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Fitness Forum...

Fitness Forum...

By Shaun Ruskin


Dear Shaun,

For the past few months, I’ve been speed walking and doing some light weight lifting. It’s working out well and I love it, but I haven’t lost as much weight as I thought I would. I’m pretty sure it’s my diet, which isn’t so great, but not entirely terrible either. You seem to give some really good pointers. Got any on eating? How to eat, what to eat, etc…?




Before I even open my mouth (or should I say my fingers, in this case), I want to start by indicating that I am not a registered dietitian, I am not a nutritionist, and I am not a health expert in any way, shape, or form. There I said it. Now let me say this. Everyday I’m around people who are faced with the situation that you’re currently facing, and I have watched, listened, and learned. I do know quite a bit about what makes people gain weight, and what can make them unhealthy, so make your own judgment, okay! Great, let’s move on.

So, you’ve already begun performing two of the three factors for good health and great shape. In my view, the factor you haven’t yet conquered (diet) is the most important. Whatever you put into your body is going to effect you in every way imaginable. If you eat a lot of ice cream or chocolate, you may get a stomachache or diarrhea (a.k.a., the runs). If you eat beans or garlic, chances are you’ll be spending the evening alone. The end result is, when you eat crappy foods you feel crappy. When you eat healthy foods, you’ll feel healthy. That’s really it.

Now without even realizing it Kelly, you already know what’s good and what’s not good to eat. Everybody does, sometimes we’re just not aware of it, and I’ll even prove it, watch this.

Water is, and soda isn’t. Did anyone not know that? Let’s try another one. Fruits and vegetables are, and fried foods aren’t. Any confusion, yet? Let’s go for one more, just to make sure. Whole wheat bread, brown rice, and tuna fish are, and sweets such as chocolate, candy, and cakes aren’t. Any questions? My point being, that we all know what we should and shouldn’t be eating, sometimes we just aren’t so conscious of the manner in which we are in fact eating.

So what I’m going to do (being the thoughtful young fellow that I am) is give you some extremely helpful pointers that will make you a bit more aware of the events that can cause you to gain weight. Now, pay close attention as you may identify with my advice.

Pointers on losing weight and controlling your eating habits:

  • Don’t eat such a big dinner—Dinner should be your smallest meal, for one simple reason. After most people eat dinner, they either go to sleep or to the couch and watch TV, without any activity to burn off those pounds.

  • Don’t eat so darn fast, it’s not a race—Hey speedy, two words, two syllables, SLOW DOWN, the steak is not going anywhere. If you eat at a moderate pace, you’ll get satisfied a whole lot faster and won’t be able to consume nearly as much.

  • Don’t walk away from the table full, walk away satisfied—You should never step away from the table so full that you have to unbutton your pants to feel comfortable. You know who you are, so button those pants and stop that smiling.

  • Don’t snack throughout the day—Have a few balanced meals, like three or four, but don’t nosh or snack. Focus on other things to do. Read a book, watch TV, go to work, find a hobby, do something with your life for crying out loud! Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

On that note Kel, I think I’m going to split. I hope my pointers have helped. Like I said, I’m no rocket scientist health expert type person, but I am an exceptional analyzer, and I do truly listen to so many people when they speak of their situations. So I have some experience in this arena. Which is why I can say, don’t go nuts and rush into anything. Very slowly attempt to change your eating habits, because as we all know, Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither were you. Nonetheless, as you start to rebuild yourself, you’ll have more energy, begin to feel better inside and out, and look fabulous as well. Just make sure to enjoy what you’re doing, take control of it all, and I’ll see you at the gym.

Shaun Bigshotss@aol.com

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