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From the G-Man

President Bush:
By Gary G. Toms

President Bush: ‘The Wacko Kid!’

Hey people! Back in February of this year, The G-man took some pretty tough shots from outraged residents of the Rockaway community because they felt I was unpatriotic and unsupportive of the United States in its so-called "War on Terrorism." Well, I hate to say it, but what I had to say back then has become the focal point of every network and cable news show in the country and in the world. So, I guess the people who sent all those vile and nasty letters and emails must really feel stupid right about now. Their arguments have been proven to be null and void, and you have some of the highest officials of the government supporting my previous statements via their opposition to Bush’s proposed attack on Iraq.

For those of you that may have missed that installment, the column was entitled "You’ve Been Bushwhacked," (in the 2/23 issue) and in it I made the following claims:

1.Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice and Rumsfeld (sounds like a law firm) cannot afford to alienate countries that we have had a decent relationship with over the years. It is not good economically, politically or socially. It will be a sad day for the United States when every country in the world despises us, and our attitude, arrogance and swagger could make this possible some day.

2.We're bragging about our military and its might, but we are going to really be screwed if we come under attack from rogue states, all at the same time, via nuclear and biological warfare. Our soldiers are great, but we can't take on everyone at once. Based on our positioning, it would be foolish to believe that the allies would lift a finger to help us. Why? It's because we're probably pissing them off to no end. "We are the only Super Power in the world." "We have the greatest military in the world." We will go after terrorists, and we don't care where they are." These are some of the statements made by Bush, and while these statements may indeed be true, do you really think these statements are going over well with Russia, Germany, Korea, China or other countries that have been indirectly described as "puny" by the United States? It's the proverbial bully situation all over again. Remember? He, or she, kept taunting you until you finally snapped and cracked them over the head with two by four. The point is that everybody gets tired of being bullied, and they eventually do something to retaliate. Our allies are no different.

3. I am making a case for the allies because they are miffed about unconfirmed reports of a planned attack on Iraq by the United States in the next four to six months. As you would suspect, The White House is denying the action, and it is generating a lot of tension with our allies. What makes matters even worse is the fact that the United States is taking an "if you don't like it, too bad" approach. This does not help our mission statement or our relationships with neighboring countries, and things will only get worse.

Things have definitely gotten worse since that column was published. Remember, I said this back in February, and now you have rank and file members from both political parties taking Bush to task for his planned attack and alienating our closest allies. I questioned Bush’s actions then, and I’m still questioning them. The difference now is 54 percent of Americans are also wondering what the hell Bush is doing.

I also stated in the February column that I support the dismantling of terrorist organizations that prove to be a threat to anyone. However, in looking at this situation, and the Bush administration, I made it abundantly clear that I could not help but question the timing and true motive of these alleged attacks.

"If you review Bush and Cheney's background, they made their millions from the oil industry. Condoleezza Rice has stock in some of the largest oil related companies in the country. Do you see a pattern developing here?"

"It would be extremely beneficial to the U.S. to take out Saddam Hussein, or oil rich territories, because we could then seize control of the oil in those regions. I suspect that the Bush and Cheney families, the oil companies that they are linked to, and Bush administration members would somehow benefit financially from such a seizure, thus, giving justification for the "war" and the need to expand it to other areas. Moreover, given the likelihood that legislation will not pass on Bush's proposal to drill for oil in the Alaska Artic National Wildlife Refuge (AANWR), and other preserved sites, they have to take some kind of action to lessen U.S. dependency on foreign oil. What better way to do that than to invade Iraq? Even the hardest skeptic has to admit that there is some plausibility to what I have put forth, especially when you factor in that Bush and Cheney are oil barons."

Bush started out with the right idea, with regard to rooting out terrorists, but now he has members of his own party, the country and numerous allies shaking their heads in confusion. I wholeheartedly agree that the United States had better be damn sure that Saddam Hussien has weapons of mass destruction before the sons and daughters of thousands of Americans are sent into Iraq. We cannot afford to send soldiers, young and old, into a situation that they will not be equipped to handle, which is biological and chemical warfare on catastrophic levels.

If you think Hussein won’t have a special surprise for us when we launch a ground attack, you’d better get with the program. Until his death is confirmed, Osama bin Laden is still on the loose, and this fact is frightening. Hussein and bin Laden may have not only joined forces, they may have formed a coalition with other terrorists, and they may simply be baiting Bush to enter what could become a slaughterhouse. In my opinion, that’s why General Norman Schwarzkopt (who tried to take out Hussein during the Gulf War and failed) and General Wesley Clark are urging Bush to shut up and re-evaluate the matter. As military men who were engaged in covert action, they must have an idea of what awaits if an attack is launched.

I also stated earlier on, and rather strongly, that an attack on Iraq and the other countries that are considered part of the "Axis of Evil" would be the equivalent of opening up "Pandora’s Box." If we adapt a pre-emptive strike policy with countries we consider a threat, we’d better be prepared to keep our mouths shut when North Korea launches a pre-emptive strike against South Korea, when China attacks Taiwan, or when Russia decides to flex its military muscle. It would become a free-for-all, and everybody is playing with nukes! Now it becomes a situation where we not only have to watch out for the terrorists, we have to look over our shoulder at neighboring countries who may decide to aim a nuclear warhead at one of our allies. This is no joke folks! They need to stop playing and just invite me into "the war room" because these clowns in the Bush Administration just don’t get it! I don’t think Bush or Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense) would want a piece of The G-man!

Bush can run around thinking he’s John Wayne, or some cowboy called "The Wacko Kid", if he wants to, but the fact of the matter is fools often rush in where angels fear to tread. He needs to stop being so freakin’ pig-headed and deal with the fact that we don’t even know where bin Laden is…almost a year later! Explain that "Bushmon!" He actually had the nerve to say, "People have a right to their opinions, but America needs to know that I will be making up my mind based on intelligence reports." Oh, that’s a real comforting thought. He’s going to rely on the same "intelligence" that couldn’t even prevent the September 11 attacks! This is the same FBI and CIA that let information slip through the cracks the first time and over 3,000 people were killed in the process! Now, we’re supposed to be sold on an attack on Iraq? To quote "Judge Judy", "Does it say stupid on my forehead?" I think many Americans are finally asking the same question.

So, "Bushmon", don’t try to sell me on an attack on Iraq, when you obviously can’t even find a man who is still running around in Afghan caves taking a dump! I said it more than six months ago, and now Americans (Republican and Demmocrat) are apparently on your butt about the same thing. Like we say in "the hood" Mr. President…you’d better recognize!

I want to close by sending a special "shout out" to one of the great elders of the community. Whether I’m making sense in my column or just off on a rant, I was informed that Ms. Louise Bruton is an avid reader of my column. I’m often told that my column affects many people, in one way of another, but it gives me a huge lift to know that my elders support me. They are the reason why I’m here today. Thank you Ms. Bruton, and to her daughter, Bridie, thank you for taking the time to share your mom’s story with me.

See you next week!

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