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Letters Case For War Not Made Dear Editor,

Case For War Not Made
Dear Editor:

The apparent decision by the Bush administration to go to war against Iraq is a defining moment for Ameri-can foreign policy. Those favoring this decision must make the case for a sharp change in American policy. I do not believe they have done so.

Nations have always used military force when attacked. To use lethal force to prevent a possible future at-tack sets an example, which can vastly multiply the violence among nat-ions.

The strategy of Al-Queda and other Muslim extremists appears to be based on the successful strategy used by the Algerians in their war of independence against France. By provoking repression or massive military reaction, uninvolved residents be-come involved in efforts to drive foreign powers out.

No nation can challenge the U.S. using conventional military power. The alternative will be terrorism against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the Muslim world. Un-conventional wars by terrorists thro-ugh much of the Muslim world could be the result.

The costs of the continuing military action and occupation will cause the decline of the American economy, one of Osama bin Laden's stated goals. When these costs and the effects of the federal tax cuts become evident, we will find we don't have enough funds to build and operate schools, improve transportation, pay for Soc-ial Security and health care or even provide for the fire and police protection we need.

By now our City Council should have passed a resolution opposing the initiation of war. The U.S. should continue to work with the Security Council to ensure that prohibited weapons are not located in Iraq. Americans and Rockaway residents should continue to have the right to discuss these issues and to express themselves publicly.


Finish The C-30 Process
Dear Editor:

I would like to start by saying, "bravo" to all the Foreign Language teachers of Beach Channel High School for their powerful letter to your column dated 3/8. As a very involved parent who volunteers many hours at the school to help the PTA, students, staff and parents.

I would strongly like to say one thing to the Wave and those anonymous people. "Enough Already!" Alth-ough I haven't read the article that the teachers refer to, I have heard this accusation talked about in the school because of this letter. Do you not think that the students have a mind of their own? I can assure you that they do. Give them more credit than that. Do you think teachers have nothing more important to do with their class time then to discuss who they want as the next Principal of Beach Channel? I think not. The kids have strongly voiced their opinions in favor of and against Mr. Monerau becoming the next Prin-cipal of Beach Channel. They have that right within their student body to do so and HAVE done so. As I read your paper weekly with the many articles about the school and it's "problems," I realize one thing. Many of them have information that is not entirely accurate, sometimes untrue and usually not verified. The school is only a phone call away to speak to the Principal, Assistant Principals, Tea-chers or the PTA President to verify a story before publishing your information. With that said, there are so many more things of interest that are really GOOD about the school that could be published. There are Great Teachers, Great Students and Great Programs that the school offers not only to the kids but also the Com-munity. Do you not think that the Rockaway residents would rather hear about things that make them feel proud to live in the area and all that it has to offer? I would think so. Those who are effected by bad publicity (especially incorrect) are the community, the students and your kids within and outside of the Rockaway area who look toward attending Be-ach Channel with a dream that they may have. As for the next Principal, I have sat on the C-30 Committee for that position and our recommendation has been given to the Super-intendent Mr. John Lee in charge of Queens High Schools. He needs to conclude with the process. The problem and question more importantly at hand should be. " When is Mr. Lee going to make his decision and permanently place a Principal at Beach Channel High School?"

I now also take the high road, and sign my name to my letter with hopes that an apology is made to the teachers. I look forward to good articles and happier reading for the Rock-aways.


Concerned About P.S. 114
Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter not as a rebuttal, but as personal testimony. Let me start by saying that we have had four or five Principals in almost as many years at P.S. 114. I believe this to be as much as a community problem as a Board of Education problem.

My wife and I have received bad advice from some previous administration, and total apathy from others, and I would not describe our initial introduction to Mrs. Vecchione as pleasant. Our oldest child is certainly no angel, he has some social and disciplinary difficulties that we had made the school aware of. He chose to display all of them to Mrs. Vecchione on what I believe was her first day at 114. The event necessitated both my wife and I to come to the school. After listening to all Mrs. Vecchione and the others involved had to say, we ex-pressed our concern and took the opportunity to bring all interested parties, Mrs. Vecchione being one of them, up to date on our son's personal problems.

I can honestly say that at that time I don't think Mrs. Vecchione was very sympathetic, but she did listen for as long as I spoke, and offered some corrective measures she felt both the school and my wife and I should implement to improve the situation. We followed her suggestions as best we could, and made the school aware whenever they fell short on their end. Over the past ten months we have had numerous reasons to be called back to school and have had a few more meeting with Mrs. Vecchione and her staff. All parties interested have made some adjustments in the manner of discipline of our child. Mrs. Vecchione has been TOTALLY appreciative and supportive of my family's efforts, and has corrected other school staff when necessary. She has always treated myself and anyone I have ever seen her with in a respectful and professional manner. I found her advice, accurate and motivated primarily by what was best for my child and the other children around him, not by the level of the staff's inconvenience. Mrs. Vecchione was true to her word, and honest with her replies.

On the other hand, I have been witness to, on more occasions than I care to mention, parents and teachers discussing their own disdain for the present administration in front of our children. I was at an open school day where a teacher, during class, with parents and children in the room used a rude gesture towards Mrs. Vecch-ione when responding to a parents question about school problems, as if to say 'ask her not me.' I have been at our children's sporting events, where parents were ranting and raving about this and that, blaming this administration for everything short of the Lindberg Kidnapping. I just wonder if we are doing more harm than good, both in the manner we are acting and the places we are choosing to do it. In my opinion, trying to make positive changes can only help our children, school and community, trying to force administrational turnover could lead in many directions, most unknown and some potentially un-pleasant.


The Luck Of The Irish
Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the person who found my wallet on February 28 on the boardwalk near 105 Street.

