2001-07-14 / Columnists

From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms

Grubman: The Real "White Trash"

Hey people! Hold on tight everybody. We’re going to the Hamptons. I suppose by now you have read or heard about the mega-publicist, Lizzie Grubman, who slammed her SUV into a crowd of patrons at a Hampton nightclub. She gave new meaning to the term, "Back that ass up!" A total of 16 people were injured and scores of lawsuits are in the process of being filed against Grubman as I write this column.

I was really appalled at this chick’s actions, but my anger and disbelief began to reach its peak as other revelations started to surface.

For starters, this spoiled little Hampton brat got behind the wheel when she was slobbering drunk. I was not there to confirm this, but a number of sources were there and gave eyewitness accounts of her tirade and despicable manner. "Hell hath no fury like a drunk broad!"

Reports had her jumping from party to party and really getting blasted, and I’m sure she felt that she could get away with such actions because of her notoriety. Based on the next situation that developed, this definitely turned out to be the case.

The Southampton police have come under fire because they backed off from administering an alcohol breath test to Grubman at the request of her attorneys. In their defense, the cops stated that it would’ve been pointless to give her the test because the level of alcohol that was in her system would probably not have been present during questioning, which was hours later. Where is good-old boy Sheriff Andy Taylor when you need him? Even Barney Fife would’ve slapped the cuffs on this dumb broad. Next we have the person, or people, responsible for whisking her away from the scene of the incident. When police had arrived on the scene Grubman was nowhere to be found. She bolted like a man who just found a wad of hundred dollar bills next to a whorehouse. It is alleged that she ended up at the home of one of her many super-rich friends, who welcomed her with open arms. Can you say obstruction of justice?

I think this whole situation is laughable. Nothing is funny about the fact that many people were injured, but to think that Grubman, and other filthy rich snobs, can have a free pass to freedom is absurd. If this had been you or me, we would be playing a harmonica in cell A-312 and waiting for our lawyer to show up. We’d be lucky to get our one phone call, whereas Grubman was able to use her cell phone, limitlessly, and avoid immediate jail time. She was allowed to go back home for God’s sake!

Most of the daily papers had her mug plastered all over the front page sobbing like some poor innocent victim. Well, that may play well for the cameras and future court appearances, but you’ll get no sympathy from the G-man.

To be honest, I’m glad this happened because now the whole world will get to see, yet again, how the money, power and influence of a select group can trounce the justice system and its key players. Judges will be bought, cops will conveniently loose or misfile reports, people who witnessed the incident will be paid to shut their mouth and those who are filing lawsuits will eventually settle out of court with Grubman’s attorneys.

This snobby boozehound will end up with a slap on the wrist if anything. If that happens, it will go along way into proving that there is definitely a double standard for the wealthy when it comes to the justice system.

If she beats the rap, Grubman will become one of the most hated people in this country. She will continue to have notoriety, but chances are she will receive it in the way that murder suspects O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake have. How’s that for good publicity Lizzie?

See you next week!

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