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From The G-Man Pardon Me While I Vent

From The G-Man
Pardon Me While I Vent

Hey people! I’ve seen some things happen, in the last few weeks, that is very disturbing to me. Yes, I know. Every week I take on different subjects, or situations, that bothers me, but these things in particular really have me shaking my head.

Can someone tell me what Rick Lazio was thinking when he pulled that bullying tactic on Hillary Clinton? As a man, I was very embarrassed by his actions, and it is just another classic example of how "political machismo" takes precedent over integrity and respect.

In the latest poll taken, Lazio lost a significant number of supporters, and the majority of them were women. All of these political pundits ask the stupid question, "Why do you think it happened Mr. Lazio?" I’ll tell you why it happened. It happened because he came across as some domineering, condescending and bossy father-like, or husband-like, figure, and for many women, who have been in an abusive relationship, his actions were reminiscent of a male that they had dealt with before. It was the equivalent of "You do what I say, and do it now!"

There is no way he would’ve pulled that crap with a man. If he jumped in a man’s face like that, the outcome would have been very different. Trust me on that. I don’t care what you think of Hillary Clinton, she’s still the First Lady, and she commands respect. Try to get it right next time Lazio!

The Boy Scouts of America have got some serious issues. I am really baffled by their decision to exclude gays as scout masters and leaders. I realize that every organization has a right to issue guidelines and/or restrictions, but this is simply stupid. This organization has existed for years, and during that time hundreds of scout leaders, and masters, have been honored and highly decorated. If you think there was not one gay among them, you’d better wake up and smell the roasted weenies!

Gays deserve equal opportunities like everyone else. Until you catch them shoving a copy of "Boys Life" into little Billy’s knapsack, leave them the hell alone! You had one guy "come out" and rock the establishment, but you’d better realize that gays are deeply embedded in the ranks, and they are not going anywhere. Some of the men at the very top, who are slamming the homosexual community, may have a thing for wearing fishnet stockings and leather. You never know. So, I suggest you stop whining, and deal with it!

The Presidential debates were held this past Tuesday, and I was miffed at the fact that Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan were not allowed to take part. Everybody knows that these guys don’t have a chance to win the Presidency, but what is so wrong with letting America hear them out, even if it’s just one of the debates.

I am very interested in hearing what they have to say, and a large number of voters are as well, based on the latest CNN news poll. I’m not thrilled about Buchanan, but he deserves to be heard if people want to hear him. Besides, it makes the debates more interesting. I’d love to see "George Dubya" and "Gore the Bore" squirm a little when questioned by the two lesser-known candidates.

How can this country claim to be a democracy when candidates are purposely shut out of the political process. The system is set up for a two party system, and it really needs to open up to include other parties. I am beginning to wonder if it really is a two party system anymore. With all of the money they take in, they should drop the Democrat and Republican labels, and merge to call themselves the "Green" Party!

Memo to William ("Captain Kirk") Shatner: You go boy! Those Priceline.com commercials are a stroke of genius. A large number of critics are ripping Shatner for doing

the bits, but he is laughing all the way to the bank. Instead of taking an acting salary for doing the spots, he told the execs at Priceline.com to give him shares of the company’s stock when it was about to launch. The man has made over 11 million dollars to date, and the critics are kissing his butt. Hey Bill, you know what to do dog… a move!

See you next week.

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