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Should Listen!

Dear Editor:

I like the idea of creative people speaking out against the abuse of power.

Actors are vulnerable to the whims of a conservative, money-driven industry. The actors that Howard Schwach mentions in his thoughtful editorial are risking their careers.... and possibly, their lives.

At first it seems natural to trust an expert. A man with a flag, a uniform, and a heroic paunch seems more worthy of our lives.....right? But consider how vulnerable the expert is. In order to maintain his eminence, he must continually toady up to power. What good is an expert if he just serves to amplify the murderous policies of a demagogue?

The creative person, on the other hand, seems like a restless troublemaker. But, that's how it is when you're engaged in critical thinking- always on the frontier, where there are more questions than answers. If this government had been willing to question its bellicose foreign policy, we might have been spared the wrath of terrorists.

The last time we had an actor as president, it was a demoralizing experience.

But I don't trust the experts this time, either. I would like to see the emergence of a Creative Politician. Until then, creative people will have to stay involved in politics. See you at the next peace rally.



Keep Q22 & Q35 Stops Together

This is a letter sent to the Green Bus Lines.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I understand that the rerouting of the Q35 along Rockaway Beach Boulevard is a temporary situation due to the street work being done on Newport Avenue. However, I would like you to consider keeping the first stop/ origination point of the Q35 in the vicinity of Beach 116 Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Perhaps, at the Q35 stop or just south of the Boulevard.

This is a great improvement for people living in the area from Beach 117 Street to Beach 149 Street. Before the temporary reroute you had to walk either to Newport Avenue (for the Q35) or to the Boulevard (for the Q22) if you wanted transport from Beach 116 Street going west to Beach 149 Street, or any street in between. You were not able to take whichever bus came first. This causes great hardship for the elderly and disabled, especially in bad weather and when one or the other bus line is experiencing delays.

It is a great convenience to have the Q22 and Q35 stops so close together. For instance, when I get off the train at Beach 116 Street, I now walk a few steps south to the intersection of the Boulevard. From that location I can now look for the Q22 and the Q35, and take whichever comes first.

I am therefore suggesting that when the street work is completed on Newport Avenue, the Q35 makes its first stop on Beach 116 Street either south of the boulevard (just far enough away to not cause congestion at the intersection, right where the Q35 drivers rest right now) or at the Q53 stop. The Q35 can then continue north on Beach 116 Street (towards the Bay) and make a left turn on to Newport Avenue and proceed along its normal route, Newport Avenue.

This would create a mini-hub where passengers have easy and quick access to all buses and trains. This would most probably promote ridership for people in the Rockaway Park, Belle Harbor, Neponsit area simply because they realize they can catch buses easier and sooner.


Thank You 2 North!

This is a letter sent to Robert Levine, the CEO of Peninsula Hospital Center.

Dear Bob:

I was brought into the Emergency Room on January 14, 2003, and thought I would have a treatment for asthma and then could go home. Well, that one day turned into 13 days. I had pneumonia with many complications.

I was admitted to 2 North and immediately given instant care and made as comfortable as possible.

Because I am a Doctor's wife, just about everyone tells me I had extra special care and was treated differently. This couldn't be further from the truth and I'd like to take this opportunity to prove this very wrong.

Yes, I did hear words like "this med will make you feel better, don't worry, tomorrow will be better, or how about a nice wash?" and so on. As my head started to clear a little, I realized I was still hearing sentences like that, but they were coming from OTHER rooms around me. So, I certainly was getting the care and caring, NOT because I am a Doctor's wife, but because I was a patient on 2 North, and receiving the same care as the other patients.

The staff on 2 North, from nurses aides to Charge Nurses are the most caring people I have ever met. I wish I could remember all of their names, but I do have to make note of two wonderful, dedicated and sincere nurses, Meced Blancaflor and Elaine Coleman... my very special thanks to them.

Personally, I would like to thank you, Ed Martinez and Stuart Almer. Bob, you know how much we think of "our" hospital and you certainly should be very proud of all you have accomplished. Berge and I are certainly proud of being a part of its family.

Again, thanks to 2 North, and many thanks to you and your staff, you are all just wonderful and we do appreciate you.



Peninsula Care Far Superior

Dear Editor,

C.P.C. are the letters on a NYPD Police Car. The letters stand for Professionalism, Courtesy and Care. These same letters should apply to the doctors and nurses that work in the ASU Department, surgical staff and recovery room staff of Peninsula Hospital Center.

Last Tuesday, I was admitted to Peninsula for Ambulatory Surgery. The treatment I received, from the time I was admitted to the time I went home, well deserved the C.P.C. accolade. During pre-testing and waiting period I spent in ASU before surgery the staff made me feel confident about the procedure I was to have. After surgery, the courtesy and care afforded me was exemplary. Checking on me periodically, to see if I was comfortable and performing post-operative tests made me feel secure about the outcome of my short stay.

I have had 6 ambulatory surgeries within the last 2 years at one of Manhattan's foremost eye infirmaries. The care I received from Peninsula Hospital Center was far superior. I was treated with dignity and respect.

Kudos to Mr. Robert Levine and Mr. Stuart Almar for the dedicated work they have done to give the residents of this community, a hospital that the community should be proud of.

I salute the work they have done, and the dedication of the Peninsula Hospital Center staff. I feel that it is time that this community shows their support and help the Hospital financially, and by donating time as a volunteer.



