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From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms

Making Some Predictions

"I think this whole situation is laughable. Nothing is funny about the fact that many people were injured, but to think that Grubman, and other filthy rich snobs, can have a free pass to freedom is absurd. If this had been you or me, we would be playing a harmonica in cell A-312 and waiting for our lawyer to show up. We’d be lucky to get our one phone call, whereas Grubman was able to use her cell phone, limitlessly, and avoid immediate jail time. She was allowed to go back home for God’s sake!"

"Most of the daily papers had her mug plastered all over the front page sobbing like some poor innocent victim. Well, that may play well for the cameras and future court appearances, but you’ll get no sympathy from the G-man."

"To be honest, I’m glad this happened because now the whole world will get to see, yet again, how the money, power and influence of a select group can trounce the justice system and its key players. Judges will be bought, crooked cops will conveniently lose or misfile reports, people who witnessed the incident will be paid to shut their mouths and those who are filing lawsuits will eventually settle out of court with Grubman’s attorneys."

"This snobby boozehound will end up with a slap on the wrist if anything. If that happens, it will go a long way into proving that there is definitely a double standard for the wealthy when it comes to the justice system."

If the preceding paragraphs sound familiar, it’s because I wrote them back on July 14, 2001 in a column entitled, "Lizzie Grubman: The Real White Trash." With the latest revelation that a plea bargain is in the works, it looks like I was right about how this situation was going to turn out. If the reports hold up, Grubman will end up pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, paying $700,000 in fines, and will have to spend a number of hours performing community service. She will not see one day of jail time! Well, "Grubby", when you pop open that bottle of bubbly to celebrate, I hope the cork nails you right in the forehead! I guess you’ll sleep really well at night knowing you and your influential family beat the system. You may have escaped the clutches of the legal system, but you will not escape the cosmic or universal forces that reward or punish us at some point. Swallow that with your nasty caviar!

Since I did so well with the Grubman prediction, I think I’ll make a few more based on astrology, numerology and gut feelings. I’ll start with the current situation in the Middle East. I strongly feel that the conflict will migrate toward the U.S. in the form of suicide bombers. A man, or woman, will detonate an explosive device in heavily populated areas of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago in the coming months. Many will be hurt, and the threat of repeated attacks will finally make the United States take an active role in the Middle East conflict.

The White House will be forced to admit that Vice-President Dick Cheney’s heart problems are more serious than were reported earlier on. Other health problems will be cited as well. The Secretary of State, Colin Powell, will fill Cheney’s spot, and Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, will be replace Powell as the Secretary of State.

The year 2002 will come to be known as the year of earthquakes, as a record number of earthquakes will erupt in many sections of the world that are not considered "hot spots." Several tremors will be felt over a period of weeks, in Los Angeles, leading to a significant quake.

We have not seen the last of Osama bin Laden. We will be hit with other terrorist attacks between the Memorial Day weekend and July 4. However, by this time Bin Laden will have regained strength and joined forces with other terrorist organizations as a result of increasing anti-American sentiment. The attacks, coupled with a war erupting between India and Pakistan, will cause Congress to make a true declaration of war, thus ushering in World War III.

The fight for African-American reparations will take center stage during the summer as millions unite and march to Washington. The number of participants will far exceed those who took part in the march on Washington lead by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unfortunately, the fight to obtain compensation for slavery will cause an even greater division in the country between whites and blacks.

There is an "Enron II" on the horizon, but this one will have an even greater impact on the Republican Party, and will probably cost them the presidential election in 2004.

Senators Bob Kerry and Tom Daschle will step aside to allow Al Gore the opportunity to restructure the battered party and become the leading Democrat in the 2004 Presidential contest. Expect a Bush-Gore rematch!

Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, will resign at the end of the year or sooner.

The New York Yankees will rack up the most wins by any baseball team in the history of the game in 2004. The Mets will win more games this year than any other team in the franchise’s history. The Yankees will bring the World Series trophy back to New York after defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Whatever happens, let’s just pray and hope for the best in the days to come. Remember, I never claimed to be the son of Nostradamus!

See you next week!

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