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Catholic Club Darts: United Again

Catholic Club Darts: United Again

Contributed by Chris Knott

What do the weather in April, and the current play of the Choir Boys have in common?  Their unpredictability.

Week 6 saw both Catholic Club teams back home for the first time in over a month.  The Choir Boys, who have been struggling of late, faced a tough On the Waterfront team.  Before the games even started, Big Guy Bri left because he was not feeling well, which may have had a snowball affect on the Choir Boys. With their main 501, and 401 specialist out sick, they hoped someone else would pick up the slack.  Cut Throat Cam started off the night with a loss, which was followed with 2 more losses by Tommy Dice and the nameless wonder.  Stray Doggie Dog stopped the losing streak with a huge win in the final single cricket game.

  Stray, looking to stay hot, teamed up with Hill Billy Jim for the first 501 game, and lost a close one.  The "Young Guns", Tommy Dice and B-Mac, were teamed up for the second 501 game, and lost as well. B-Mac started off 401 with a loss, but was picked up by Cut Throat Cam, as he won his 401 match.  However, this would be the last point the Choir Boys would earn as they got crushed. 

The nameless wonder and Hill Billy Jim ended the 401 games, with losses.  In double cricket, Cut Throat, and the nameless wonder lost, as did Stray Doggie Dog and Tommy Dice. 

The 601 game saw Stray, Tommy Dice, and B-Mac go dart for dart with On the Waterfront, but could not close out.  No one was in a good mood after the 17-2 whooping the Choir Boys got.  Looks like losing Big Guy Bri to an illness hurt the team in many ways. 

All Star Points- Kaos- Pete (R6), Frankie (t21), (R7), (3C), Charlie, (T), and Joe D (T).  For the Choir Boys, Cam (3C), Stray (R6), (T80), and the nameless wonder (R6).

On the other board were the Sinners facing Patrick's Havoc, who have been out of the league for a few years.  Coach Zimmer knew his team was going to have a rough time with them, but had faith in his boys, and girl. Even without KJ Bling Bling, who was under the weather, he knew his team would do well. 

E Z E started off the night with a close win to start off single cricket. Fab 5 Freddie, Mikey Sweet 16 and Big Poppa Stump won their matches as well.  Stump was struggling with his game, but caught a huge break when his opponent could not hit corks.  Stump was down on points, and kept hitting corks.  He wound up hitting 11 of them in the game.  E Z E was teamed up with the undefeated K-Diddy, but neither one of them brought their A game, and got smoked. 

In the second 501 game, Fab 5 Freddie, and Mikey Sweet 16 were also struggling, but pulled out the win to keep the Sinners ahead on points.  With T-Rocker starting off the 401 games, the Sinners were hoping that she had found her dart skills. To their dismay, she didn't and lost a good game.  Big Poppa Stump also lost his 401 game.  Mikey and K-Diddy followed up the 2 losses with consecutive wins.  K-Diddy was not happy with his play in the first game, and had to make up for it in the 401 game. 

Coach Zimmer took a chance and threw E Z E and Fab 5 Freddie, which back-fired as neither one of them played well.  Note to Coach, do not team them up ever again.  Stump and K-Diddy threw the second double cricket match.  With the match going back and forth, and the tension building, rookie K-Diddy stepped up and hit a double cork on his first dart to win the game.  With 10 points already secured, the Sinners knew they won the match, and Coach Zimmer let everyone get at least 2 games.

Dirty D, T-Rocker and Mikey Sweet 16 played the 601 game, but it was not a close one as they had a hard time doubling in.  Actually, by the time they doubled in, the other team doubled out to win it on a double 1.  That has to be some kind of record.

All Star Points- Havoc- Pat (T) & (R6), John (T).  Sinners- Knott (T), Mikey (T), (T).

Evening Notes: The Sinners have sent an unnamed negotiator to the rain forests of Brazil to negotiate the release of T-Rocker's dart skills, which are being held hostage by a group of smelly square shaped warriors. Rumor has it the negotiator is also trying to get B-Mac to jump ship on the Choir Boys, and join the Sinners.  Come to the dark side!!! 

B-Mac has a partner in the anger management classes, as E Z E was forced to enroll after his outbursts to Coach Zimmer. The Sinners have been placing bets and think that the next one in the class will be KJ Bling Bling.  E Z E lost a bet, and was forced to wear a Rangers jersey during the night. From what I heard, his body went into convulsions when he first put it on. He does not know how it feels to wear a jersey of a winning team. Luckily, she was not there.  That's the Bottom Line Cuz Don Zimmer Said So.

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