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Fitness Forum….Ask Questions To A Personal Trainer

Fitness Forum….Ask Questions To A Personal Trainer

By Shaun Ruskin

I know that I normally put forth a question and answer type column for this fine newspaper, but this week things are going to change, and I’m going to have to break the rules a bit. Today, we’re heading way down into the deep and dark barrels of depression, so hold on tight because the ride is going to be nothing less than miserable. I’m sorry, I just felt like getting metaphorical. The ride isn’t going to be miserable at all, it’s going to be fabulous, because we’re not heading into depression, we’re breaking right out!

I’ve always felt depression was somewhat like the devil, in its way of stealing your most meaningful and valuable possessions, just not your soul. I think all of us at one time or another experienced some form of depression, whether it was serious or just that down in the dumps feeling we occasionally get, it’s definitely not cool. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve been there, and recall feeling hopeless and useless. I also remember losing pleasure in the little things I used to really enjoy doing, like going for a bike ride, a walk, or listening to music. I’m sharing this with you, hoping you may identify, and if you happen to be in the midst of it now, hang on and realize that there are ways to break out. So proceed on, as I present a certain remedy (fitness), which happens to be one of my ways of "breaking out."

Now, different people have different theories on why or how exercise could possibly be effective against depression. Some feel it’s because of the increase of natural mood enhancing chemicals in your body, and well…some don’t. I honestly don’t have many thoughts on that idea, but I do have thoughts on another. My own idea, which once again is based solely on personal experience.

The way I see it, feeling depressed is feeling like nothing in your life is exciting or enjoyable, where the days are just painfully long. Way to many boring hours without gratification or pleasure in anything that you do.

So how do you fix it? You take those two horrible sentences and find a circumstance that will give you the complete opposite. How about exercise! It’s enjoyable to see your body and health change for the better, is it not? It’s gratifying when your self-image improves, especially knowing that there’s no one else to thank other than yourself (and me of course), and if you decide to join a gym, now you have something to do, something inspiring to add to your daily activities. It’s extremely difficult to be bored when there’s so much excitement and positive energy surrounding you. Think about it, every person in the gym is there to better themselves physically and even mentally. Yes, mentally. Working out is such a great form of therapy that I use, where I can let loose, forget any problems I have, and just get away from it all. It really is wonderful.

So that’s my piece for this week. Exercise is a way out of depression, which can be serious, but only if you take it that way. Whatever it is, it’s not so bad, and always remember that people have it a whole lot worse than you, so stop complaining. Just smile, and don’t take yourself so seriously, it only adds to the pressure. As you can tell from the pictures I’ve used, and will be using in the future, better yet the caption I wrote, that I don’t take everything so serious, and to tell you the truth, it feels pretty good. So just chill, like me and my homies, and hopefully I’ll see you at the gym real soon.

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