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Letters Guarino In Error Dear Editor:


Guarino In Error

Dear Editor:

I write to you in response to Angelo Guarino's letter regarding his statement that "A structure must be approved by the community board before a license (permit) granted by the Buildings Deparment." Guarino's assertions are not correct.

The community board's role in land use is strictly limited by the NYC Charter, to holding public hearings and voting on proposed zoning changes and variances. The board has absolutely no official role in reviewing plans or approving permits for residential or commercial building.

It is the Department of Buildings that is charged with that important job. The board has done an excellent job when requested to ask for review of building plans/permits when residents alleged that building/construction is not being done "As of Right," or in an unsafe manner.

Community boards, for years have been requesting a larger role in the permitting process, but we have been rebuked for decades by the powers at city hall. We suggest to Guarino that he write to the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council requesting that the community boards have a larger role in this important process, we would certainly appreciate Guarino's support.


Ticketing Dogwalkers?

Dear Editor,

I am writing in hopes that you may print this in your paper and others will come forward also.

I am a single mother trying to work, take care of my son and get through college. On April 12, I had spent the day writing my thesis. At about 4 p.m. I desperately needed a break, what better way to do that than a relaxing walk on our beautiful boardwalk. I decided to give my dog some exercise as well (a 9 pound Shih Tzu). I put on his leash and headed out.

I did not get far before an unmarked police car with two detectives stopped me and asked for my identification. I explained I was just walking and asked what this was about. I was told I broke the law by having a dog on the beach.

I was very confused, as I was on the boardwalk. The detectives had me wait while they stopped two others and ticketed them as well. They explained that this is what they were told to do. Now with drugs being sold on the boulevard, and outside of C-Town, drunks on the boardwalk and on Beach 116 Street, I find it amazing that they had nothing better to do than ticket people walking dogs on a leash. The signs posted state no dogs on the Beach. I have lived in this neighborhood for 25 years and have always walked my dogs on the boardwalk, with no ticket.

The whole situation is very upsetting; I resigned myself to paying a fine since you can't fight City Hall. This is not to be. I have to find someone to watch my son, take off from school and work to spend the day in court like a criminal, for walking a dog on a leash. It is getting to the point where we can't enjoy what Rockaway has to offer.

Please let's get together and find some resolution. I know there are more than hundreds of us here in Rockaway who enjoy a day out walking with our pets.


What Are The Children Eating?

Dear Editor:

A question popped in my mind: does anyone care about the foods that children and young people are subjected to at day care facilities and public schools?

If we were to open up the dietary books and menus at the organizations, institutions and businesses that are responsible for nurturing, protecting and educating our young people, would we find food items
high in sugar, preservatives, chemicals and other processed ingredients?

Man, the sugar alone can probably be cited as the source for hyperactivity and attention deficient disorders! Who among our caretakers and educators of our young cares enough about them to feed them more nutritiously and healthy?

Do the parents, community leaders, adults, religious leaders, social workers, etc. care enough to raise a fuss about the unhealthy cuisine our children are being fed?

If it's true that we are what we eat then is there any wonder?


Capezzano To Rescue

Dear Editor,

On June 26, our home loved was completely destroyed by fire. We called about 6 contractors and were not satisfied. We were at complete loss on what to do and how to restore our beautiful home. It was now mid-October.

A friend asked us if we called Capezzano Construction, Avenue Y in Brooklyn. We called and met with Bob Capezzano. He got back to us promptly with an estimate and told us what needed to be done. We signed a contract that day and very next day Bob and his men started work. Bob and his crew have been here everyday since; making sure that our home would be restored.

They are very hardworking and extremely talented. They showed great consideration to us during this difficult time. Their ideas and suggestions were very helpful. We are very grateful to Bob and his construction company. We highly recommend their workmanship and expertise. They have tried in every way to make our dream a reality. Our home is better than ever, which we did not believe would happen.


You Could Care Less...

This is a letter sent to various elected officials as well as to The Wave.

