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An Eyewitness Wants Answers

An Eyewitness Wants Answers

Tom Lynch was one of the eyewitnesses to the demise of flight 587 who has been quoted widely in the media.

Dear Editor:

There are a number of questions that have to be answered in regard to flight 587.

1: Who in Washington relieved the FBI of its roll as primary investigators and issued the order that this was an accident. Placing the NTSB in charge. Who? A name please. This had to be a political judgment; it was not based on investigative standards,

For how could with only a few hours into the crash, with many eyewitness telling of explosions and fire, with the aircraft still not examined, parts scattered and not yet recovered from water, roof tops and back yards and engines still unexplored.

We want a NAME!

2: How did the accident scene manage to avoid a disaster? Being one of the first on scene, the impact area was contained to four city lots app. 30x100 feet each. The first house standing fully involved in flames, second leveled, third leveled and the fourth fully involved in flames. One home across street to the west on fire standing, any other damage was due to heat radiation (not fuel) for they started after the impact those two homes across street to north suffered exterior damage.

The two engines landed about app. 1000 and 1200 feet from impact of aircraft fuselage. How, if the aircraft crashed with a full load of fuel 18,000 pounds, did it not create a fire as seen on Sept.11. With a spreading of fuel and fire to a area five to ten times the size of the 150 feet across and less that 70 feet deep, for the neighboring garages at the 100 foot property line were not damaged. The fire was extinguished in a short amount of time, one hour plus, and it was extinguished with out the use of any FOAM, a standard used at any airport fire apparatus rescue team. How some of the poor souls were in reasonably good shape considering the trauma, (will not go into details). Please explain how this was possible? UNLESS, THE FUEL, was dissipated prior to crashing.

We need an explanation.

3: How did parts of aircraft, Wing tip (8foot) on 125Street. Two Panels (2x7 app.) on Diner roof at 116 Street and many other parts recovered from all over a large area aside from the crash site on land and including the bay.


4: Why were so many unfounded statements released to the media, Birds, Wake disturbance, prior storm damage, and pilot error? Please explain?

5: Why did it take a letter to the NTSB from six eyewitness that they request to testify at the public hearing dated 1/7/02, that received renewed media attention, two months after the crash. For the NTSB, for the first time to acknowledge the eyewitness, approximate three hundred. Let us not confuse a person who gives a statement to an agent that they where in their house and heard the crash and ran to see the burning plane on the ground, As being a witness who saw no fire prior to crashing .The witnesses who reported they saw fire on board prior to crashing are many. I know of at least twenty-five.

How many does the FBI, NTSB know of? Please release the numbers.

6: Why a letter from six citizens requesting to testify at a hearing, on an ongoing disaster investigation is not newsworthy according to three N.Y. newspapers and only one picked it up? Six citizens volunteering for jury duty would usually be news worthy.

Newspapers please explain.

7: Why does it appear no reporters, insurance investigator agents, or lawyers for the deceased from established sources are pursuing any investigation. Do all the above just assume the facts as issued from the NTSB? Who else is investigating?

8: USREAD.COM has put together a time line on facts that were issued by the FAA, NTSB, and data recording ect. And seems to bring issue to the current timing and events as released by the NTSB. Why does a citizen with no direct involvement, believe, as do most others, that things are array? And spend many hours seeking the truth?

Do the citizens know differently, but accept misconceptions, as a way of life?

9: Why do persons involved in this tragedy the flight of 587. Have to wonder what is going on, are we going to have a repeat of the flight 800 closed by official verdict, but still unresolved, as thought by many of the experts and Two hundred or so Eastern Long Island residents.

Truth, Justice and the American Way.


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