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Letters Remembers The 'Colored' Section Dear Editor:

Remembers The'Colored' Section

Dear Editor:

Howie, the New The"a"ter was on Rockaway Beach blvd., between 81st St, and 80th Street. As I am the same age as you, remember P.S. 106? I go back as far as you, and always re-member my Dad calling it "The Itch," not just at its end.

Also, the left side of the movie was always called the "Colored Section", never really knew why, or if was mandatory. I have some great shots of the waiters and waitresses from the famous Greenrose's restaurant in the forties, if Emil is interested. 

Love the paper, always remember my Dad bringing it home on Thurs-day after work, only a dime then.  Keep up the great work, and regards to the G. Man.


PS 106/FRHS '51-'57 Do Away With Beeps

Dear Editor:

What kind of political strangle hold do the Borough Presidents have on our system? They are holding the taxpayers hostage while they free load at the political trough. Why should the city lay off thousands of workers and close firehouses jeopardizing lives while they, the Borough Presidents remain untouchable? The Board of Estimate was abolished on August 30, 1990. The federal Govern-ment found it unconstitutional bec-ause of the one man one vote principle. Staten Island had three hundred thousand people and one Borough President. Brooklyn had two million people and one Borough President Ever since then, Borough Presidents are no longer a power, or at best only a little power in government. Not that they had much power before that either. All they are now is pit stops for local politicians running for office. Is it worth it to keep them around anymore? I don't think so. Look at the hundreds of millions of dollars the city would save if someone in power would have the gumption to call for their demise. Look at the valuable property under their backsides with the beautiful buildings that could easily be turned into schools. Out with them and their appointed rubber stamped community boards that politicians we elect hide behind and shift the blame to, if something goes wrong in the community. Out with all the duplicators and put the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the elected where it belongs. Off with their heads once and for all and put that money to better use in this time of need. Do it Mr. Mayor. The time is now, and while you are at it, show the Public Advocate the door also. Isn't it better to do that instead of closing firehouses?


Read The Bill Of Rights

Dear Editor:

Our troops are overseas fighting, killing, and getting killed. Our politicians tell us they're fighting for our freedom, to keep us a free nation. Let's all wear flags on our lapels and insult anti war demonstrators as be-ing anti patriotic, a peacenik." Sup-port the troops", they say, "they're fighting for your freedom". Really? U.S. troops invaded Iraq for my freedom?

Exactly which freedoms that we enjoy were being threatened by Iraq? Was Iraq planning to invade the U.S. and change the name of our country to the United Saddam of America? Is Iraq trying to prevent us from speaking freely? Are they trying to silence the press? Is someone in America worshipping the wrong God? Which of these freedoms were being threatened when the U.S. engaged in "Op-eration Iraqi Freedom"? Freedom to walk down the street and not be afraid of terrorism? Remember a blond haired, blue-eyed kid from upstate that blew up a building in Oklahoma? We will never be able to stop terrorism. The U.S. will just keep killing people in other countries and say they did it so we may be free. The fact is our own government is a greater threat to our freedom than Iraq is. Are you walking down the street with a backpack? What's in it? Driving through the tunnel? What's in your trunk? Did you just take a picture of the U.N.? That's suspicious, you're under arrest. If we are sending our troops into harms way to free an oppressed people, then let's do it and tell us THAT'S why we are doing it. Don't make up patriotic sounding excuses to get the American people behind you so that someone may be re-elected. It's like calling a hijacker a coward when the act of hijacking an aircraft is anything but cowardly. Our elected officials will say or do anything to make war sound like a good idea and rally the people behind them under the guise of a threat to our freedom. Maybe its time someone in Washing-ton read a little document called the Bill of Rights.


Free Bus Is Necessary

(Letter writer Sarah Berger is an official of Lew Simon's Democratic Club and a long-time associate.)

Dear Editor:

Each March Rockaway becomes a destination for people who have rarely heard good things about us if they have heard of us at all. They come to see the James Conway Sullivan Mem-orial St. Patrick's Day Parade. They bring their cheers and their money and many discover that this is a place they would like to visit again and even move here. It is a glorious day that helps to end a bitter winter. This par-ade does not magically happen in a minute. It is the work of 50 dedicated members of the parade committee who donate many hours of work for over 8 months as well as much of their own money.

On the day of the parade, it becomes important that transportation be available for the members of the committee and the honorees to get from one part of the festivities to another. These events begin at 9:00 A.M. at St. Francis de Sales and move to the Beach Club and back to the start of the parade. Parade members also have to get to the reviewing stand and then to St. Rose of Lima for the reception. Taking our own cars would be impractical if not impossible. The Green Bus Company, in one of its few gifts to the Rockaways provides us a bus for that purpose. I rode that bus and listened to the comments of the honorees and their families who had not realized what a wonderful place we have here. We say "thanks" to the bus company for their help and to Lew Simon for arranging it for us.


Add Muslim Position

Dear Editor:

I must congratulate The Wave for printing several insightful articles in its March 29 edition.

In the Rockaway Irregular column, penned by Stuart Mirsky his tax time article titled "Tax Time Again" was superb!!!!

It was extremely clear and well researched. It should prove a boon and insight to all us suffering taxpayers at this time of the year.

If I were to offer one final thought, I wonder if there were plans to make Mr. Mirsky available at a public gathering on his vital advice so we might have the opportunity to ask questions of him for further help.

I would also like to suggest an add- on to another item in The Wave.

There was mention of another community event sponsored by the Jewish Catholic dialogue on the morality of war and the just war theory.

Would it be possible to also invite a Muslim scholar to review their theory on this subject in order to better appreciate the three major faiths' positions on the peninsula.

