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Have To Rebuild Their Homes

Dear Editor;
Have To Rebuild Their Homes

Dear Editor:

I have been reluctant to ring in on the issue of the Flight 587 memorial. Although I am a Belle Harbor resident, and I have my own opinion about the issue, I didn't feel it would be appropriate for me to voice that opinion. After all, my family and my-self were lucky enough to escape un-scathed. Who am I to tell family members of those who died what's right or wrong regarding a memorial for them?

I would like to thank Maureen Blum-Del Vecchio for writing what had to be a very difficult letter. She and the other family members of the
victims who resided on Beach 131st St. are the only ones who can truly
empathize with the Washington Heights victims' families who want a
memorial on the crash site. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for local victims' families to see another home go up on the crash site or, in some cases, rebuild their own homes there. However, this is their privately owned land, and the choice as to what to do with that land should be theirs.

I don't know how the other families feel, but Ms. Del Vecchio is unselfishly looking out for our community by wanting to give other families a chance to live and grow there, no matter how difficult it may be for her.  I don't think there is a person in our community whose heart does not go out to the families of all of the victims of Flight 587, and the losses of each family should be commemorated in some fashion. However, the feelings of the local victims' families and of residents of the surrounding area of the site who are trying to move
forward from the trauma of that day should be considered. The memories
of the victims will live on no matter where the memorial is placed.  The
ultimate decision about what to do with the land should come from the
current landowners.


A Few Observations

Dear Editor:

Just a few more observations about things around us lately. While listening to that young wo-man basketball player from Manhat-tanville College who turns her back on the flag, there really is only one question to ask. What the heck did her family discuss while sitting arou-nd the dinner table. If you heard some of the nonsense that came out of her mouth you would know what I am talking about. Some day, hopefully she will grow out of this sorry stage of her life.

Could we possibly get 2 or 3 of those brand new air conditioned express buses from Staten Island that seem to run endlessly throughout the day????

Thanks to all those people who made sure Newport Ave. was repaved in time for our Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. Oh it wasn't, sorry, may-be next year.

Talk about a speed trap. Be careful going westbound on Newport Ave from Beach 116 St through Bch 125 St. It is now considered a one way until it gets paved. I guess this could be a permanent situation!!!!

It sure would be nice to have that 1 Billion dollars plus that we  lost back wouldn't it?  What 1 Billion dollars you ask. Why that 1 Billion dollars that we lost when our politicians did away with the commuter tax. But, why cry over spilt milk when they can recoup it by raising our property taxes by 18 %. Now is that included in the 70% assessment increases or does that come after????

While we're on this tax situation, remember the words of one of my favorite colonists, Patrick Henry "Give me liberty or give me death."

These great words might help ease the pain the next time your paying one of those $105.00 parking tickets.

Boston Tea Party, anyone?????   


Outraged At False Allegations

Dear Editor:

We, the undersigned members of the Foreign Language Department at Beach Channel High School, would like to strongly express our outrage at the false allegations in the article published in your paper on February 14, 2003. The author, Howard Schwach, should have checked his sources for accuracy and veracity before publishing these lies about us. In his article, he states that, "The teachers in Mr. Monerau's department had encouraged, instructed, and even hinted at increased grades if students signed a petition in favor of Mr. Monerau being appointed as principal." As professional educators, our ethics would never allow us to act in such a way, or even entertain the thought of, undermining the integrity of our students' academic progress and achievement.

The validity of these allegations is nullified by the simple fact that the person who brought this to The Wave insisted on remaining anonymous. This is cowardly. If you are making charges against even one person, let alone a group of people, it is considered common decency to at least sign your name.

We are taking the high road, signing our names, and we demand a public and published apology from your paper.



It's The Economics, Stupid

Dear Editor:

A Rockaway Ferry Service will be a terrific boon for the Rockaways, as our Green Bus and A train commutes are inexorably wasteful of our time & heart-conditions.  As Joe Hartigan writes in last week's edition of The Wave, however, something's afoot among our local reps Councilmember Addabbo and Congressman Weiner.  At least, though, they're committed to the concept and that's all to the good.

It's the economics of course, and they are not good.  Service from Riis Land-ing could not possibly attract - I believe - enough paying commuters to make the venture viable.  However, why not consider a ferry that embarks first from Kennedy Airport and then makes one stop at the Rockaways before hydro-foiling over to lower & midtown Manhattan. Wouldn't that be grand for our visitors as well as our commuters?  And, wouldn't that at-tract a sizable clientele (30 million visitors visit NYC yearly) to pay an entrepreneur to provide such service?  I think it would, but, sizable roadblocks will naturally be thrown at every turn by any & all respectable Port Authority bureaucrats, especially as this service might divert from their shop to the cement industry presently running up the Van Wyck and destined where all NYC travelers seek the bright lites and solitude of America's greatest city...Jamaica, Queens! Why send those foolish tourists directly to Manhattan when we can shuffle them first to Jamaica, then to Elmhurst, off to Long Island City, and finally to mid-town.  Just think, at every stage of the way, we can collect some sort of poll tax and these tourists will never be one the wiser.  These same brilliant ideas once wrought the 21% hotel tax...fees that almost single-handedly destroyed NYC's tourism in some by-gone era of NYC's history.

