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Boyle-ing Points by Kevin Boyle This & That And The Other Thing

Boyle-ing Points by Kevin Boyle
This & That And The Other Thing

If you missed the last column about the radical dressing habits of a certain four year old that shall remain nameless, you'd be better off skipping ahead. Anyway, I got quite a few comments, the most typical one being, glad you're not my father. Someone said they can't wait till they read the Looking Back column, What The Wave Said Thirty Years Ago (it was cold one morning on the trip to pre-k). Owen Quinn seemed concerned for my safety; he wondered if The Wave would be one day be running a story involving patricide (a kid knocking off his father). At least, I think he was concerned, though he might've been suggesting that it would be justifiable patricide. A couple of disgusting, middle-aged men----whom I used to hold as paragons of good taste and respectability----told me they were cold on the same morning. Egads. Someone else said it was the most entertaining piece about PS 114 they've read in a while.

Boyle-ing Over: Glad The Wave finally ran Rona Barrett's column about Brian Dickesheid's nuptials. Had they held it any longer it could've run as an anniversary piece. A number of people asked me to intervene and get the darn thing in the paper but let me repeat---I've got no juice, zero influence---I can't get your story published and I can't get you out of the blotter! I can probably arrange for you to get a mention in Bev Baxter's column on a slow week but that's it.

Of course, I'm still wondering if that were really Rona Barrett who authored such a piece, distinguished by its uncommon vivacity and cleverness and I might add, good taste. Somehow we doubt it was Rona and we know wasn't Dicko himself. Had the groom penned the piece, he would've somehow managed to tick off half the wedding party and probably the new bride. Good thing he farmed out reportorial duties--- many a Friday morning I spent fending off the offended after yet another edition of Dicko's Alternative Softball Report hit the newsstands.

Come to think of it, you'd think I would've gotten an invite to Russo's. I'll settle for a good table at the New Irish Circle. Dicko, you got any connections? In any event, Rona Barrett's cameo was a nice boost for the sometimes staid, gray Wave. Hey, wait a second. Ah-ha! Something just occurred to me. All those years of watching Mannix and Magnum P.I. might be paying off. I now suspect it wasn't Rona Barrett at all---but Rona-yne Barrett---the Walter Winchell of Rockaway Beach. Consider the internal investigation underway.

***Don't forget to get those kids signed up for the Summer Classic and CYO. Check the usual spots ---church bulletin, websites, the always reliable grapevine on the checkout line at Waldbaum's. (Although I just heard I better specify about which Waldbaum's I mean. A growing legion of foods hoppers led by fusspots Sally and Kevin McVeigh are patronizing the Wally Bombers in Howard Beach. From what I hear you barely have time to read the Enquirer and the World Weekly News on the checkout line in that sparkling clean and friendly establishment). I'm just reporting trends, I'm no expert. Me? I go strictly for convenience. I usually buy my Frosted Flakes and paper towels from some toothless guy behind grimy bullet proof glass.

Not only is it that time of year to sign up for CYO and The Summer Classic---soon kicking off its 18th year---it's also time to lock your bikes. Would the creep who stole my rusted beach cruiser with baby seat and basket from my front porch please return it? Just leave it on the lawn (far enough away from the recyclable garbage). No questions asked.

Well, maybe I'd have one. Why? There surely couldn't be much resale value. It had to be basic laziness. Whoever stole it must've been too much of slug to walk home. So moral of the story, lock your bikes. The locks might not stop real crooks but you'll keep lazy people from a life of crime.

***If you've just got two bucks to your name and you want those bucks to multiply, you should invest them in Proud Citizen in this Saturday's Preakness. Of course, my mole at the track says there's reason to like Booklet, too. But rest assured War Emblem is like General Macarthur. He may not die but he will fade away.

***Happy birthdays to Graybeards Kevin Kelleher, Tom Carroll, Dan Leary and Jack Weber--- I wouldn't know this stuff but Steve Stathis, who is to Rockaway what Dot is to Roxbury, told me to give these guys some ink and include his birthday message: You're Old But Not Extinct.

***I'm sorry to say that long-time swim coaches Mary Grace and Pat Savage are expected to retire after many years of leading the always-awesome St. Francis girls swim team. I believe the only time the team ever lost is when a Wave headline said they did. It was one of those Dewey Defeats Truman things. Through the years, parishes have combined teams hoping to gather enough talent to topple SFDS but they've been unable to pull it off (though don't be surprised if some of these desperate parishes start insisting their parish boundaries include parts of California and what was once East Germany).

Anyway, great job and good luck to Mary Grace and Pat.

**Did you know? There are 480 active firefighters who live on the Rockaway peninsula? There has to be a few hundred retired guys, too. Something, huh? Anyway, enough with the trivia for now. A good number of people have contacted me through email about the book I'm writing (this week's working title: Remember Rockaway --- Small Town Rises After 9-11 and the Crash of Flight 587). I urge anyone with a story of either event ---firefighter or otherwise---or anyone with a historical tidbit to contact me at KBOYLE77@aol.com Thanks!

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