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Good Job, Mayor!

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on Mayor Bloomberg’s no smoking law recently passed. Doesn’t anybody think it’s ridiculous? I am a smoker, and don’t go to bars. But I don’t see how people who consume alcohol, which is no good for their bodies, could complain about secondhand smoke. Nobody dies from alcohol?

I have never heard that someone went to a bar and smoked so many cigarettes that they started fights or bar brawls or they caused car accidents because they were D.W.S. (driving while smoking).

A bouncer in a club was killed recently trying to enforce this new no smoking law. Wasn’t that a senseless killing? What is Mayor Bloomberg going to do for this man’s family now?

Aren’t there other laws that could be passed that would make this world better? Put murders, rapists, and sex offenders to justice with tougher, stiffer laws. Make laws to protect good law-abiding citizens and make them feel safe to live in this world and have them feel good about being good, moral beings.

I hope Mayor Bloomberg thinks he did a good job with this new law. Everybody pat him on the back while murders and criminals continue to walk the streets day after day because the laws somehow always work in their favor.



Dear Editor,

The boat ramp and the garage site problems (as well as concrete on grass strips) are symptomatic of Rockaway treatment by bureaucracies and Rockawayite attitudes! I spent enough time explaining that waterfront areas prioritize waterfront "dependent" and also "related uses." A marina, a boat launch, a surfing center, etc. are dependent on a waterfront location! The same with an Interpretive or Science Center on Marine ecology! Restaurants, etc. are "related" and can benefit from a location. John Baxter’s theater is another example and certainly ‘dependent ferry transportation’ is the best-neglected example around!

Note that the garage site is a NYC Audubon Society "Buffer The Bay" conservation site and with available funding could be adapted into an Interpretive Center (marine ecology museum available to local schools and public transportation). In a Rockaway Local Waterfront Program this would be a natural!

Greenport, Freeport, etc. have actual waterfront oriented planning in actual programs recognized by State government! Rockaway really has none and so the bay might as well be filled in with toxic dredge spoils called restoration…It’s all pretty pathetic…So to hold off on the former garage site on Beach Channel Drive and Beach 90 Street for further analysis….a good deal!

P.S. It’s possible to say residential development has been made available for Rockaway sites in the State and City waterfront mapped zones. But this is not the primary purpose of waterfronts, and certainly there is no mixed use for recreational-economic planning! Those who like golf courses and housing fine enough! But actual waterfront planning is much more and there is plenty of government literature and well-written books on the subject. The jackhammers open off concreted-over esthetic and oxygen producing grass strips – as in Belle Harbor on Rockaway Beach Boulevard – might be found in some ‘waterfront reclamation’ guidance pamphlets or would be with local inputs….also more buffering and flood damage reducing…along with other practices.


MTA , Not DOT Takeover

Dear Editor,

As you have probably read in the paper, heard on the radio, etc., the Mayor and other officials want the private bus lines taken over by the MTA.

I have been in the private lines for 50 years, most of these years at Triboro Coach Corporation. My view is: If the supervision of Triboro’s operation was transferred to the MTA instead of the N.Y.C. Department of Transportation, and the present management team managed day-to-day operation, the riders would benefit.

Triboro has served North East Queens since 1931. The present management has served its riders since 1947. All of us that operate Triboro (including management, garage personnel, drivers, etc.) want to continue to serve all of our riders with the service they deserve, but under the present N.Y.C. Department of Transportation arrangements it is not possible.

Private business has been the backbone of this country all these years, eliminating Triboro Coach, as a private company will not be good for the county.

If you feel as I do that we can serve your community properly I ask that you send letters to your elected officials stating your position regarding this proposed take over of the Private Lines by the MTA.

I thank you on behalf of our "family" (management, maintenance department, and transportation department) at Triboro for taking the time to read this letter and we ask you for your strong support.

Thank you and God Bless America.


President, Triboro Coach Corporation

Jorge Made Me Crazy

To the Editor:

Reading Christina Jorge’s April 25 letter made me so crazy, I thought I was going to require the services of a "mental health professional" ... or a bar­tender!

Jorge was responding to an April 5 letter from "A CONCERNED PS 114 PARENT" whose daughter is being bullied by a gang of boys. As a parent of a younger child (3), whom I have had to protect from bullies three years old and up, I know the writer’s feelings ... and I know something that Chris­tina Jorge apparently does not. Those feelings are a response to a terrible wrong that children are committing against another child on a regular basis.

Jorge belittles those feelings into irrelevance, due to her moral blindness. I would wager that her inability to distinguish between right and wrong has something to do with her being a "mental health professional," but I can’t say what was the cause, and what the effect. In any event, far from being a voice of authority in such matters, anything she says can and should be used against her.

I dare the reader to find anywhere in Ms. Jorge’s long letter, an expression of concern for the victim. Not only does she feel no compassion for her, she denies the little girl IS a victim! And she belittles the parent’s reaction, by patronizingly reducing it to psychobabble: "the feelings of despair and anger ..." Remember, ‘I feel your pain’?

Meanwhile, Ms. Jorge engages in casuistry, as she turns the villain into the "victim": "More importantly, Anon­y­mous is too quick to paint a picture of victims and villains. In fact there are no six-year-old villains.... That is not to excuse their behavior ... It is merely to recognize that their parent’s [sic] indifference turns these bullies into victims as well."

Of course, there are six-year-old villains! (By the way, the original writer
never said the boys were six-year-olds; that was Ms. Jorge’s contribution.)

Some would call what Ms. Jorge did an exercise in moral equivalence, but I believe it’s worse: for her, the villains aren’t morally equal to the vic­tim, they’re superior. They are the ones deserving of care.