I Am Worried

Dear Editor;

This was the headline that accompanied my photo of frozen Jamaica Bay displayed on The Wave's front page. The answer to your headlined question is, I AM worried and we all should be worried. There will continue to be cold winters and warm winters but never will there be the cold winters of the old days when I remember ice-skating on Prospect Park Lake.

The icebergs are continuing to melt due to the green house effect. The US should be a leader of a sensible global warming policy and other environmental programs. The U.S. is not part of the solution but is a major part of the problem. People in the Rockaways are especially vulnerable due to the threat of increased flooding.



Best Diabetes Care

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest Dr. Thomas Frieden's recent comments in the New York Times regarding the dramatic rise in the incidence of diabetes among residents of the city of New York.

The article pointed out that Dr. Frieden, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health, would take aggressive steps to educate city doctors and hospital workers about diabetes management, and would begin this effort by pushing providers to become certified in special diabetes management techniques.

The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center is on the cutting edge of diabetes management and prevention. Despite our limited resources and the vulnerable, special populations we serve, we have implemented advanced practice models for treating and preventing diabetes.

Rockaway has the highest incidence of diabetes in all of Queens. We have the highest rates of diabetic related amputations also.

At the national level, medical experts have cited community health centers for their strong leadership in the commitment to diabetes treatment.

The Addabbo Health Center uses a systematic care plan for treating and tracking the progress of diabetes patients. We have on staff an Endocrinologist, a Nurse Practitioner who coordinates the patient's care, a podiatrist who offers specialized foot care, a nutritionist who meets with the patients individually and also conducts work shops as part of our diabetes prevention efforts, and lastly a health educator who works with patients and families.

We have also trained community-based health advocates to go out into the community and the places of worship to assist in the health education of the Rockaway community. We have a Newsletter published monthly that addresses health matters and neighborhood health concerns. Soon, we will be providing computers and advanced software to be placed in selected places of worship, and community based organizations to support persons looking for appropriate care and help in our community.

The above examples are just a sampling of the measures, which have been introduced by the Addabbo Health Center to fight back against the rising diabetes epidemic.

Given the significant progress Addabbo has made in reshaping our medical management and patient education programs to focus upon and improve the services we provide to our patients with diabetes, I urge the Commissioner to draw upon the expertise of the community health centers in an effort to contain the growth of this chronic illness.



Bush Wants The Oil!

This is a letter sent to the Members of the Security Council.

Dear Members:

Coward/liar Bush will be attacking Iraq to steal oil fields and pipeline pathways for Exxon and BP regardless of how you vote.

The paramount question before you, in the eyes of the world's people and in the eyes of your own people, is: Are YOU going to collaborate with and facilitate arrogant obvious aggression by despised Bully America? Are you purchased, and as odious as the isolated, anti-democratic, gangster-assistant, prostitute governments of Turkey and Kuwait? Or, conversely, in honor and dignity and courage, exercising conscience and morality and law, are you going to fulfill your personal United Nations mandate to (1) protect the weak and vulnerable, to (2) preserve life, and to (3) prevent re-colonization.

Bounded enhancement of the meager resources (a few short-range missiles) available to Iraq, which will make the aggression as expensive as possible for the incoming thieves, is more than justified by the change of circumstances imposed upon Iraq by the United States: namely, the unilateral American establishment of and expansion of "No fly zones," the ever-increasing and now everyday American bombing of Iraq, and the incessant American threatening of Iraq by importation of and mobilization of American military forces against Iraq's borders. Iraq has never been stripped of the natural right of all peoples, the UN Charter right, to defend itself. Lest you multiply the numbers about to die, you not weaken Iraq today until you first weaken the escalating physical threats of the United States. The test of your independence and righteousness is whether you immediately address the Bully, not the Bully's victim.

The new resolution introduced by the United States and puppets Britain and Spain will make reference to prior Security Council resolutions, without explicitly authorizing the United States to use force. Since you know the hypocrite George Bush incorrectly asserts that the prior resolutions already authorize him to use force, you become a mass-killer and invader and thief if you vote to merely acknowledge the prior resolutions. To distinguish yourself as a maker of peace and restorer of sanity, you must vote to explicitly declare that the United States of America is NOT authorized by the Security Council to initiate the use of force against Iraq; that the Security Council alone reserves the right to trigger international military action; and that United States military forces, even by "coalition" flunkies, are NOT - although they pretend to be so -are NOT forces of the United Nations.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be proud of your order to the perverters of his legacy, to the restructured Washington, to halt.



Does Not Agree With Schwach

Dear Editor:

I have just completed reading the March 8th edition of the Wave. I have been a subscriber for over 15 years and have found the Wave to be very enjoyable and informative. Because of this, I feel it necessary to voice my contempt for the comments expressed by Howard Schwach's FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK.

Although, I do agree with his overall comments regarding the necessity to contain individuals during demonstrations, New Year's Eve celebrations, etc., I do not agree with his bigoted and mean spirited comment regarding the St. Patrick's Day Parade.... "'That crowd is penned in as well although many are too inebriated to realize it."

Mr. Schwach, many of my Irish American family and friends have been participants and spectators at the St. Patrick's Day Parade for years. We fully understand the need for crowd control. Rather than being "too inebriated to realize" - we do realize and respect and obey the rules and regulations set in place to ensure the safety of all.

I suggest that you hire a proofreader to check your column to ensure that your ugly bigotry be erased before the Wave goes to print.


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