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Flight 587 Update: Transcript of Cockpit Voice Recorder

Flight 587 Update: Transcript of Cockpit Voice Recorder

On October 29 the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), as part of its official hearing docket, released a transcript of the conversations aboard American Airlines Flight 587 prior to its crash into the streets of Belle Harbor. The NTSB warns that the transcript is meant as an investigatory tool and that those who read it should not draw conclusions from what they read.

P on the transcripts is Captain Edward States, the plane’s command pilot. FO on the transcript is First Officer Sten Molin, who was flying the plane. TWR on the transcript is the JFK Tower. DEP in the transcript is Departure Control (TRACON). All times are Eastern Standard Time, November 12, 2001.

0910:51 P Well, ladies and gentlemen, at long last we are number two for takeoff. Immediately after takeoff we’ll be in a left turn heading for the shoreline and getting ourselves pointed southbound. About another two or three minutes, it’ll be our turn to go. Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff.

0911:36 TWR American 587 Heavy, Kennedy Tower. Caution, wake turbulence runway three-one left. Taxi into position and hold.

0911:41 FO Position and hold, 31 Left, 587 Heavy.

0911:44 P Position and hold. I see traffic out there. Hopefully, he’s going to the right side.

0912:40 FO Lights to go. I’m gonna make.. left turn two twenty. Go out the Bridge five thousand feet the top. If we have a problem, I’ll clear it up at six … ten..left traffic for this runway.

0913:21 P You have the airplane.

FO I’ve got the breaks.

P I have the radios.

TWR American 587 Heavy, wind three zero zero at niner, runway 31 Left, cleared for takeoff.

1913:31: P Cleared for takeoff, American 587 Heavy.

0913:35 FO You happy with that distance?

0913:38 P Aah, he’s … we’ll be all right once we get rolling. He’s supposed to be five miles by the time we’re airborne. That’s the idea.

0913:45 FO So, you’re happy, right?

0913:47 P Yeah, lights are on.

FO Takeoff checks complete. I’m on the roll. Thank you, sir.

0914:03 FO You got throttles.

0914:08 P eighty knots, thrust blue.

0914:23 P V One

0914:24 P Rotate

0914:25 P V Two

0914:30 FO Positive rate Gear up, please.

0914:31 P Gear Up

0914:38 FO Heading select

0914:41 P Clear left

0914:42 TWR American 587 Heavy, turn left, fly the Bridge Climb. Contact New York Departure, Good Morning.

0914:48 P American 587 heavy, so long.

0914:51 P Gear’s up.

0914:52 FO Check speed. Level change.

0914:54 P Flap up.

0914:56 FO Climb power.

0915:00 P New York. American 587 Heavy, thirteen hundred feet, climbing to five thousand.

0915:04 DEP American 587 Heavy, New York Departure. Radar contact. Climb maintain to one three thousand.

0915:10 P One three thousand for 587 Heavy.

FO One three I see, slats retract.

P slats.

P Clean machine.

FO (sound similar to yawn) Thank you.

0915:36 DEP American 587 Heavy, turn left, proceed direct to WAVEY.

0915:41 P We’ll turn direct WAVEY, American Flight 587 Heavy.

0915:44 Sound of a brief squeak and a rattle heard in the cabin.

P Little wake turbulance, huh?

0915:51: Sound of a thump heard in the cockpit.

0915:52: Sound of two loud thumps in the cockpit.

0915:54 FO Max power (spoken in a strained voice).

0915:55 P You all right?

FO Yeah, I’m fine.

0915:56 P Hang onto it. Hang onto it.

Sound of a snap heard in the cockpit.

0915:57 FO Let’s go for power, please.

Sound of a loud thump in the cockpit.

Sound of a loud bang in the cockpit.

0916:00 Sound similar to a loud grunt heard in the cockpit.

Roaring sound increases

0916:02 FO Holy _____

0916:04 Sound of warning chimes similar to a stall warning.

0916:06 Roaring sound decreases and then ends.

0916:07 FO What the hell are we into? We’re stuck in it.

0916:12 P Get out of it, get out of it.

0916:14 End of Transcript

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