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We Don’t Need Your Name!

We Don't Need Your Name!

Dear Editor;

I am writing in response to the full page article that was in The Wave last week. This was an article that bashed the policies of the United States government and the war that we are waging now and the wars we may fight in the future.

To start, the article you put in the paper last week is an example of one of the greatest freedoms you have, free speech. If you were in many other nations you would be imprisoned or put to death for treason because of the words on that page. But you will not be punished, because in our nation we can speak freely, and state our beliefs even if not the common trend amongst the people. So now I wish to use my freedom of speech, and state my points of view, on your points of view.

I believe, as well as my country believes, that peoples and nations have the right to determine their own destiny. But when a nation decides that they wish to cease the destiny of thousands of people, I say that we have the right to intervene in theirs. We must step in and try to prevent them from taking lives on American soil again. Furthermore if you wish for the war against terrorism to not be fought in your name, than so be it. But me, personally, would actually like my name written on one of the missiles that are shot into the caves in Afghanistan.

Swift action was taken after the events of September 11, but would you have preferred we wait, and maybe let them fly a plane into another landmark, or maybe some chemical weapons in the subways? This is a war of good vs. evil, and the media did not make it.

We now fight for the good of our nation. And for the good of the souls of our deceased brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters whose lives were taken away from them without any regret. In the dictionary of the definition of word evil goes like this:

Evil -  1. immoral; wicked

2. harmful; disastrous

3. bad; ill-reputed

It goes on with several more adjectives to describe the word. Now I think it is pretty obvious that the events, and the people involved with September 11 fit the description of evil. So if we are fighting for the good of our country, against the bad people who brought disastrous carnage to our own soil, that would make this a war of good vs. evil.

Now as our country moves closer to a war with Iraq, I ask you again, are you willing to wait till Iraq makes the first move against us? Chances are some would reply, Hussein would not dare to do such a thing to us. We also said the same thing about terrorists in 1942 and 2001. So I support a war with Iraq if it means we are preventing more people from dying on American soil.

There is no way for us to tell that Iraq had no connection in the events of September 11. Hussein says that Iraq had no part in the events of 9/11, he also says that he has no weapons of mass destruction, which he does. How good is the dictators word than? A blank check to drop commandos in on any nation can be a good thing, as long as these commandos are going in for a reason. We are not going on these missions with imperialistic intentions. We are waging these campaigns in the name of a safer world. One of the darkest hours in United States history was the internment camps in which Japanese immigrants were placed in during World War 2. The United States has paid reparations to the families of many of the men and women who were placed into these camps. The imprisonment of the Arab/Muslim/American people is completely different. Many of these people were here on student visas, or without green cards. This is the same situation that some of the terrorists of 9/11 were in. Many people have been released from these camps after a thorough check was done on them. The ones that remain are considered to still be a clear and present danger. The comparison between internment camps and prisons in Guatanamo Bay may seem similar, but they are not. Comparing your movement to that of the Underground Railroad, not only can I not make the connection, I think it shamed the movement of many patriotic Americans who helped to move African-American slaves to freedom some 140 years ago.

President Bush declared that "you are either with us or against us." You are clearly against us, but a war will not be waged against you. Nor will you be placed in prison. You will be allowed to exercise your freedom of speech, and continue to preach your anti-war sentiments. So remove your name from the list of patriots who lead us in our war against terror, there is a list of 3,000 people who lost their lives on 9/11 that would love to replace you. So just as we have been for one year, we fight this war in their name, and do not need yours.


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