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Boyle-ing Points by Kevin Boyle

You Can Check Out, But Never Leave

The Wave is family. Unfortunately, I feel like Silvio on the Sopranos. Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in. Just when you think you're really out, theyâ026 pullâ026 youâ026 back! I'd bought a couple of outfits (white shoes, white belt, and dark slacks with elastic waistband and a chocolate brown velour sweat suit) and was looking at property in Arizona and Florida and Neponsit but thenâ026.then they pulled me back. Said I had to write a few more columns, do just a couple more jobs. Frankly, I was tired of shooting myself in the foot and then sticking the same foot in my mouth every couple of weeks---didn't they know I was a has-been, a never-was? Didn't they see I had a serious case of the yips? That I kept misfiring? Didn't matter, they didn't care. Editor Howie Soprano said, it's not personal, it's business. But I'm out, I pleaded. Fugheddaboutit, he shouted. Set your typewriter up at the Bada Bing and get a column over to Da Wave forthwith. We don't want the competition (now seemingly on its last breath) getting any ideas.

Boyle-ing Over: Power of the press, right on. After I launched a complaint in this column about a sorry looking fence along Beach Channel Drive---City Councilman Joe Addabbo (with a huge assist from Sandee Doremus) got it torn down and a new one put in its place. (Something a little more pleasing to the eye would've been nice, but beggars can't be choosy). Now if he can do something about some of the mausoleums being built in the neighborhood of Necronsit, er, I mean, Neponsit, I'll really be impressed. Okay, that's impossible, but how about this: build an A-framed styled cabin on the parking lot at Beach Channel and 116 street and house the Rockaway Chamber of Commerce right there. That would be the perfect spot for a "Welcome to Rockaway Information Center." Wouldn't that be a lot better than what we usually get there: used cars, furniture, Christmas trees, and a half-grown flower nursery? C'mon, landlord, make the Chamber a deal. While I'm playing Robert Moses, might as well repeat myself: wish they'd tear down the el train to Far Rockaway. Trolleys or new buses on a newly paved thoroughfare would be the way to go.

**Speaking of the Sopranos, I was happy see The Wave steer clear of running testimonials to John Gotti. Reading the NY Post, you would've thought the president or the pope died. That paper---on one day--- gave the convicted murderer twelve pages of ink. (Poor Steve Dunleavy. The Post columnist has been seeing a grief counselor ever since the Teflon Don died). I was moved by the highly intelligent reactions of some Ozone Park and Howard Beach residents who said things along the lines of: He was a good guy, he gave us fireworksâ026.All those people he had killed, at least he didn't rat on nobody.

***Although I'd rather eat glass than get involved in local politics I do think there's potential for some fun in the fall. I hear John Lenihan might challenge Lew Simon for Democratic District Leader. And all you people who are passionate one way or the other about these fellows----please leave me out of it---I'm just telling you what I hear.

**The Summer Classic is well underway again, now in its eighteenth year, I think. It remains one of the great things about Rockaway. While the basketball games are being played, the schoolyard at St. Francis is like the town square. You see friends you haven't seen all winter and the games are great entertainment. If you haven't moseyed on by, you really owe it to yourself to catch the action and atmosphere. The Men's Open, thanks in large part to Ryan Whelan, is enjoying a renaissance. The Women's Open often offers the best games---though fans sure wish superstars Sue Bird, Janelle McManus and Clare Droesch could make surprise appearances. Bird's in the WNBA while Clare and Janelle have college commitments.

***Big congrats to Peter Rayder, who said his first mass at St. Francis on Sunday. He'll be going to Holy Name parish in Brooklyn. Here's hoping Father Rayder ends up down here some day.

***So some committee gave a tour of NYC to the Olympics officials who decide on sites for the games. There's hope the games will be held in New York in 2012. I wonder if Chuck Schumer gave them that load of dung about the pool coming to Riis Park---we've always bought that routine from the Chuckster, why shouldn't the Olympics committee? Hey, how â018bout the Neponsit Healthcare facility as Olympic Village? Let's float that one so that nothing'll ever be done with that property (like the courthouse). Hmmmâ026maybe they could use the parking lot at Riis for track and field ---though if it grows any more grass they can use if for that sport with horse jumping over fences. Of course, if those options fall through they could use it for an impound lot.

***The Graybeards have been extolled for doing many good deeds in recent months (they ask that I send thanks to the folks at Stella Maris and St. Camillus who open up their respective gyms so the Beards can keep the NBA dreams alive). Recently they've been taste-testing at various establishments and are pleased to announce that the Harbor Light, Jameson's, the Beach Club and Roger's have been quite welcoming and can expect repeat visits. The Beards plan to overwhelm other establishments as well in the coming weeks.

***Happy Fourth of July.

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