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Fright In The Free World

Fright In The Free World

Dear Editor;

On behalf of my family, I wish to extend my sympathy to the loved ones of the victims of the tragic disaster at the site of the World Trade Center. I heartily thank those that gave their lives to save others. I salute the FDNY, NYPD, the EMS and Port Authority personnel for their sacrifices. May God accept them in his kingdom and let them know that even though we cannot hold their hands, they are in our hearts, in the heart of every man and woman of the free world.

Many people ask themselves how terrorists can board a plane. In this case it was simple. They did not carry a machine gun, a knife or any metal that could have been detected by the heavy security at the airport.

We can’t stop simple, unarmed passengers from boarding an airline. Once on board, they only thing needed was to arm-choke one or two attendants and demand the pilot(s) out of the cabin so that they could take over.

An inaccessible, impenetrable cabin, a cabin that could be opened only from inside, by the pilot(s), is a must now. It will reduce and maybe even eliminate a tragedy. Once they know of the impossibility of gaining control of the cabin, and therefore of the airline, they would not even try it. It would be fruitless and not worth the risk.

Once in command of the airline, who needs a bomb or a machine gun to complete the hell-desired mission? The hell with the millions of dollars spent for heavy security, and the hell with Strategic Air Defense. The hell with the most powerful Army/Navy in the world because all it took was an arm-choke to bring down those flights.

During these hijackings, the terrorists are in command of 400.000 lbs. of steel with a couple thousand gallons of high-octane fuel. This time it was the Twin Towers, but what will be next? Shea Stadium? Yankee Stadium? Wall Street? The White House? Chicago or Boston?

They are "free" to travel to their target because of security lapses. How can we stop them or why should we stop them? These are our commercial airlines. For the tower, or airline security, this is an every day routine. Once notified of the hijack, the security will still stay put. They have experienced other hijacks in the past.

There will be a demand for a couple of million dollars or a release of some prisoners. The notion is to wait. Who would think the mission would be to crash the plane into a monument. Nobody. It never happened before, except in a real war. The rest is history, a piece of history that will stay with us forever. It is sad, and what’s more frightening is the fact they did all of this with an arm-choke. This is something they could never have done with a machine gun or a missile.

I applaud mayor Giuliani for the extraneous work done and the brilliant leadership shown in this time of crises. He wisely urged everyone to keep calm; he warned it was not for us to take the action into our own hands; we have the intellect and the power to settle it the right way.

People have responded to his fatherly message. They have kept calm and cooperative, which is illustrated through the massive display of flags throughout the city. Too bad we can’t keep him for 8 more years. I am sure this situation will be handled the right way. We owe it to those who were lost.

One thing is for sure; we had enough of these threats and tragedies. We have lost many, many lives for a cause that is not even related to us. As one person said, "Why us?" We never harmed anyone. Never."

We should find and say to those responsible, enough is enough! We should make damn sure, with a proper action, that we are not put on our knees anymore. May God grant eternal rest to all who lost their lives in this horrible tragedy.


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