Dear Editor,

We are writing once again to ask you why in the past four years you have seen fit not to lift a finger to help us, and have shown us that as an elected official, you could care less about our projects and our voluntary organization's motto that we go in harms way 24-7 so others may live.

It seems to us that all you wish to do is get your picture in the papers, and that's all you wish to do for us. We asked you up to four years ago to help us to get a surplus fire engine or a rescue truck, so we can train our 101 members on disaster management, weather management, search and rescue.

It looks like to us that you could care less. We can understand that the city and state have cash problems and that our mayor is nothing but a dictator, but our organization is all volunteer and would not cost the city or state any money. There are some rigs just sitting out in the surplus yard in Brooklyn that we can put to use, if only you would push the issue for us.

We have sent you many letters, but it seems that you never even try to get some help for us. This is why my membership will not be involved with any elections due to the fact that all you care about is getting elected to office, and you do not care what you say to get into office.

We are the Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Greater New York and our weather and disaster services team. We have been in business since 1983 (over 20 years). We are certified with the State of New York as such. All of our people are dedicated to the saving of lives, and what we fail to understand is why you as an elected official cannot or will not do anything to help us to get a donated engine or truck.

All elected officials make promises and more promises and they know from the start that they never intend to keep their word. It is such a shame that you do this, when we send word to you. It never gets to you in a direct way, but to some lower staff member who could care less, and it takes a long time to hear from your office.

We hope that you can and will understand our concerns and see what you can do for us, with an understanding that our project is a needed one to help us work with the community and the city and state. Kindly let us know what you can do for us very fast. Thank you.


Thanks From Bob's On The Bay

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Rockaway community for their patronage over the years.

Since my husband Bob's untimely passing in May of 1997, the Rockaway people exhibited their love and support in many ways. Their genuine concern for my three children and me will never be forgotten.

It saddens me greatly to say goodbye and close the doors, but due to the fact that the landlords at Sunoco doubled my rent, it makes it impossible for me to stay in business.

My children and I express a heartfelt thanks for the years of love and kindness you showed us.


Appreciates Kindness!

Dear Editor,

As parents of Delano Samuels we thank everyone for their support and comfort that they extended to us in our time of grief.

We do appreciate all of your kindness.


Joblonski Has Forgotten

Dear Editor,

Re: Mr. Joblanski's interpretation of our countries need to enter Iraq and remove Iraq's constant and unremitting threat to our society. (The Wave April 25, 2003)

Have you forgotten September 11th or the attacks on the USS Cole and Mogadishou?

On Sept. 11, 2001 our city was attacked by people who chose to protest our freedom: not with rhetoric, not with discussion, but by murdering innocent human beings in a most violent manner. Most of those murdered were in no way, shape or form directly involved with our Middle East policy. The terrorists failed to answer for their acts. Failed to take responsibility. You may think they are heroes, but they most certainly are cowards, afraid to be exposed as puppets for a vicious, selfish, murderous ideology that they worship.

The Iraqi government is a known supporter of terrorism and obviously was planning to continue to attack us by whatever means possible. This wasn't only about freeing Iraq. It was about a murderous dictator who slaughtered his own people, suppressed whatever freedoms they may have experienced and planned further attacks on us, our ideals and our freedoms. Iraq is not a fringe terrorist organization; it is a COUNTRY with a seat in the United Nations.  

The war is about allowing us to walk into a ballpark and not have our backpacks searched. It's is about protecting our Bill of Rights. It is about going to an airport and feeling safe. It is about living freely in the greatest country in the world.

You sound like you recently have been strip searched or have had your personal freedoms attacked. If that's the case call your lawyer and I'm sure you will reach a very rewarding settlement. 

But if you're in this country on an expired visa and haven't had a job in 6 weeks and refuse to respect those who gave their lives so that you can enjoy all the freedoms of living in the US, then pack your BAGS.

God Bless America.