That line about not excusing the bullies’ behavior, was a rhetorical throwaway, to feign a sense of morality, after which Ms. Jorge immediately changed gears to her real concern: the welfare of the bully. "Without intervention, bullies are significantly more likely to end up with poor social skills and in trouble with the law." And then, adding insult to injury, she demands of the poor parent that she accentuate the positive at P.S. 114! Imagine if the parent had to deal with Ms. Jorge down the line.

Parent: ‘That little animal broke my child’s nose! She’s only 7, and already
she’s been permanently disfigured!
Jorge: ‘Don’t call that child an animal! He’s the victim! And why don’t you light a candle, rather than curse the darkness? Look at all the wonderful things going on at P.S. 114.’

Ms. Jorge compliments a principal who has been kicked out of the school for incompetence, for "support[ing] a program that will bring helpful information on this issue to the entire school community ..."

Pardon my cynicism, but isn’t Ms. Jorge’s organization, the RAA, profiting from that program? She also plugs other programs the RAA has brought to P.S. 114, presumably for cold, hard cash. Since P.S. 114 is largely run by the same cabal of thugs whose children are terrorizing CONCERNED PARENT’S child, a cynic might wonder if Ms. Jorge hadn’t made her peace with the thugs, in order to contract with the school ... sort of like CNN in Baghdad.

And so, we see yet another caring, mental health professional making money off a school, while helping to destroy its moral fiber, which will lead to ever more "mental health intervention" business.

My advice to "CONCERNED PARENT" and others in her situation, is to contact the police, and retain a lawyer. Sue the Board of Ed, the thugs whose children are terrorizing your daughter, and anyone who is enabling them.
Maybe you could get together with some other outraged parents — off school property.


To America’s Teachers

This is an open letter to America’s teachers from United States Depart­ment of Education Public Affairs.

To America’s Teachers:

Thank you.

Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your services. Thank you for choosing this noble profession.

Thank you for being a hero to both young and old. Thank you for being a best friend. Thank you for your love.

Thank you for believing in the bright hopes of every child. Thank you for setting high standards. Thank you for believing every child can learn if given the chance.

Thank you for inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for offering comfort in times of sorrow. Thank you for being a mentor for a lifetime.

Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for staying after school and providing extra help. Thank you for doing whatever it takes to make sure no child is left behind.

As you go about your work this day and every day, know that you have the admiration, appreciation and respect of the President of the United States and all of the American people.


Failed Meeting

Dear Editor,

The long awaited town hall meeting held in Far Rockaway High School on April 28 by Congressman Meeks was probably the worst of any community town hall meetings held at that school, not since the late congressman Joseph P. Addabbo held meetings.

The poorly attended meeting was no different from any of his previous town meetings held in the Rockaways or the mainland, which leads one to reserve question as to his leadership capability. Even those, who in the past who had express reservation with his failed leadership, failed to attend. Most likely the reasons for lack of interest is, that since elected, he continues to epitomize little or no regards, for the plight of their concerns. Those who did attend; mostly cronies, came solely to shine lights on his dull, disenchanted and fragmented leadership.

People such as Ms. Colson, who [was] once a strong advocate for better schools in the community for our children and who would have in the past [been] quick to chastise any elected representatives of her disenchantment with their leadership, now reveres and personalizes her relationship with the congressman, against her principles. And other attendees who came seeking forum information, were quickly disillusioned with his town hall presentation, and thus began exiting the hall, in the midst of a questions and answer period.

By evening end, a handful turnout, filtered downward into an approximate dozen. It is quite obvious that Mr. Meeks lacks the required leadership to move this community’s agenda forward, in the new millennium.

His failed meeting of April 28 is no different from any of his previous meetings. For that matter it represents a microcosmic portion of his 11 years failed leadership in our community and all the reasons to start the reassessment process of his future in our community. For if this community goal is to move forward, then we no longer should remain silent and inactive on the issues of failing schools, unhealthy environment, high unemployment, or the health epidemic crisis in our community.

It is time we awaken to reality and unclothe the real Greg Meeks and company i.e., a handful of tokens with personal agendas out to destroy the very fabric of our community. With all new changes anticipated for this community’s future, it’s imperative that we start the process to solidify the community foundation on economical, social, political, and education. The Congressman lacks ability, vision, or both to lead or achieve any or all of the above community goals. Think about it.


Ticket Speeders Instead!

Dear Editor,

I read with amusement that letter from Christine Wertz (The Wave 05/02), who was ticketed on the Rockaway boardwalk walking her leashed nine pound Shih Tzu.

The N.Y.C. budget is certainly not amusing, but the mayor and therefore his law enforcement arm certainly is attempting to bring in revenue by having hundred thousand dollar (annually with benefits) policemen giving out twenty-dollar tickets.

How about our law enforcement people (are you listening Captain?) taking their heads out of our sand and raise some real money and much, much more important, save some lives.

Anyone traversing Cross Bay Boulevard (north or south take your pick) cannot help but notice the auto death memorials (currently 9 flowers and roses) adorning the trees along that bloody unpatrolled speedway. I must assume that many more have died and been maimed and have not been memorialized, but the fact remains, lots of blood and guts have been spread along that road.

What better way to "protect and serve" the public than to ticket those reckless speeders and thereby save lives (some innocent) while at the same time raise revenue at a higher level ($100 for starters on speeding. Work that bunch 24-7-365 and save lives.

Finally Captain, it is within your power to either save lives or ignore this suggestion. But if you tend to ignore it, please keep a running count on your desk of the memorials on those trees and decide if you should hold yourself responsible for them.


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