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From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms You’ve Been Bushwhacked!

From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms
You've Been Bushwhacked!

Hey people! Okay, I'm going to do something this week that most of the journalists and television news anchors, including the big cable networks, have not had the guts to do in recent weeks. I'm going to break down an interpretation of what this "War On Terrorism" is really all about. If that is going to bother you, and you question my sense of patriotism, then maybe you should move on to Dorothy Dunne or the crossword puzzle because I'm about to "blow up the spot"

The Bush administration has maintained a take no prisoners attitude in going after terrorists and the countries that harbor them. I was fine with them going after "Binny-Mack", my code name for Bin-Laden, and destroying the Taliban. Then, they decided this extremist group was not enough. Now they want to go after everyone in targeted areas linked to terrorism, which includes an area I predicted they would go after in an article I wrote back in September. That area is Africa. I have a big problem with this "New World Order."

Bush must have thrown back some of that "liquid courage" before he took to the podium in his State of The Union address. You know, the one where he called Iran, Iraq and North Korea the "Axis of Evil." That Texas ego kicked in big-time, and he made no apologies to our allies for the stance being taken by the United States. Basically, he gave the allies the Presidential finger, which will not serve us well in the future.

Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice and Rumsfeld, sounds like a law firm, cannot afford to alienate countries that we have had a decent relationship with over the years. It is not good economically, politically or socially. It will be a sad day for the United States when every country in the world despises us, and our attitude, arrogance and swagger could make this possible some day.

We're bragging about our military and its might, but we are going to really be screwed if we come under attack from rogue states, all at the same time, via nuclear and biological warfare. Our soldiers are great, but we can't take on everyone at once. Based on our positioning, it would be foolish to believe that the allies would lift a finger to help us. Why? It's because we're probably pissing them off to no end.

"We are the only Super Power in the world." "We have the greatest military in the world." We will go after terrorists, and we don't care where they are." These are some of the statements made by Bush, and while these statements may indeed be true, do you really think these statements are going over well with Russia, Germany, Korea, China or other countries that have been indirectly described as "puny" by the United States? It's the proverbial bully situation all over again. Remember? He, or she, kept taunting you until you finally snapped and cracked them over the head with two by four. The point is that everybody gets tired of being bullied, and they eventually do something to retaliate. Our allies are no different.

I am making a case for the allies because they are miffed about unconfirmed reports of a planned attack on Iraq by the United States in the next four to six months. As you would suspect, The White House is denying the action, and it is generating a lot of tension with our allies. What makes matters even worse is the fact that the United States is taking an "if you don't like it, too bad" approach. This does not help our mission statement or our relationships with neighboring countries, and things will only get worse.

Now, we come to the meat and potatoes portion of this column. What does this "war" really mean? Okay, follow me on this folks. Look at the countries that the United States is talking tough to. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and to a number of nations in Africa, all of which are slated for an American butt whipping at some point. While they are alleged to harbor terrorists, they harbor something of far greater significance to the United States. That something is oil, in addition to other precious resources.

As I said, I support the dismantling of terrorist organizations that prove to be a threat to anyone. However, in looking at this situation, and the Bush administration, I could not help but question the timing and true motive of these alleged attacks. If you review Bush and Cheney's background, they made their millions from the oil industry. Condoleezza Rice, has stock in some of the largest oil related companies in the country. Do you see a pattern developing here?

It would be extremely beneficial to the U.S. to take out Saddam Hussein, or oil rich territories, because we could then seize control of the oil in those regions. I suspect that the Bush and Cheney families, the oil companies that they are linked to, and Bush administration members would somehow benefit financially from such a seizure, thus, giving justification for the "war" and the need to expand it to other areas. Moreover, given the likelihood that legislation will not pass on Bush's proposal to drill for oil in Alaska, and other preserved sites, they have to take some kind of action to lessen U.S. dependency on foreign oil. What better way to do that than to seize the oil for ourselves?

Even the hardest skeptic has to admit that there is some plausibility to what I have put forth, especially when you factor in that Bush and Cheney are oil barons. I welcome anyone to challenge my theory, honestly, without labeling me as anti-American or unpatriotic.

In my heart, I believe that the government had good intentions in their attempt to quell terrorism, but as in the case of Enron, greed has somehow entered the overall scheme of things, and the mission has been re-directed.

You will never, ever, put an end to terrorism. The United States has time-tested examples of this fact in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the situations in Northern Ireland; and the tribal warfare in Sierra Leone and other sections of the African continent, just to name a few. With that said, I can't help asking myself, along with a growing number of Americans, "What is this war really about?"

Feel free to send comments to GaryWREC@aol.com.

See you next week!

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