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God Only Knows

God Only Knows

Dear Editor;

On November 12, 2002, I observed the anniversary of Flight 587 in my own special way, which caught the attention of many. My opinion is that the public has been lied to about the investigation of the cause of that crash many a time.

My opinion is shared by many citizens of this community, especially those who witnessed the Airbus A300 fall from the sky. Not surprisingly, I went to the corner of Newport Avenue and Beach 131 Street, wearing a black trench coat and black army beret, holding a sign which read as follows: "Flight 587 investigation= F.B.I., F.A.A., N.T.S.B. Cover Up! C.V.R. tape shows pilot was not responsible for the crash! The truth about this matter is being held back by the Federal government!"

I walked to that corner in the pouring rain. Did I want to stand outside holding that sign? In a way, no. However, because many still thirst for the real answers to the plane crash, I believed it was necessary for those who have been blinded by government lies to see, the truth is hidden somewhere!

I stood before the crash site to protest a monstrous injustice. Many residents passed by on foot, in their vehicles and in some cases, bicycles. Several stopped to read the sign. Not one person I came across contradicted my statement. Some continued without response, although more often than not almost 40 people replied with "that's the truth," or "I agree 100%," or "I'm glad you're doing this."

One of those who replied with agreement was a Dominican man who could have not been above the age of twenty. After he paid his respects at the site, he entered his vehicle, read the sign, rolled down his window and said to me, "that's right, brother. Let people know what's going on." Another reader of The Wave, Mr. Thomas Lynch, gave me the title of "being a real man, standing out in the rain, making a stand."

I believe a real man will stand for something rather than fall for anything. Some individuals came to the crash site with cameras to photograph the flowers, drawings, poems, crosses, prayer cards, candles and flags lining the fence. Those who approached were granted permission to take my picture with this sign.

Many television anchors saw the sign and simply ignored it with a look of fear in their eyes. That's because they probably agree that Flight 587 was not an "accident" in any way!!

The editor-in-chief, Mr. Howard Schwach, didn't ignore me. That's because he honestly agrees with my statement.

While all the mourners came and went, news anchors such as Lou Young, N.J. Burkett and Mike Sheehan ate their nice hot meals in the Harbor Light. They had laughs with their co-workers. They did not comfort those whose loved ones perished. It was so mechanical for the mass media to be at that location at that time. With their nice suits, expensive equipment and clean-cut image, those people don't know the first thing about what really happened here in Rockaway a year ago.

On the Wednesday following the crash, the N.T.S.B. released a statement saying all wreckage from the aircraft was examined, saying they found the cause! Yes, the C.V.R. tape was released, what happened to the Flight Data Recorder? The feds releasing information about Flight 587 is a public relations mockery for all I care.

I believe somebody in Washington has knowledge of what really happened and feels it's in the "most favorable interest of the public" to lie about what brought the airliner down into Belle Harbor.

Let the F.A.A. tell you that Captain States and First Officer Molin are to blame, simply because the pilots opted to increase airspeed and shift velocity to escape turbulence. I believe what the pilots did by making both throttles strained the sabotaged tail section, causing it to "break" with such a clean cut!

I believe some individual is responsible for tampering with the vertical stabilizer, who also altered the engine mounts causing the engines to fall from the Airbus to the ground. If the vertical stabilizer broke away first, that meant that the aircraft's weight would come into severe imbalance. In any fixed-wing aircraft, the wings and fuselage join together at a 90 degree angle called the "belly" of the plane. This also happens to be location of the plane's "center of gravity." This principle is much like balancing weights on a seesaw, with the wings acting as a fulcrum.

With the rudder gone (better known as "vertical stabilizer" to aviation professionals), the plane became front-heavy, therefore started to dive. The pilots had no clue of that. All I would want is to avoid a stall, increase airspeed and keep the nose up, regardless of altitude or rate-of-climb. I try to imagine if I were Captain States or Sten Molin.

Now, with the pilots having no idea what's really going on, they're dumping fuel, trying to keep the nose up when the engines go.

Now there's no hope, the aircraft rolls from right to the left with rapid rate of descent and crashes, eradicating a little piece of Belle Harbor, destroying homes.

These 265 people did not deserve to die! I can never forget the look of suffering by seeing the mourners face to face on Tuesday. The families of those who died deserve the truth about what happened! Stop blaming the pilots! The aircraft was deliberately altered, even if 50 composites "broke" in flight, there would not be such a smooth fracture.

A fracture would be very rough, very jagged. With a plane becoming nose heavy and losing it's source of propulsion, crashing is unavoidable. The person who tampered with the plane knew that. The Wave has provided reliable, airtight and very much vigilant coverage of this matter, more reliable than any cable news channel! Keep up the good work, and trust that God Himself knows what really happened, and will judge those who are truly a fault.


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