And so, I would urgently request that Councilmember Addabbo and Congressman Weiner - if they see any merit in this proposal - summon the power of their good offices to meet with and consult with those Port Authority types to seek a viable solution for us and for our guests.


Ferry Not The Answer

Dear Editor:

I was amazed by Joe Hartigan's cry for Ferry Service for Rockaway.  Mr. Hartigan seems to forget that the Rockaway Peninsula has two congressman and two city council members.  Ferry Service would not serve the needs of the Far Rockaway area.   Unfortunately it seems that each end of this community has it's own agenda.  Ferry service is great for tourism. 

If the Rockaway's are going to be revitalized, the transportation infrastructure must be addressed.  The only viable solution, once again, would be the reactivation of the Rockaway Beach Line of the Long Island Rail-road.

Ferry service is not the answer.  Lets face it, Jamaica Bay does ice up.  We have become complacent with the mild winters we had for the last couple of years, how fast we forget.  Last month is the perfect example.  Be-cause of ice in the Hudson River a number of  Ferry routes to Manhattan had to be suspended.  

A Port Authority's study showed that Ferry Service to the Rockaway's was not feasible.  The fact of the mater is that the only reason the study was made was the one that Councilman Al Stabile asked for it as part of a deal for his vote for Air Train. 

One of the main reason that reactivation of the Rockaway Line did not happen was that to many of our elected officials had their own agen-da, Rockaway was not included.  Polit-icians from wealthier communities did everything they could to stop us. The Rockaway Chamber of Commerce would not give full support be-cause The Rockaway Transit Coal-ition refused to be a lackey under the chambers thumb.  Every effort was made to get the Chambers full support.  Our own elected officials from City Council to US Senate and bagged us.  Anthony Wiener supported us until he was elected.  He used us for his own political gains.

After winning he deserted us for the riches of Forest Hills and Rego Park.  Only one elected official had the guts to fight the Port Authority.  

Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer had the courage to stand up to the political steam roller orchestrated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Ferry Service to the Rockaways will throw this community back to the 19th century.  The ironic thing is in the early 20th century, a trip from Rockaway to Penn Station took only 30 minutes. Today in the 21st century it takes over an hour. 

It is now time to speak up.  It is now time for the residents of the Rock-away's to band together, and fight for a one seat ride to Penn Station in under 45 minutes.

Millions of dollars have been pumped into this community, Far Rockaway Revitalization, Neighbor-hood Stabilization and other grants meant for the resurgence of the Rockaways.  Where has this money gone?  

The only thing we have to show for it is, Belgium Brick on a once beautiful shopping center, a Chamber of Com-merce that fled Far Rockaway to Rockaway Park and last but not least, we are the only community that has embraced welfare, and health related facilities as a cottage industries.

It is time that the residents of the Rockaways take back their community.  We need the reactivation of the Rockaway Beach Line of the LIRR.  We need substantial improvement on the A Line. Forget Ferry Service.  Let's be practical. Lastly we need elected officials that will fight for this community. We have to work together as a team and forget the individual agendas that have divided us.

`I ask Mr. Hartigan, What is your agenda?


Enjoys Eye On Physical Therapy

Dear Editor:

I wanted to commend The Wave for adding physical therapist Timothy Rohr's column to the newspaper. His column "Eye on Physical Therapy," which appeared in the February 22, 2003 issue, was excellent. The content was insightful and gave a truly realistic description of the reactions and feelings of patients with "bulging discs."

Many thanks to Director Rohrs, not only for his outstanding article, but for the superlative job he and his staff are doing at Sands Point Physical therapy Center on Beach 102 Street.


Curb Your Dogs

Dear Editor:

While I realize there are some very serious problems in the world today, quality of life issues are still very important. With that said, I would like to talk about the amount of dog poop surrounding the beach block (and beach) on 128 Street. The conditions there are both disgusting and un-healthy!

The main problem on this block is the lot on the Boulevard, which is property of St. Francis. I guess some local dog owners feel that since no one lives there, this is an area that can just be dumped on. I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen dog owners just have their dog crap in this area and just walk away. This is a lot directly across from St. Francis where children come to play. I cannot imagine children playing there and not being covered with dog crap after they are done.

To make matters worse, now the beach block and even worse, the beach itself are areas covered with dog crap. I cannot imagine dog owners who feel this is acceptable.

Since there is obviously no one taking care of this problem, we need to police it ourselves. When you see a dog owner not cleaning up, speak up! I realize we all want to be friendly neighbors, but they are not showing respect for you or the neighborhood.

Take responsibility for your dog and clean up after it!


Commends Addabbo Health

Dear Editor:

In a world and at a time when there is so much negativity in the air, and on the air waves, I would like to take a moment to commend a Rockaway institution for something I think is truly visionary, progressive and much needed in the community.

The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center's offering of an acu-puncturist is truly wonderful. There are many of us who seek such natural, (w)holistic and traditional methods and practices for healing and health maintenance instead of, or in addition to, mainstream medical practices.

From what I understand, Rosa Rodriguez is the staff member at Addabbo who spearheaded bringing the acupuncturist on board. Bravo to Ms. Rodriguez for her vision and commitment to making that vision a reality.

I hope that when Addabbo moves to the new facility, practitioners of such traditional and natural disciplines as Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Reflex-ology, Herbology, Vitamin Therapy and Shiatsu are brought on board.


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