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From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms

Friends In Unlikely Places

Hey people I want to start off by thanking the community for all of their prayers and support over the last few weeks and during my tenure as a writer for The Wave. Many have expressed a serious concern for my safety after writing such controversial and potentially damaging columns about the Postal Service, Board of Education, CVS pharmacies and NYPD. Needless to say, the response has been overwhelming. So much in fact, that I have been stopped on the streets more often than any other point since I started writing this column.

Not that I really care, but I would like to say something to those that question my motives. When I decide to go after the corrupt bureaucratic agencies, organizations and individuals, I do so with the intent of trying to make conditions better for the community and those that have been wronged in some way. Many people have issues that need to be resolved, but all too often they don’t know who to turn to for help once the system has failed them, and that’s when I make myself a willing target.

I am not alone in my quest. I like to think that many of the writers for this publication attempt to address community issues or concerns, but I guess I take it to an entirely different level, and I truly enjoy shaking the foundations of the system. There is no greater satisfaction than to catch no-good, money hungry, power mongering, self-absorbed, skuzzy low-life bastards who suck the blood, money and life out of good, unsuspecting people who put their faith in the system.

You can pick almost any agency on the local, state and federal level, and you will find that most citizens are sick of being demeaned, denied and degraded by these high level offices and some of the nasty weasels working in them.

Most people are simply trying to live a life with as little bull… as possible, but because of certain entities that we are forced to deal with on any given day, this can be a difficult task.

The incident with the CVS pharmacy is a classic example. To think that someone could have such little regard for the public’s safety really gets to me. Was it too much of an effort to walk out back and padlock the dumpsters? Just because they had a problem with vandals, or so they claimed, that justified leaving it open for days? Somebody should buy this moron a clue.

I thank the Creator for bringing James Chambers and Karen Collier through the doors of The Wave to expose what was happening with CVS. Everything happens for a reason folks, and the fact that this man was right across the street from a newspaper office when he made his discovery is proof of that. James and Karen are good examples of friends you find in unlikely places.

The piece I wrote about the 101 Precinct two weeks ago brought a series of phone calls to The Wave office. I never really said anything to the staff about them, but I was commended by a number of officers, inside and outside of the Rockaway jurisdiction, who told me to keep up the good work. They stressed that such actions were not restricted to the 101, and that the reputation of good cops is being damaged in the process.

In addition to the phone calls, two veterans from a different command approached me a week after the article came out. I thought I was going to have to do a Bruce Lee impersonation on them (Wahhhtahh!!), but they made it abundantly clear that I had their support. So, here is another example of having friends in unlikely places.

Finally, I met a young man about a week ago. He was totally thugged out in hip-hop gear and spoke in an extremely eloquent manner. That did not surprise me at all. He stated that he did not read The Wave because he believed it portrayed too many Blacks in a negative manner in the past, but since he read about my challenge to the gangs, he has been reading it ever since. "You say what these corny ass politicians and so called leaders should be saying man. I’m feeling you," he said.

He also shared the fact that he even mails copies of The Wave to his boys in prison because they want to keep up with The G-man. "You’ve got a little fan club going "G-Dog" and we won’t let anything happen to you on the streets. Count on it," he stated. After a brief hug, we went our separate ways. I later found out that the young man used to have major ties to several gangs in the New York area. I was stunned at first, but I collected myself and said, "Damn, you really do find friends in unlikely places."

Congratulations to all of the graduates out there. I’m sure it was a hard and grueling year, so have some fun.

See you next week!

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