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From The G-Man A Question Of True Diversity

By Gary Toms
From the G-man...by Gary Toms

From The G-Man
A Question Of True Diversity

Hey people! By now you must be sick and tired of all the media coverage resulting from Al Gore’s pick for vice president. It seems that every channel you switch to, some top political analyst is telling you why it’s such a great choice and how picking a Jew has never been done before. Duh! I think the public is smart enough to figure this stuff out. I’m going to spare you that nonsense by taking it in a totally different direction.

While I am pleasantly surprised that Senator Joe Lieberman was chosen, I am also outraged over the false sense of security that is starting to develop in the country with regard to race relations and political diversity. Yes, it took "balloons" for Gore to make such an unprecedented move, but if anyone believes that this act signifies the end of racism and religious bigotry, they are grossly mistaken. It is a fact that as soon as the choice was made public, there were hundreds of hate sites that sprung up on the Internet. Groups like the White Power Alliance, the Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan issued a call for all of the groups to band together and rid this nation of "the Jewish threat". They even went as far as to call for the murder of Lieberman. Yet, in all of this, everyone is being lead to believe that this country is moving forward with diversity. Sorry folks, but I don’t buy it.

The closer we get to Election Day, the more likely it will be that some very disturbing events are going to take place. If you want to call that a prediction, that’s fine by me. I’m telling you that things will take place in effort to shake up the presidential election. I just think that there are too many people out there that are full of hate, and they will do anything to prevent a Jew from possibly being a heartbeat away from the presidency! Even if the Gore-Lieberman ticket does win the election, that will enrage these groups even more, and as the Oklahoma City bombing demonstrated, these people will do whatever it takes to achieve their objective. Until this threat is non-existent, we should not totally accept the notion that we have progressed.

Another reason why I don’t buy this "diversity thingy", which is being used by both political parties, is because no one of color has ever been picked as a presidential or vice presidential candidate. We came close when Jesse Jackson made a run in 1988, but you know damn well the "Demmies" were not going to get behind this man. At one point, even women could feel a sense of pride when Geraldine Ferraro was tapped as a vice presidential pick. You see how that ended up. The "Repubs" considered Gen. Colin Powell as the top choice prior to Bush, but he respectfully declined at the request of his wife. I guess she started thinking about what happened to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers, and she said, "Hell no!" I don’t care what his credentials are. He never would’ve gained enough support from the masses in this country to become President.

Now it could very well be that none of the above had strong positions on certain issues or solid plans for the future of this country. In the case of Ferraro, it may have been that she had a weak running mate. Who knows? The bottom line is only certain people have been given the opportunity to hold the two most powerful offices in the world, and they have all been white males! Sadly, I don’t expect to see a person of color, or a woman, in the presidential or vice presidential slot in my lifetime. Again, until this situation no longer exists, we should not totally accept the notion that we have progressed.

The other thing that bugs me is how all of a sudden three of the major candidates have found Jesus, God and religion. To my understanding, Lieberman has never wavered in his religious dedication. If the others are speaking from the depths of their hearts and souls, then I think they are to be applauded. However, if these guys are just saying, and doing, whatever it takes to get into the White House, then we are going to suffer greatly as a nation, and they are going to have to answer to the Creator.

I want to close by discussing the implications of a Gore-Lieberman victory in November. While there is a tremendous possibility for these two to bridge major gaps in this society, and maintain the economic upswing, there is an even greater possibility that neither of them will survive their presidency. If you believe the prophecies of Nostradamus, or The Shawnee Curse, then you already know that these men, or whoever wins the election, is said to be doomed.

Nostradamus, the famous French prophet, made many astonishing predictions, and a number of them have come to pass. For example, he predicted the rise of Hitler, the assassination of JFK, a major race war erupting between 2000 and 2005, and how the earth would experience major floods, earthquakes and droughts as it entered the third millennium. Now, this would not be a big deal to many, but these things were predicted over 500 years ago! He also predicted the assassination of a sitting president, and possibly a vice president, in his first term of office. The years he gave were 2000-2004.

Similarly, while dying on a battlefield in the 1800’s, a Native-American chief placed a curse on certain presidential terms.

Since then, any president that has been elected in a year that ended in "0" has died in office. If you go back and trace those periods, you will find that this has actually happened. The only one who escaped the curse was President Reagan, elected in 1980.

However, if you recall, there was an assassination attempt made on his life! Now, he’s in a valiant fight against Alzheimer’s disease. I pray that this does not come to pass, but if the Gore-Lieberman ticket wins, the odds will greatly increase in the prophets’ favor, and the vile hate groups that are banding together could have a major role in fulfilling the prophecy.

Hit me at Mapel2000@aol.com. Special acknowledgements to Lew Simon. The pleasure was all mine Lew, and it was nice chatting with you as well. Take care all, and I’ll see you next week.

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