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From the G-Man

By Gary G. Toms

Tending To A Wounded Ass

Hey people! Well, it's official. The Democratic Party is a party in chaos and disarray. That's one reason why I left the losers and became an Independent. Actually, I left because I ended up feeling that they were taking the black vote for granted, especially in light of the 2000 Presidential election. I also left because of the fact that they lacked spirit, heart and soul. They had gotten away from the core issues that have long been associated with the party, only to become an entity without focus, vision or a clear agenda for the future of this country. They are frighteningly similar to the Republican Party nowadays, when you look at campaign contributions from major corporations and their ties to Enron and other tanking companies, but at least the "pubbies" have a focus, vision and clear agenda for the country, which is war.

By the time this column hits the stands, I suspect that the pubbies will have gained control of both the House and Senate, and the "dems" will be licking their political wounds and devising a plan to regain their constituency. I don't feel the least bit sorry for the "donkey crew" because they brought all of this political misfortune on themselves. You all know how I feel about Al ("Look Out, Sweet Daddy's Comin' Back) Gore, so I won't waste any time writing about his plight. Instead, I'll focus on two men who were regarded as the darlings of the political scene, at least early on.

Andrew Cuomo was so bad as a candidate, that it probably made his father want to run to the Hall of Records to destroy any papers linking his son to him. Poor Mario. He probably attends fundraisers with his son, and kicks him in the butt and runs when he's not looking.

"It wasn't me Andrew! It was Hillary. I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Daschle or Dick Gephardt got one in for good measure."

"A.C." was a train wreck waiting to happen. He never looked comfortable, and he always gave you the impression that he'd rather be watching "The Iron Chef" or something. He may want to consider throwing on an apron and start cooking up new political strategies for the future. He already burned his gubernatorial soufflé.

The donkey crew had very high hopes for Cuomo because they expected him to emulate his father, but that never happened. Quite frankly, it never will. It's hard to become a legendary speaker when you suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. He would've gotten a lot more attention from reporters if he just sat in the corner of a room and played with his bottom lip for five minutes. Now that's a riveting press conference!

H. Carl ("I'm Sending You A Resume") McCall did not fair any better in his election bid. Yes, he is a good man, but he also shot himself in the foot. I think there were three things that led to the political butt kicking he got from Pataki. One, the Democratic Party turned their back on him in terms of helping to finance his candidacy, no matter how you look at it.

Two, when the resume scandal broke he should have simply admitted that he did try to get job placement for family and friends. Moreover, he should've taken it to the next level by saying, "Name a person in the political arena, or anywhere else, that has not done favors or hooked someone up. If you think Pataki hasn't done the same, you're crazy!" Instead, he denied the reports, only to admit later that he was guilty of the practice. From that point on, he was regarded as just another lying weasel from the political world.

Three, and this is the worst as far as I'm concerned, he totally disregarded young, minority voters by stiffing three urban contemporary radio stations (including hip-hop station HOT 97) for "Get Out To Vote!" interviews. With all of the difficulty experienced in the past with getting young people to register to vote, and actually take part in the voting process, it sent an extremely negative message to young people when McCall didn't show up to talk to them or address their concerns. This is why so many refuse to take part in the voting process. This is why they don't believe in the system, and more importantly, this is why they don't believe in their current African-American leaders. In their frustration with McCall, the radio station jocks told their listeners to vote Pataki. I'm no fan of the pubbies, but I can't say that I blame the jocks for denouncing McCall, publicly or politically.

I'm going to say it, and I'm going to say it in the strongest terms. The donkey crew has become nothing more than a party of wounded asses that must be tended to. Those who have traditionally voted Democratic are now crossing party lines to support Republicans. Minority voters, after years of frustration and anger, are bolting from the Democratic Party in droves. These situations are taking shape all across the country. It's time for some damage control, and the demmies had better start placing bandages and tourniquets on many of their party members, and re-shape their policies, before it's too late. They'd better get back to the basics and tradition that ushered in JFK and the late Senator Paul Wellstone. The bloodletting, along with Democratic miscues, has led to Republican control of the House and Senate, and the only thing that can stop them now is another Vietnam situation developing or total devastation of the economy.

I'm sure Bush is lighting up one of those Texas "stogies," with a group of his good old boys, and puffing away with glee over the Republican victories. I'll go even further and say that he probably has a stuffed donkey with a noose around its neck hanging somewhere in the White House, and he gives it a good whack every now and then. Trent Lott, Orrin Hatch and others are smiling and taking their shots as well. If it does exist, the poor, torn and tattered doll has become symbolic of a party that once ruled the political stage.

Finally, kudos to gubernatorial candidate Tom Golisano for psyching out the media and political world. Golisano had everyone on edge with his "mysterious announcement." The demmies just knew that he was going to drop out and endorse McCall. Imagine the looks on their faces when he said, "I am still a candidate in the race for Governor of the State of New York." If McCall was smiling and drinking a Coke in anticipation of a pullout, I'm sure he spit it out half the distance of the room when Golisano burst his bubble.

See you next week!

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