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Thanks All Around
Dear Editor;
Letters Thanks All Around

Thanks All Around

Dear Editor;

Thanks to our community activists, for stepping in to act, when in the rush of life, we don’t see the flowers.

Thanks to the Wave. Independent newspapers allow the voice of the community to be heard.

Thanks to Duane Reade, doing nothing different than other businesses, who built the standard sign used on dozens of buildings, but looked inward and saw what the community wanted, and changed it.


It’s More Than Pictures!

This is a letter sent to Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer.

Dear Ms. Pheffer:

CONGRATULATIONS! Once again you have seen fit to give your constituents the shaft. Several years ago, along with most of your "lock step robots" in the New York State Assembly voted, at the "urging" of Speaker Silver to do away with the NYC Commuter Tax! And now you and the rest of the Assembly fools have the unmitigated gall to vote to increase our NYS & NYC income tax and sales tax. This along with Mayor (Dictator) Bloomberg’s 18.5% increase in property taxes and water and sewer taxes has made living in NYC an unbearable and tortured existence! Do you all think that the middle-class taxpayer is a cash cow to be drained of all resources? I am 57 years old, a life-long NYC resident and a retired veteran/senior who is seriously contemplating leaving this now unaffordable city. Kindly remember that there is more to being a duly elected representative of the people than getting your picture in The Wave every week.



To Dr. Chapey

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Rockaway resident Dr. Geraldine Chapey on her re-election as a New York State Regent.

The Regents are responsible for the general supervision of all educational activities within New York State, including the State University of New York.

The Regents Board is comprised of 16 members who are elected by the New York State legislature for a term of 5 years.

Dr. Chapey was first elected in 1998. She is a professor of education at Lehman College, and previously served as Dean of Students at St. John’s University.

Dr. Chapey is the mother of two daughters, Dr. Roberta Chapey, professor of speech at Brooklyn College; and Dr. Geraldine Chapey, professor of psychology at Kingsborough Community College.


Reject Bush Conquest Draft

This is a letter sent to each Member State of the Security Council of the United Nations.

Dear Editor,

You may not ex post facto legitimize crimes of murder and plunder.

The affront to the Security Council by George Bush in his blitzkrieg against Iraq has made you an object of derision. Most "Members" were appointed to the Council because they are perceived to be yes-men, flunkies, to Washington and Wall Street. Any vote by you now to allow an open-ended free hand for outlaw America to suck oil of conquered, occupied, repressed Iraq would confirm the totality of whole whoredom.

Although lavish blank-cheque export-facilitation contracts are being let to corporations headed by cronies of the devious Texas oil man, the world does not expect you, too, to be on Bush’s payroll, getting your cut of the loot. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the United Nations specifically to protect small states, like Iraq and Poland, from outlaw bullies like the New America and Third Reich Germany. Not only has the legacy of President Roosevelt – such as his Social Security system – been decimated in FDR’s home country by Bushites, but, if you accede to Bush’s demands and vote "Yes" on the Victory resolution being presented today by the United States Ambassador, then destruction, as well, will have come upon the same, harmonious world order that is upheld by Roosevelt’s free United Nations.

A shirking of your responsibility, and a Yes-capitulation to bloody arrogant aggressors, would convert the UN into a mere extension of the United States State Department/CIA. You will have asserted, by a puppet "Yes" or by a cowardly abstention that there is one set of laws applicable to the single nation that is strongest on Earth, and a different set of laws applicable to all other nations. You will have richly rewarded the Exxon/BP conspiracy. You will have made your personal career as a diplomat into a joke, a travesty, and a disgraceful fraud.

The rightness or wrongness of a robbery is not determined by whether or not the robbery succeeds. Thou Shalt Not Steal Other People’s Oil Wells. Stand on righteous principle, reject the Bush conquest draft; vote, instead, a plain condemnation of Aggressor America.


Keep The Smoking Ban

Dear Editor;

In past letters in The Wave, many have expressed their complaint over NYC’s new smoking ban for restaurants and bars saying how alcohol can do just as much damage as tobacco can. That maybe true in some cases but consider this:

1) The new "No Smoking" law was written to protect the employees who work in bars and restaurants, not the customers. If a guest orders a wine or a beer, the waiter usually wouldn’t care. But when the waiters are forced to breath in smoke during work, it becomes a big problem.

2) Many people cannot be the dream athlete the want to be because of the diseases caused by secondhand smo­ke.

3) The smoking-related deaths outweigh all the deaths that include
alcohol several fold.

4) Big tobacco invests millions of dollars in nationwide politics, which
helps protect tobacco companies from anti-smoking laws. If that is not true,
tell me why the legal age for smoking is eighteen while the age to drink is
twenty-one? If you ask for the smoking ban to be lifted the only ones you
help in the long run will be BIG TO­BACCO, not their consumers.

5) Even if the ban is lifted right now, there is a chance that ban can be­come a state law, so deal with it.


Bloomberg Should Resign!

This is a letter sent to Mayor Bloom­berg.

Dear Dictator Bloomberg,

Now that you have saved the lives of "tens of thousands " of citizens with your idiotic, tyrannical decision to ban all smoking in bars and restaurants (and I don’t even smoke), maybe you can now direct your attention to REDUCING SPENDING & LOWERING TAXES! Do you and the rest of your liberal pals think that the middle class taxpayers of NYC are nothing but cash cows, to be bled dry of all of their earnings? Not many of us have $4 billion dollars like you do! Why not use your OWN money to pay for all the idiotic programs and entitlements that you feel CANNOT be cut? You, sir, are NO Rudolph Giuliani and I as a Republican voter in this city deeply regret having voted for you. I can assure you that it will NOT happen again! In fact, Bozo the Clown could do a better job then you have been doing and in fact HE could make people laugh! RESIGN NOW!!


