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Presidency Not For Sale

Dear Editor;

I am a little confused. Who is George (mommy’s boy, sorry daddy’s boy) running against for the Presidency of U.S.A.? Is it Al or Bill? All I hear these days are smears against Bill, as if he was the one running. The election campaign is focused on the negative part of Bill Clinton, nothing on his superb achievements, not that Bill in eight years in the White House has turned the country around from the "stable to the stars." It is true Bill had some dark moments in the White House and nobody can deny that (when he tried, it was the worst part of the incident). Is he the only one committing an "immoral act" while President? Come on, give me a break. I am not condoning his act, believe me. I am the first one to castigate him. Similar acts have been performed throughout the centuries, from Cleopatra, Caesars, Napoleon, most of the kings and recently by Kennedy, Johnson, to the princess of all the people and the list could go on and on. Yes he made a mistake, not only as a President of the United States but as a husband and a father of a teen-ager. For that he has paid his dues and will pay even more, I am sure. He has to live an entire life regretting it. That incident does not, in any way, diminish his accomplishments as President.

George does not have any offer but to blame Al for Bill’s sins. He even refuses to acknowledge the healthy state of the economy achieved under Bill’s leadership (Dow from 2450 to +11.000) such as bringing down the unemployment, the inflation, the interest on mortgages (from double digits) and the astronomical national deficit.

And more importantly than anything else in the world, none of our children are coming back home in dark bags, to boost somebody’s ego.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Cheney asked "Does anybody, Republican or Democrat, seriously believe that under Mr. Gore the next four years would be any different from the last eight"? Where has Dick been in the last eight years? He must have been so entangled in his oil business that he completely lost the touch of the real world. Somebody should coach him before he makes such statements and put his foot in his mouth. If Al could give us another eight years of same prosperity, the American people would not care if he also had one in the White House. We are not voting for the negative part of Bill or for the oil rich, the better actor, arrogant kid from Texas. Oh, no. It is not the rhetoric, it is your life, it is your job, it is your retirement. The fact that he raised over $150 million should not make him a sure winner. The presidency is not an auction sale.

As Peter Vallone said, "The office should not go to the person with the most money." George wants to lead us. From a man who failed in all his private enterprises; from a man who raises monies from friends who steer him to inside deals, the promise to lead us is frightening, unacceptable. Being led to the other George’s (read my lips) era? No way, thanks for the offer. We are better off now than eight years ago.

Already we can see the way he would lead us. He has picked (has he?) another oilman as his running mate. The then Secretary of Defense, strong of over 750,000 troops, armed to the teeth, with the most modern technology, went against a big mouth, yes, but a defenseless maniac, certainly not at par with the 30 nation armada, with no intention of winning the war, but solely to defend his oil interest, together with George’s Sr. of course. We bombarded Baghdad, the most exotic, but defenseless city in the world. After causing them a great physical damage, big loss of human lives, the loss of 148 of our own children, the allegedly poisoning of many of our own men and only a change of dictator in Kuwait, with a bursting ego, George went to a joint session of the Congress, to declare to the world "the war is over. We won it." After a standing ovation of 11 minutes, almost all of the 30 leaders of the "burlesque, tv war" disappeared in oblivion (Hussein is still there).

The American people went back to the unemployment line, to the high interest rates, inflation and the huge national deficit, until a kid from Arkansas named Bill, came in, took the rains in his hands and turned the wagon round to the prosperity that we are enjoying to day. No, Mr. Cheney, we do not want the next four years to be different. We are all right as we are. We do not need a change. We do not need the big defense expense, most of the time, for the benefit of the donators No, Mr. Cheney, we do not need the coming back of Kissinger, "what’s for me" Baker, Alexander, the "Contras army scandal," North, the voodoo economics, and "I will come down and wipe him out for you" Papa George.

Come November, remember, when you enter the booth, you are the most powerful person on earth. You are voting for your life, your family, your job, your retirement You are not voting for the negative part of Bill nor for the kid from Texas. The rhetoric, the acting, the empty promises, the 150 millions should not guide, coerce you. Before you pull that lever ask your self: Am I better off now than I was eight years ago? If yes, vote Al. If not, vote George. As Denis Hamill would say -- it is the economy, you stupid and nothing else. Until next time, ciao.


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