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Peninsula Dart League: Choir And Sinner Boys Split Matches

Contributed by Chris Knott

The fourth week of the season saw The Sinners take their undefeated streak to The Blackwater and play The Insane Asylum.  The Sinners were going to be shorthanded on the night, as Captain Dirty D called up and said he could not make it because he was going to the Rangers game, and KJ Bling Bling had to work late. However, Dirty Harry made his first appearance of the spring season after E Z E made him sign the new contract.

Leading off the night in the single cricket was E Z E.  He played a great game, and won a nail biter.  Next up was Fab 5 Freddie.  Something must have been on Freddy's mind, because he did not throw well at all, and lost his game.  After taking a week off, Mikey Mike played the third cricket game.  He was on fire and won the game quickly.  Then came the funniest, but ugliest game ever thrown by a Sinner.  Big Poppa Stump could not hit anything besides 18's.  He stepped to the left, and hit 18's, he stepped to the right and hit 18's, at one point, he was practically in the bathroom, and was still hitting 18's, but nothing else.  With his teammates laughing, and giving him some bad advise, he tried aiming for corks, but still managed to hit only 18's.  Luckily for him, the game ended quickly.  When asked why he threw so badly, he responded: "These darts are broken."

In the 501 games, Coach Stump paired the Devilishly Handsome Johnson boys in the first game.  Yes, KJ Bling Bling, made it in time for the match. However, this was after he got five tickets.  Not in a happy mood, Bling Bling and E Z E lost a close one. You can see the anger in Bling Bling's eyes, and that caused him to throw below par.  The next game saw Fab 5 Freddie teamed with the newly signed Dirty Harry.  Both of them were "en fuego" and Dirty Harry ended the match on a ton 9.

In the 401 games, Bling Bling finally calmed down enough to win his match.  Dirty Harry followed suit with his second win of the season.  Terry T-Bone, lost a close one and was upset with herself that she didn't double out.  Finally, Big Poppa Stump came back for another game, and played much better than his first game.  He won his match, which made the score 7-5. Coach Stump kept the pairing of E Z E and Fab 5 Freddie, hoping that their play together will get them a nice lead, but the plan backfired, as they lost the first double cricket match.  Stump teamed himself up with Mikey Mike in the second match.  Mikey started off the match on fire, and Stump followed suit.  Mikey carried the work load for Stump for most of the match, which the Sinners won.  With the score at 9-7, the Sinners in the lead, Stump made a strategic move by letting E Z E play a 4th game, and it paid off.  E Z E, Mikey Mike and Bling Bling won the 601 match to keep the Sinners unbeaten streak alive at 4 matches.

  All Star Points: E Z E had an R6, Dirty Harry had a ton 9, which ended the 501 game, and for the Insane Asylum, David had an R7.

In Division 1, The Choir Boys went over the bridge to Grassy Point to play.  After a huge win, last week, Coach Jim was looking to keep the momentum going. His plan was halted before it even started, with 4 losses in a row by Stray Dog, B-Mac, La-Redeemer, and Cut Throat Cam.  The losing did not stop there, as Tommy Dice and Hill Billy Jim lost their 501 match, as did Stray Dog and Big Guy Bri.  With the score now at 8-0, the Choir Boys looked for some "Ray of Light".  They sent B-Mac up to break this losing streak, which he did by throwing a terrific 401 game.  He only needed 20 darts to end the 401 game. Hill Billy Jim followed that win, with a win of his own.  The Choir Boys started to feel the momentum switching sides, but the momentum swing was halted with a loss by Martin.  Cut Throat Cam won the final 401 match, making the score 9-3, in favor of Grassy's.

Coach Jim was looking to stage a great comeback, just like the Sinners did in week 3, and teamed Tommy Dice and Cut Throat in the first double cricket game.  Tommy and Cam threw a great game, but were on the losing end of the game, which ended Jim's ideas of a comeback.  In the second game, Stray Dog and B-Mac were teamed together, but also lost their game.

With the match already decided, the Choir Boys wanted to get a few more points, so they put Cut Throat, Martin, and La-Redeemer in 601.  In a hard-fought battle, the Choir Boys won the 601 game, with Martin doubling out, and made the final score 13-6.

All Star Points: Cut Throat Cam had a 3C) and a ton, Tommy Dice had a ton, La-Redeemer had 2 ton 40's.

Evening Notes- After Bling Bling got his 5 tickets, he proceeded to rant and rave until Johnny Boy came to calm him down.  Dr. Seuss made a return from never-never land and brought one of his finest stories for all to hear.  To the Sinners dismay, "Champ" was not there.  The Choir Boys found out that someone on their team really enjoys Madonna's music, and kept borrowing money to play her songs over and over again.  Congratulations to Tommy Dice and Kathleen on their engagement.  Good Luck and Best Wishes from the Choir Boys and the Sinners.

That's the Bottom Line, Cuz Don Zimmer Said So.  Finally, "she" was not there.

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