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From The G-Man Senator Hillary: Get Use To It!

From The G-Man
Senator Hillary: Get Use To It!

Hey people! I’m going to cut right to the chase this week. Hillary Rodham Clinton will win the U.S. Senate seat in next month’s election. Now that I’ve heard your collective moans and groans of displeasure, let me explain why this woman will lay the smack down on Lazio.

First impressions are lasting impressions, and regardless of what those political Ivy league know-it-alls say, the first debate damaged Rick Lazio. I find it amazing that most men think Lazio was right to get in her face the way that he did, and most women were totally disgusted by his actions. I guess that says a lot about the widening gap, ideologically, between men and women in this country.

On a recent edition of "Meet the Press", host Tim Russert pointed out that Hillary has 59 percent of the female vote, while Lazio has a mere 22 percent. This is no coincidence, and the damage has been done. Lazio’s camp has to start plugging up those holes if his political ship is to remain afloat. At this point, "Newty G" is somewhere near, in a little dingy, waiting to throw this guy a lifeline.

There’s a TV show called "Everybody Loves Raymond". I think the First Lady has become the subject of a show that many Americas have cast her in: "Everybody Hates Hillary". So many people have an intense hatred for this woman, but I have never heard one good reason for their choosing to do so. Those who choose to attack her bring up "Travelgate", the Whitewater incident, the Vince Foster murder, the Lewinsky saga and a bunch of other garbage, but it’s all pointless and asinine. It will definitely be to her advantage.

Politics and scandals go hand in hand. They have been part of every administration, and they always will be. Somewhere, somehow, someone is doing something dirty, and you’re only fooling yourself if you think otherwise. No one is squeaky clean. Even if someone comes across as such, you’d better believe there’s a wicked skeleton hidden somewhere in their closet, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s unearthed. Remember, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!"

I’m not saying that she should go unpunished for any type of wrongdoing, but the fact of the matter is she has never been charged with any crime, and the logical, informed and intelligent voter understands this. They will judge her on her positions on certain issues, not a bunch of scandals and political upheaval, and she will benefit in the end.

I want to say one more thing to the "haters". Many of them refer to the First Lady as, "a nasty, lying b….. who can’t be trusted." Let me tell you something. This type of hatred is very dangerous, and they need to be careful. I’m pretty sure that none of them have ever had dinner, a prayer session or a heart to heart conversation with the First Lady to assess her character in this way. Again, the smart voter will take these things into account, and their vote will sway in her favor.

Ten minute sound bites from the nightly news, articles in the dailies, unauthorized biographies and summations by political pundits cannot substantiate someone’s heart. That can only come from knowing a person, and many of the "haters" don’t know Hillary Clinton. Unless they baby-sat for Hillary, cooked or cleaned for her, or shared a Bible, or a bed, with her, the "haters" need to shut up because they haven’t got a clue.

Another reason why she’ll win is because she’s tougher than most people give her credit for. Someone said to me that New York needs somebody who is a fighter and won’t back down as Senator. Hello? Hillary Rodham Clinton was voted one of the top 100 lawyers in the country, and we all know how many lawyers there are out there. She’ll keep her male counter-parts in check because she’s tough, determined, focused and she’s a Scorpio, just like me.

The First Lady will win this election because she has more clout, power, recognition and political savvy than Lazio. During her husband’s indiscretions, she stood firm and proud in the face of a country that chose to hate her and her family. The media, the public and the political world scrutinize her because she is bonded to a man who has been the subject of scrutiny, and tremendous suspicion, from day one. If he screws up, she’s seen as a screw up as well. Then it becomes classified as a "family thing". I’ll say this much for her, the woman’s got breasts of iron to keep her head up in the midst of all that crap.

None of you reading this, male or female, husband or wife, could ever stand up to the pressures that this woman faced in the last eight years. In spite of having her troubles, marital or otherwise, played out on the world’s stage, she is still able to say, indirectly, "I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton, I’m running for the U.S. Senate, and the critics can ‘KMA’!" Even if you hate her, you’ve got to love her for that. Many people do, and that’s why she’ll win.

Memo to a moderator: Go buy a clue you moron! This "crap for brains" individual asked Mrs. Clinton, in the latest debate, why she should be viewed as a role model in light of her family’s troubled past. Hey "jerko", she is a role model. She proved to America that the woman is the backbone of the family, and as often as a man screws up, families can stand together in the face of adversity. Get it? Man, with all the money these so called respected journalists make, they sure ask some really stupid questions. They should hire me!

You can send emails to me here at The Wave from now on. I look forward to reading them, and until then, I’ll see you next week!

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