This could be the start of much needed understanding between the three faiths. It might just lead to greater understanding and respect between all the people of God based on the beliefs of the three major faiths on the peninsula.


Council On The Environment

Dear Editor:

There is a serious issue in the United States today. This issue is toxic awareness in the City of New York. For those who do not know, a toxic is an item that can cause harm or illness to any living or non-living object. You now may have one or more toxics in your home. Items such as ammonia cleaners, toilet cleaners, and furniture polishes can be very toxic to you and your family. You should read the labels of all products you buy and let into your home.

Instead of throwing your products away, you should find alternatives to that. Ammonia cleaners you can give away to others who can use them. There are other items like paint thinner that you just can't give away. Products of this nature you have to drop off at a hazardous waste collection facility.

In the past ten years, there have been breakthroughs in reducing the rate of toxics. In your local retail store you can find products like Simple Green. This is a product that you can use in your home that cleans just as well as products like 409. If you can't find these products in your local store, you can make your own. You can simply use items like lemon juice, vinegar, and baking powder to make an effective household cleaner.

Our Earth can take but so much abuse. Try your best to find alternatives to your harmful habits. If this article is not enough information for you, you can contact your local health food center or waste facility for more details.

There are hazardous waste facilities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. In Brooklyn we have the Sanitation Self Help Bulk Drop-Off Site. It is located on 1824 Shore Parkway between 25 Avenue and Bay 41 Street in Bensonhurst. Queens' site is located at 120-15 31 Avenue, near College Point Boulevard in College Point. You are permitted to drop off special waste from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. If the site is closed, don't leave the products at the site entrances; this is considered illegal dumping, which is seen as a violation of the law.

If you want more tips on how to get rid of your waste, please call the Sanitation Action Center at (212) 219-8090, or you can visit the website at www.nyc.gov/sanitation.com.


No Six Year Old Villains

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest the lead letter, Problems at PS 114, in the April 5 edition of The Wave. The feelings of despair and anger the anonymous author of that letter expresses re: the problem of bullying, is understood by any parent who has been let down by school authorities who are unable to ensure the safety and well being of their child while at school. Yes, there is bullying in the playground and certainly those behaviors put children at risk, but as s/he points out those behaviors are not unique to PS 114; they are epidemic in the schools of our nation.

As RAA's Education Program Direc-tor, and with over 25 years experience as a professional in the field of mental health, I must point out that it is to the credit of the administrators and staff at PS114 that they recognize the problem exists at their school and are willing to tackle this very difficult, and at times seemingly intractable, issue.

To this end, the principal should be commended for allocating funds to support a program that will bring helpful information on this issue to the entire school community - students, parents, teachers, staff (and school bus companies).

More importantly Anonymous is too quick to paint a picture of victims and villains. In fact there are no six-year-old villains. Those youngsters who pick on other children often have a lifetime prognosis far worse than the "bloodied knees, head lumps (and) scratches" they mete out to others. That is not to excuse their behavior, or the "blind eye" that their parents may turn to their children's misdeeds. It is merely to recognize that their parent's indifference turns these bullies into victims as well. Without intervention bullies are significantly more likely to end up with poor social skills and in trouble with the law. All parents and teachers have a vested interest in addressing these issues and giving youngsters a gentle place to learn. In that manner all kids will have the optimal chance for the secure grounding in childhood that will help assure a successful transition to adulthood.

I hope in subsequent correspondence Anonymous will use his/her Bully Pulpit not only to point out the challenges in the school, though that is unarguably an important message.

In the future those words should be coupled with an acknowledgement of all the efforts that are underway in PS 114 to bring exciting quality educational programs to the school including a recent guest speaker from the Simon Wiesenthal Center (arranged by 5th grade teacher Mrs. Todes), a songwriting program of the Young Audiences, to the wonderful Celtic Music program and assembly brought to the students through the Rockaway Artists Alliance and the PTA.

To paraphrase Adlai Stevenson's eulogy of Eleanor Roosevelt, Anony-mous needs to light a candle rather than curse the darkness. Right now there are lights flickering at PS 114, as brightly as at any other school and the efforts of Anonymous and all other parents to address the issue of bullying can help to bring a glow of enlightenment to this very challenging and extremely important subject. It is particularly important now as we prepare to welcome a new administrator that we take note of our own words and behaviors and let us begin a new and gentle start...for the children...for all of us.


Any Other Local Servicemen?

Dear Editor:

The response of our patients, staff and public to the mailing of a CARE package to Angel Quiles of Rockaway Park, who as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps is serving in Iraq-Kuwait was so overwhelming the package shipped out at 50 pounds.

We are now filling a second and if necessary a third box for Angel. I am sure he has lots of friends to share with. All contributions can be dropped off at our office and will be sent to Angel. If we can find the address of another member of our community who is serving their country in Iraq, Kuwait or Afghanistan we will include that person too,

Further questions can be addressed to Richard Cowan, PT Director of Rockaway Park Physical Therapy and Aquatic Center, 718-318-8550.


What Will Pheffer Do?

Dear Editor:

Will you please nail down Audrey Pheffer, and ask what she's doing to reinstate the commuter tax?  She represents or is supposed to represent the people of Queens.  She helped all those upstate people when she voted to repeal the commuter tax a few years back.  Since then the city has lost more than a billion dollars.  Firehouses will close. Police and teachers will be laid off.  What is Audrey Pheffer doing to help?  We know she did her part to hurt.


A Word Of Thanks!

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the construction company who is doing the work on Rockaway Boulevard. They are doing such a great job on the sidewalks, covering all the nasty grass patches. I feel like I am back in Brooklyn. Maybe they can cement over all that sand, so I can get to the water without getting any in my shoes.


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