods, beaches with unlimited potential, while right smack in the middle is a scum pond. 

It was like Times Square used to be.

It is a disgrace and a mockery of a sham of a scam that it be allowed to continue as such.

In my opinion the real problem is the clients of the SRO's that continue to plague what could and should be a commercially vibrant area with a Starbucks, Mcdonald's and all kinds of family stores and nice restaurants, of all sorts so that families come not be intimidated harassed by the slime -buckets that now inhabit the section.

There should be outdoor restaurants and nice things, like Bay Ridge's Third Avenue. Sushi, Greek, Spanish, Steak restaurant establishments would flourish here. 

People will come if it was nice but not the way it is.  I personally go to 116st, get what I want and get the hell out because it is scary, like Night of the Living Dead.   Scum City.  42nd Street during the 60, 70's, 80's until something was done. 

Why should we allow this infestation to continue unabated for so long. What is going on here?

Instead, because some bloodsuckers want to exploit junkies and vagrants that the entire Rockaway Park area has to suffer.

I urge every member of the Rockaways, Belle Harbor and Neponsit and the Far Rockaway areas to write to their representatives, stand up, make noise and be heard. 

I also believe the NYC Department of Building, the Fire Department and the Buildings Department should  inspect any building in the area for violations of health, structure and fire codes that may be rampant .

I am curious of when they last have been inspected.

Yet, the irony is that in the meantime while all this is going on we have some artist blasting Duane Reade who just cleaned up what was a real eyesore for ruining that same eyesore.  Duane Reade deserves credit for making an attempt to give the area a much needed facelift, yet Artease says nothing about the SRO's and the vile folks that walk the earth on beach 116 street. 

Go figure.


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