Slow Decisions In Rockaway

Dear Editor,

The Elmhurst gas tanks were removed along with the ones in Rockaway years ago. The story goes on to tell about how they had to slow down the process of developing the land, and they were going to give the community a half-acre of land and $250,000 dollars for their own use.

The property on Beach Channel Drive and 110 Street has been vacant for many years. While reading the story you start to think after all these years, why has Keyspan not offered to do the same for the Rockaways?

To quote David Manning, senior vice president of Keyspan, the energy giant is obligated to dispose of ratepayer property that is no longer needed for its operation." My question is why is the land vacant so long, and could Keyspan also help the Rockaways? For example, develop the waterfront property across the street, maybe a pier, some trees, parking, anything but a rotten hole in the ground.

Just thinking out loud but they had to slow down the Elmhurst project, maybe they could move forward, speed up or start one in the Rockaways.

It would be nice if we could say slow down your moving to fast for once!


A Cowardly Act

Dear Editor:

Where do I begin in response to PM Jablonski's letter (or should I call him Stephen Wohl Jr.)? A simple "You're an idiot" doesn't seem to cover it.  It's very interesting that you spotlight the bombing in Oklahoma City to make your point because an American did it... yet you conveniently leave out 9/11/01. I was a witness to the cowardly (YES, I SAID COWARDLY) acts committed that day. You ask if Iraq was threatening our freedom to walk down the street and not be afraid of terrorism?

I guess the fact that troops found several underground chemical labs and a picture of the 9/11 disaster in a government building means nothing.
Hussein also harbored 9/11 terrorists and violated the sixteen United Nations Security Council Resolutions for 12 years. There is plenty of evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11, ...including documents by the Spanish and Czech governments linking top Iraqi officials directly to al-Quaeda operatives. But, according to your logic, the United States should just sit and wait for another major terrorist attack on our country. I wonder how you'll feel, Wohl Jr., if you and yours are affected by the next terrorist attack.

There is nothing anti-American about protesting for peace. However, when you make outrageous statements implying that hijacking a plane is a heroic act ("the act of hijacking an aircraft is anything but cowardly") then you have crossed the line to being not only unpatriotic, but also insensitive and cruel. Do you realize how many families in this community lost loved ones at the hands of the 9/11 hijackers? How dare you! And if someone wants to check my backpack if it means tighter security for this nation, then check away. Unfortunately, this is not the same country it was 2 years ago.... thanks to your "heroes".


Council On The Environment

Dear Editor,

There is a serious issue in the United States today. This issue is toxic awareness in the City of New York. For those who do not know, a toxin is an item that can cause harm or illness to any living or non-living object. You now may have one or more toxins in your home. Items such as ammonia cleaners, toilet cleaners, and furniture polishes can be very toxic to you and your family. You should read the labels of all products you buy and let into your home.

Instead of throwing your products away, you should find alternatives to that. Ammonia cleaners you can give away to others who can use them. There are other items like paint thinner that you just can't give away. Products of this nature you have to drop off at a hazardous waste collection facility.

In the past ten years, there have been breakthroughs in reducing the rate of toxins. In your local retail store you can find products like Simple Green. This is a product that you can use in your home that cleans just as well as products like 409. If you can't find these products in your local store, you can make your own. You can simply use items like lemon juice, vinegar, and baking powder to make an effective household cleaner.

Our Earth can take but so much abuse. Try your best to find alternatives to your harmful habits. If this article is not enough information for you, you can contact your local health food center or waste facility for more details.

There are hazardous waste facilities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. In Brooklyn we have the Sanitation Self Help Bulk Drop-Off Site. It is located on 1824 Shore Parkway between 25 Avenue and Bay 41 Street in Bensonhurst. Queens' site is located at 120-15 31 Avenue, near College Point Boulevard in College Point. You are permitted to drop off special waste from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. If the site is closed, don't leave the products at the site entrances; this is considered illegal dumping, which is seen as a violation of the law.

If you want more tips on how to get rid of your waste, please call the Sanitation Action Center at (212) 219-8090, or you can visit the website at www.nyc.gov/sanitation.com.


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