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From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms Dangerous Wave In The Ocean Of Politics From The G-man

From the G-Man by Gary G. Toms
Dangerous Wave In The Ocean Of Politics
From The G-man

Hey people! I’m sure many of you have been following the confirmation hearings that have been taking place in Washington over the last few weeks. Most of the nominees for "Dubya’s" cabinet have been approved up to this point, even with the controversy surrounding them. This fact has an enormous number of voters shaking their heads in bewilderment, and I happen to be one of them.

I’ll start with the confirmation of former New Jersey Governor "Frisk Me" Todd Whitman. She was picked to head the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s a laugh! Have you looked at the stats for New Jersey’s pollution rate over the last 10-15 years? Let me tell you, it ‘s not pretty folks.

Moreover, when she unequivocally stated that racial profiling was not an issue in her state, she got clocked on the head, with a bone from her skeletal closet, when a photo of her frisking a young black man, while hanging with state troopers, emerged. During the act, she had a smile on her mug as big as the state she represented. Well, I’m not laughing Whitman! You can blame whomever for "leaking" the photo to the press, but the bottom line is Whitman was dead wrong, and folks from all races know it. Why weren’t these matters taken more seriously by the members of the Senate? I’ll get to that.

Now we move on to the pick for Attorney General, John "I ain’t no klansman" Ashcroft. So John, you don’t want to be viewed as a racist or separatist, but you subscribe and contribute writings, to a publication that is highly regarded among white supremacist groups.

Hmmm! Call me stupid, but what’s wrong with this picture? I understand that you have every right to submit your writings wherever you want, but why would you think that this would not be an issue, or subject to scrutiny when applying for the top spot within the Justice Department? Furthermore, you claim you can’t understand why so many black people are fearful of you? Dude, do you need me to draw you a picture? What’s wrong with you? Actions like this, coupled with your extremely controversial voting record, will not score you points in the public relations department pal, and I don’t care how many of your buddies in the Senate state that you are a man of integrity. That may be the case, but that white supremacist "thingy" is not a good move for a man who wants to gain the trust of all Americans. Still, as in the case of Whitman, I’ll bet you this guy gets the nod, and I’ll tell you why shortly.

The nominations of Gale Norton and Linda Chavez continued to push the envelope for "Dubya". While one was approved, despite a huge outcry from environmental groups, the other had to jump ship for fear of embarrassing the new administration in the role of Labor Secretary. By the way Linda, you should’ve never applied for such a prestigious title, if you had "Conchita", an illegal immigrant, hiding in a closet all along. Also, if you think "Dubya" and his boys didn’t know about this incident, with all the extensive background checks that are done by the FBI and CIA, you’d better wake up and smell the Colombian coffee! Hell, maybe she was hiding "Juan Valdez" and his donkey in the basement too! Linda, what was up with you?

I’m making these points simply to say that there is a dangerous tide that is sweeping across the political ocean that is Washington. The fact is that even with an unprecedented number of protests against these controversial figures, they were still approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate, and the issues and concerns of many American citizens appear to have no importance to those involved in the confirmation process. This is dangerous because many voters view the current confirmation hearings as an extension of what happened in the Florida election and they are loosing faith in the system. Voter concerns were largely ignored then, and they are being ignored now with each approval to the new administration. It’s as if Washington is sending a message to the American public. That message is, "we’re not concerned with the issues of race, environment, woman’s rights, gay rights or your rights for that matter! These people are qualified to serve. We want them in these positions, and we’re putting them there. You can bitch and moan all you want!" The Democrats bare just as much responsibility for this tone as the Republicans, and if they are not careful, a third party is going to benefit, from the anger of many disenfranchised voters, in a major way in many future elections. Trust me, it’s already starting to happen.

See you next week!

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