2001-09-29 / Columnists

From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms

Hey people! In the weeks that have passed, there has been a growing sentiment that American forces should go into the terrorist countries and literally wipe them off the face of the earth. The devastation lodged upon the U.S. has initiated a resounding cry for the head of Osama Bin Landen and others that have committed similar acts in the past. While I agree that justice should be administered in some form, I do not agree that we should be so quick to try and obliterate any sector of the world that has been confirmed as terrorist. I know that statement will place me in the category of Bill Maher, of "Politically Incorrect", or maybe even Jerry Falwell because those evoking the slightest anti-war sentiment are not viewed as "American". The fact of the matter is a quick and combative response could carry harsh and dire consequences for our military and civilians.

I think it is simply amazing that the Bush Administration is "popping all this lip" about going in, getting Bin Laden and how they are going to do it, but not one person, from the print or electronic media to the top military strategists in the country, is taking into consideration that some of the U.S. military’s most classified files have been stolen or "misplaced" within the last four years. Moreover, career CIA and FBI officials, such as Robert Hanson, have been busted for selling top-secret military information to the highest bidders in both rogue countries and those we may never find out about. Someone out there has our most vital secrets, and that is a very scary thought. The traitors to the U.S. may have provided information to the Taliban, or other terrorist organizations, which are probably lying in wait for a pre-emptive strike against us. They were able to infiltrate our security and our psyche, as illustrated through the WTC attack, and they have proven just how much they know about our operational systems.

We may be sending in ground troops that could end up dead before they have the chance to get a shot off from their M16’s. I don’t know about you, but that possibility scares the hell out of me. Is the G-man the only person in the country that has picked up on this? If so, they need to sit me right next to Colin Powell!

Another scenario involves this hunt for Bin Laden. We might be sending in these ground forces and elite military teams to get this guy and he may not even be there when we arrive. His strategy is so complex, that he has six or seven look-a-likes. Even if we "pop" him, how can we be sure that we got the right Bin Laden? Also, if he flees to another area of the world, like Africa, are we going to go in and start bombing a place where an estimated 20 million people, and counting, are dying from AIDS? The insensitive and heartless jackasses would say, "Who cares if we’d have to bomb Africa. They’re already dead because of the virus!" I can guarantee that there won’t be a country on the globe that would stand behind us if we took such action.

The last point I want to make is this. All those people that are screaming for the blood of terrorists, and supporting intense military campaigns, should be careful what they wish for. This "war" has the potential to become a Pandora’s Box, which could very easily usher in World War III.

There is no way that these terrorists are going to let this "war against the infidels" drag out for the next three to five years. They will seek to destroy us as quickly as possible, and they will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to do it. I do believe that justice should be obtained for all those who perished in the attack, but I also believe that we should go about it in an extremely careful manner.

We should focus on Bin Laden and his organizations only. We can hit every other terrorist organization, or country harboring them, economically until they are brought to their knees. If we don’t proceed with caution, the streets of New York City, London, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and others will be start to resemble the West Bank, Sierra Leone and other war-torn portions of the world. For those of you that have children and grandchildren, and promised to love and protect them, just imagine your precious gifts from God reduced to a skeletal form because of a bio-chemical agent or nuclear attack. If this becomes a world war, the odds are not in anyone’s favor.

Pray! See you next week.

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