SST Is Fastest And Safest

Dear Editor,

For the record, I am against airport expansion or increasing air traffic over stabilized communities. Also for the record I am in support of any form of moratorium calling for air traffic control and the savoring of the art of advanced technology from being ex­tinct, such as the SST.

But I take stance against those who revere the end of the SST. This superb aircraft have been over the years a proven safety success with just a minimum of fatalities to account for its years of accomplishments, when compared to conventional aircraft; included are the years of minimizing its share of pollutant content to the environment, along with other undisclosed features not revealed.

And still the safest and fastest means of transportation compared to conventional aircraft. If the airline industry were to allow this vital aircraft to become extinct from our history, it would undoubtedly be one of the greatest scientific tragedies in the history of modern science.

Can you for a moment envision our world with no cars because of high fuel cost and reverting back to horse and carriage or natural gas becoming obsolete to conventional fuel, i.e. kerosene for cooking and heating or refrigeration coolant too dangerous to the environment and returning to the ice box age or grounding of the space shuttle because of operating cost.

For to put an end to the success of the SST could possibly have similar effect, as the greatest travesty of the century. And the beauty of our skyways will be reminded of its soaring eagle like style.

The mythology of the SST was inten­ded on finding ways to modernizing conventional aircraft and improve air safety, as well as providing other anonymity opportunities, i.e. 1) better protection of the world environment, 2) increasing productivity thru shorter travel distance, 3) lowered fuel cost, 4) travel cost savings, 5) minimizing air traffic, 6) greater employment opportunities, 7) improved community and air safety.

Much of these accomplishments were achieved over the years. So for anyone to state the SST has an un­proven success needs to double take the thought and reassess that thinking, because the art of the Supersonic Transporter should remain a permanent fixture in the arts and science mystery success. Think About It….


A Great New Store

Dear Editor,

Congratulations and much luck to Cris and Paul of the great new store Mocean! It is about time Rockaway has a store that offers quality, affordable merchandise with the small-town and friendly atmosphere that we Rockaway residents love. It’s a good feeling to walk into an establishment and be greeted by name, and have your needs anticipated and met. We wish them all the luck for a successful business!



Dogs Are People Too

This letter was sent to our community representatives, explaining the need for our dogs to socialize and exercise daily.

Dear Editor;

I am a resident of Rockaway Park. I am a dog trainer as well as a dog owner and part of a large group of concerned and responsible dog owners who are looking to do something positive for this community.

As responsible dog owners we must educate our dogs to become good citizens. A major part of this education is letting our dogs socialize with people and other dogs. Dogs can develop a variety of problems with a lack of socialization and exercise. These problems include aggression, possessiveness, territorialism, excessive bar­k­ing and destructive household be­havior. Due to poor handling more and more good dogs find themselves in shelters or euthanized.

Many responsible dog owners give the dogs their daily playtime early in the morning or late at night in our only neighborhood park, which happens to be the beach. Although we are doing all the right things, including picking up after other dogs that belong to a few irresponsible owners, we are taking the risk of getting tickets from the local police. There is no designated "dog run" in this area, therefore we would like to be permitted to have our dogs on the beach and off the leash before nine o’clock in the morning and after nine o’clock in the evening, much like the courtesy law that is being observed in Central Park and other New York City public parks.

I must relate a story to you about how bad the situation with the police has been which regards my neighbor. She is an older lady in her eighties and has a larger breed dog as her only companion. She used to walk on the beach early in the morning enjoying the time with her dog as it exercised and played while she threw a ball to it. This continued until she was stopped by the police and was warned that the next time they caught her on the beach they would give her a ticket and that they would "get her". This sweet old lady is disabled and can’t commute to court to defend her actions so she has been scared and has avoided the beach ever since. Since then her dog became an excessive barker and constantly misbehaves in her apartment. This dog needs to burn energy and play with her friends so that her owner gets her companion back to its normal good behavior.

Let’s make our community enjoyable for all of its residents. We realize that these are tough times for everyone right now but this is a local problem that is affecting this neighborhood. All concerned and responsible dog owners thank you for your time and consideration.


Attention All Public

Dear Editor,

You have poisonous substances in your home and you might not even know it. Household toxics are everyday substances you may use to clean your homes. Some toxics you may use are paints, motor oils, gasoline, mothballs, toilet cleaners and many more. Small children and animals can be seriously hurt from ingesting these products.

If you dispose of these products improperly, they can get into the environment and cause a lot of damage. Other items should be used in their entirety. Recycle some items by giving them to other organizations that need them.

Some alternatives for you to do with these products: reduce buying and using too many household cleaners, use items until they are completely finished, take to the nearest hazardous waste facility near you, and you can recycle some of these items by giving them to others (for example, give half-used paint to a school, theater, or other non-profit organization).


The Devious Oil Fascist

Dear Editor;

Almost unreported by the American fascist media, dreaded cholera has broken out in Iraq (BBC, May 8).

The Bush blitzkrieg therefore brings death to thousands not merely by explosions, dismemberment and fire, but his destruction of Iraq’s water supply system brings delayed death to additional thousands via acute intestinal diseases.

Any American who now stands behind this devious oilman from Texas would, as a German 65 years ago, have stood firmly behind his or her fuehrer the last time fascism launched waves of barbaric foreign aggression to secure – in puppetized lands – vast wealth for the homeland’s private economic captains.


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