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From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms No…. I Don’t Give Stock Tips!

From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms
No.... I Don't Give Stock Tips!

In the nearly five years that I have been writing this column, many of my readers have stated things like, "The G-man is no joke!", or "Oh (expletive)! G-man's in the house! Who screwed up?" The comments are both flattering and comical, and recently a number of readers have made even bolder statements. "You must hang out with that "Crossing Over" guy, John Edward." "That "Miss Cleo" ain't got nothing on your G-man!" "Do you give stock tips?" These are a few of the things that have been said in light of predictions that I made in a column a few weeks ago. There were nine in all, and so far, I'm 4 out of nine. Is that the "Twilight Zone" theme I hear playing? Okay, here's a recap.

Prediction 1

I strongly feel that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will migrate toward the U.S. in the form of suicide bombers. A man, or woman, will detonate an explosive device in heavily populated areas of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago in the coming months. Many will be hurt, and the threat of repeated attacks will finally make the United States take an active role in the Middle East conflict.

**As many of you know by now, the White House and terrorism experts on the Middle East have issued statements this week that are in line with my prediction. Several have even appeared on NBC's "Meet The Press."

Prediction 2

The White House will be forced to admit that Vice-President Dick Cheney's heart problems are more serious than were reported earlier on. Other health problems will be cited as well. The Secretary of State, Colin Powell, will fill Cheney's spot, and Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, will be replace Powell as the Secretary of State.

**Recently, cable news networks have been doing features on the Vice-President's past health problems. The question isâ026 why now?

Prediction 3

The year 2002 will come to be known as the year of earthquakes, as a record number of earthquakes will erupt in many sections of the world that are not considered "hot spots." Several tremors will be felt over a period of weeks, in Los Angeles, leading to a significant quake.

** Tremors were felt up and down New York State a few weeks ago, and tremors in San Francisco registered 5.1 on the Richter scale two weeks ago. Quakes also hit sections of Afghanistan and small regions not accustomed to earthquakes.

Prediction 4

We have not seen the last of Osama bin Laden. We will be hit with other terrorist attacks between the Memorial Day weekend and July 4. However, by this time Bin Laden will have regained strength and joined forces with other terrorist organizations as a result of increasing anti-American sentiment. The attacks, coupled with a war erupting between India and Pakistan, will cause Congress to make a true declaration of war, thus ushering in World War III.

**The news media brought this situation to the forefront just this week when the Vice President issued the statement, "It's not a matter of if, but when. A second attack is imminent." Another good example is the front page of the New York Post, dated May 21. The lower headline reads, "Terror, Inc. â013 Forces of Evil Converge in Sinister Summit. The story revealed that Osama bin Laden's men took part in a meeting with top Hamas and Hezbollah officials.

There are still five more to go. Will those actually come to pass? Time will tell, but as it stands right now, all we can do is pray for the best.

I'll close with this little note because it compliments this week's column. I came across something that I wrote back on January 29, 2000. Here's a portion of it. You may find it interesting, to say the least.

Hey people! This past Sunday, I forced myself to watch the 57th Annual Golden Globe awards. I usually steer clear from award shows like the Oscars, People's Choice, Screen Actors Guild and this one because of the grossly disproportionate number of minority actors represented. The only reason I decided to watch was because Denzel Washington and Halle Berry were nominated for awards, and I wanted to see if they'd win their respective categories. They were indeed triumphant, but I knew they were going to be dissed in some way. The G-man turned out to be right.

Halle Berry was the first to win, in the category of Best Female Performance, for her portrayal of the great and legendary Dorothy Dandridge. She brilliantly captured the beauty, poise and courage of a woman who lit up the movie screen and became one of the biggest stars of her era. However, with all of her success, she was still subject to the cruelties of racism. In one example, she was about to perform at a nightclub and she had to use a restroom. The club did not have a restroom for colored people, and she was forced to pee in a cup! There are other cases that are documented, and they are common knowledge within the Hollywood system. So, someone please tell me why Halle Berry did not get a standing ovation when she went up to get her award; if not for her performance, then at least for the honor and spirit of Dorothy Dandridge! I'll tell you why, but let me hit this next point first.

Denzel Washington was the next to receive honors. He won for his blistering portrayal of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Carter is a man who was falsely accused of a crime, and he gave 25 years of his life as a result. During that time, he faced the many horrors of prison life, but his indomitable spirit allowed him to overcome the pain and suffering. Today, he is a free man and one of the greatest examples of African-American men in this society. Again, the case is well documented around the world; especially with this powerful movie being out there. So, why is it that Denzel received the same treatment when he, and Rubin Carter, went up to get the award? Hold on "peeps", because I'm about to let loose!

Halle and Denzel didn't receive standing ovations, when actor Michael J. Fox did, for the simple fact that certain segments of the white population, in this country, refuse to acknowledge that racism exists, and they have a problem with being reminded of what they, or their ancestors, have done over the course of 400 years! Michael J. Fox received a standing ovation because of his valiant battle with Parkinson's disease. I understand that, but think of what Dandridge and Carter had to battle. It would've taken a strong celebrity, Black or white, with a firm knowledge of the history of this country, to stand up when everybody else chose to sit down, but unfortunately, Hollywood is full of cowards, and they don't want to upset the establishment.

**I have a confession to make. In protest, I faxed this column to the agents of both Berry and Washington, and to members of the motion picture academy after it was published in The Wave. They both won the Oscar this year! Was it foreshadowing on my part? You be the judge.

See you next week!

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