I am so proud to be living in a community where there are such honest people. Whoever found it brought it to my home and left it in my front door with everything intact.

You have saved me a lot of aggravation and I am forever grateful. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.


Sanders: Tend To City Business!
Dear Editor:

I don't understand the purpose of Councilman Sanders' trip to Trinidad, Tobago. He seems to have forgotten New York City is one of the top tourist attractions from all over the world. Could the fact that it was carnival in Trinidad have had anything to do with it?

What do city councilmen think they are accomplishing other than getting an expense paid trip while they should be tending to city business.

I suggest their service as councilmen would better serve the interests of their constituents if they submitted a resolution abolishing the council in its entirety.

Short of that they should stick to what they do best: collect a salary, name a street and make believe the job really means something even though it doesn't.

Query. Aren't you, Councilman Sanders, a member of the same City Council that raised the tax on hotel rooms in New York City? Do you think that helps the tourist industry?


Our Local Maggot
Dear Editor:

How fast the politicians forget 9/11 and the WTC murder of 3000 Ameri-cans. How fast they forget our Presi-dent Bush coming to the ruins of the WTC and vowing to get the terrorists no matter where they are. The local politicians raised their hands and yelled, "hail, hail" to this vow. But was their hail for their own political correctness at the time. How fast they forget these political maggots! I know the pain of those maimed. My friend was burned 70% of her body and walked down 88 floors from Tower One. Thank God she is recovering.

The City Council just in the past days passed a resolution against a war with Iraq. A resolution that was more anti-President Bush for political reasons. These political prostitutes will use any avenue for their political purposes. Iraq: a chief backer of terrorism and one of the backers of the terrorists who murdered 3000 Americans and maimed so many others at the WTC. Our Councilman James Sanders Jr., the maggot, was a smiling signer of that resolution 549-A. The subterfuge exposed in the resolution was anti-President, anti-America. In that, the resolution gave ammunition to al-Qaeda to recruit young Muslim men, tapping into the rising anger about the American campaign for war with Iraq, according to intelligence and law enforcement officials. (New York Times) Our local maggot, Councilman James Sanders, Jr., is part of the food for al-Qaeda.


Some Get Free Ride, Others Pay
Dear Editor:

I just read the March 7th edition of The Wave.  A statement made by Lew Simon prompted this letter. In
his column he said,"After I made one phone call they provided us with a bus for the entire day" in a reference to Green Bus providing what amounted to free taxi service for him and his friends on March 1st.

Subway and bus fares are going up, Green Bus Lines is heavily subsidized by the city's taxpayers, and Lew Simon gets free taxi service to a social event!

Something's radically wrong.  Every time I drop two bucks in the fare box, I'm going to think about that. Every-time lousy Green Bus service irks me, I'm going to remember that it is the company that gives "freebies' to a political hustler.  The next time he runs for something, I'm going to remember that Lew Simon has no compunction about sticking his hand into what amounts to the taxpayers pocket when he wants a free ride.


Questions About Happy Land
Dear Editor:

As I recall, in about 1990 there was a tragic fire at Happy Land, a dance hall in the Bronx. Many of the victims were mostly Hispanic I believe. Ninety lives were lost in this tragic act of arson. I wonder what has become of the site? Is it a memorial? How has the community handled that site? Per-haps we could learn something. Are there any markers there? Do relatives still visit it?


RAA Exhibit Is Inspiring
Dear Editor:

An excursion to the Rockaway Artist Alliance art gallery near the tip of the Rockaway peninsula in Fort Tilden was truly an inspiring cultural experience for a group of seniors from DSSM-Neponsit Adult Day Center located in Far Rockaway. Local community artists displayed a diverse multi-media expression of the color "red."

DSSM-Neponsit Adult Day Health Care clients were graciously welcomed to the art gallery on February 26 to participate in an interactive lecture conducted by RAA member and The Wave's newspaper's columnist Susan Hartenstein at the "Vermillion: a Show of RED" exhibit. Snow may still have been on the grounds of the Gateway National Park in Fort Tilden, but the exhibit in sTudio 6 surely warmed the seniors' hearts without having to trek to Manhattan.

The vibrant colors in paintings, drawings, collage and sculptural artwork sparked their emotions and inspired some of the senior citizens to create their own works of art and have become members of the Rockaway Artist Alliance organization. The technical styles of some pieces were even similar to famous masters of art that the seniors were able to recall during the lecture.

This organization provided a unique and cozy opportunity to explore the art world without having to leave the beach community. The seniors of the center were impressed with the Rock-away Artist Alliance for establishing a wonderful art mecca on the Rockaway peninsula.


Inconsiderate Dog Owners
Dear Editor:

I'd like to thank Ed Humphry for bringing attention to the "dog poop" problem on the beach. On Sunday, March 9, I decided to take advantage of the rare warm day and let my children run on the beach - free from cars and other restrictions of city life.

What a disappointment! The beach between 125 and 126 Streets was so littered with dog waste, it was like trying to march through an obstacle course. It's not easy telling a two and three year old that they can't play in the sand.

People who won't clean up after their dogs have no business owning them. We are very fortunate to live in this lovely beach community. Too bad some of our neighbors ruin it for the rest of us.


Curb Your Dogs
Dear Editor:

It was so ironic to read Ed Humphrey's letter regarding "dog poop" last week.  It is a topic that has been on my mind (and my feet)!

I have been a dog owner for over a year and it amazes me that other dog owners are not picking up after their dogs.  It doesn't' matter the size, big and small and sometimes horse!  When they walk their dogs the next morning, day or evening, whose dog poop do they think they are walking through?  I am talking specifically about the areas across from Surfside and Dayton.  All dog owners, please be responsible and considerate picking up after your dog.  Thank you to those dog owners who do already pick up!


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