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Stand Up For America

Stand Up For America

Dear Editor;

Are we a nation of damn fools as they think we are, or are we a nation of compassionate fools?

If we are the first, I think it is a sad day for America, but I think they are wrong. America is not a nation of damn fools. America’s unselfish beneficial deeds are well known throughout the world, regardless of nationality, religion, origin. Today’s problem is that many people confuse compassion with stupidity.

However, despite that fact, what disturbs me a lot is we are acting a little weird lately. We became ultra-sensitive to other people’s feelings, especially the people that might not have our interest at heart. These are a few incidents, obtained from various, reliable sources, that will substantiate my belief.

In Oklahoma, a school official removed "God Bless America" from school, in fear that someone might be offended. Berkeley, California bans U.S. Flags from being displayed on the city fire trucks because they didn’t want to offend anyone in the community. Channel 12 News, in Long Island, N.Y., ordered flags removed from the newsroom because they didn’t want to appear biased. At Florida Gulf Coast University, "Proud to be an American" signs were removed so not to offend international students.

It is only of a few days ago, as reported by the Wave, that New York City Chancellor, Mr. Levy, ordered that Muslim students should be allowed to pray in a separated space in school. This is, as we all know, is a religious act denied to our own children by the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Levy took upon himself to eliminate, to overpass, the rule in order to demonstrate to the world that we don’t discriminate. Is this a foolish act or a compassionate act?

I am quite disturbed by the action of some so-called American citizens; I am sick and tired of them worrying about offending some individuals or group of people. The dust of the great disaster of September 11 has not settled yet, and we have people worrying about the killing being done in Afghanistan. They worry about the people killed there, but have they already forgotten the 5000 plus of our innocent people killed in a savage way only 2 months ago? We have not yet buried our innocent victims; we have not as yet recovered all the bodies of our heroes; the policemen; the firemen; the EMS people and thousands of workers, visitors and volunteers at The Twin Towers.

Have they already forgotten the celebration and the cheers of those women and children in Afghanistan at the news that America "is on its knees"? It is a sad day when these so- called America citizens start to complain that our excessive patriotism might offend some people. Our patriotism would never be excessive enough to show our feelings to our loved ones lost on September 11, 2001.

I would like to recite the first paragraph I learned when I came to this great, wonderful country, the United States of America.

"Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his opinion about our government and culture. It will allow every one to do so, but once they have done complaining about our society, our flag, our pledge, and our national motto, they should take advantage of one other American Freedom, the right to leave." I say, America forever! We are the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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