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From the G-Man

Hey Tyson, Get It Together!
By Gary G. Toms

Hey Tyson, Get It Together!

Hey people! You know, I have had it up to here with the antics of a loud mouthed bully named "Iron" Mike Tyson. Up until now, I have been very patient and refrained from lodging any attacks against him, primarily because the man has many, many demons to deal with. However, Tyson's actions at a recent press conference, where he tried to sucker punch Lennox Lewis, the current World Boxing Council (WBC) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) heavyweight champion, was more than even The G-man could stand.

I have been in the company of this man on a number of occasions when I used to hang out at a club, back in the early 90's, called "Bentleys." We never were formally introduced, but our paths did cross. I never saw him do it, but a number of women at the club complained repeatedly that Tyson was running around grabbing them by their buttocks and speaking rudely to them. Even then, I gave the man the benefit of the doubt. Then came the rape charge filed by a former beauty contestant, which sent Tyson to prison for a few years. Many debate what really happened in the plaintiff's hotel room that night, but based on his explosive temper and loud mouth, Tyson is proving to the world that he is more than capable of losing control at any given moment.

Now, here's where I start to get a little raw on you. All those flunkies who run around talking about people are picking on "Iron Mike" need to shut up and go have a seat in the chair of reality. Tyson has come under attack, from the media and the public, because he constantly does things that invite not only controversy, but scrutiny as well. I have a message for the flunkies. You are not helping him by saying, "Stop picking on Mikey!" You're just whetting the big, bad media's appetite for more.

The other jackasses I hold responsible for Tyson's slow descent into boxing oblivion are his so-called "boys". You've seen them. They are usually the guys that have the furs, fancy cars, clothes and rings that make them look like rejects from the Black exploitation films "Cleopatra Jones" or "Foxy Brown." They are complete jokes! If any one of them had a brain in their head, they would pull "Iron Mike" to the side and say, "Brother, what are you doing? This is not how we as Blacks need to be seen." Instead, they don't say anything because they fear being left out of Tyson's money loop if they speak out against him. So they just continue to let the former champion self-destruct, while they style and profile. What a bunch of suckers, and if I had his camp standing in front of me, I'd tell them this to their face. If they so much as tried to put a hand on me, it would be because they know what I'm saying is real, and the truth hurts.

The lackeys in Tyson's outfit have been making excuses for him for years. He's had a rough childhood. He was abused. He has so many demons to deal with. He's broken hearted. He has messed up teeth. He has toes shaped like Fritos corn chips. He has an ear fetish. Shut up with all that crap! The fact of the matter is that if they really cared about him, they would get him some serious help. Maybe a session with Oprah's homeboy, "Dr. Phil." Maybe a two-hour seminar with motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Maybe a meeting with Bill Cosby, Colin Powell or Nelson Mandela. Whatever, whoever, somebody needs to start by reaching out and giving the brother a hug, and simply saying, "I've got love for you Mike."

With all that's been said in this column regarding my anger, there is one single thing that pisses me off the most, and that is how the children, Black or white, who are some of Tyson's biggest fans, are baring witness to his disgusting actions. Some of the kids are smart enough to realize that bullying and "thuggery" are unacceptable forms of behavior in this society. Others will look at the way Tyson behaved at the press conference and say, " Yo', Mike proved he's not a punk. The man's got heart. I would've snuffed Lewis my damn self." If I were Tyson, I would be very worried about the latter of the two.

Hey Mike, check this out. Perhaps this column will find its way to you somehow, or maybe it won't. I'll take that chance because my columns have ended up in some of the strangest and unlikely places. You have so many people that fear you, but The G-man would say these things to you if you were right here. Why do I think I would be able to get away with it, without you trying to take my head off? Two answers. First of all, I am extremely confident in my skills as a former Wing-Chun (Chinese Boxing) student. Secondly, I think you would understand that I am simply trying to reach out to you in ways that those sorry people you call friends and advisors have not.

Your fall from grace has been the result of many ghosts that you have had to wrestle with. You were once the most feared, respected and recognized fighter in the world. Now, you are viewed as nothing more than an animal that needs to be caged; a monster that's lost control; and a man that no woman feels she can live with. I think there is more to you than that. The thing is, I think you know it too, but the "negative" you are surrounded with is what's destroying you.

I realize that you have had it rough, but there comes a point in everyone's life where you have to grow the hell up. Even if the incident at the press conference was staged for publicity and pre-fight hype, you lose Mike. You lose because no matter how you cut it, you still came out looking like a man who needs to be put away, or committed, for good. No one in the world was going to look at Lennox Lewis like that. They won round one, but you still have more than one round to prove yourself to America and those abroad.

I have no doubt that you can obtain that level of greatness once again, but it all starts with cleaning out the garbage in your lousy camp. Then, you have to take measures to deal with whatever is haunting you, once and for all. If you do this, it doesn't matter if you ever become the heavyweight champion of the world again. You will be a champion in the eyes of many in the world who would love to see you get your act together.

See you next week!

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