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Not The People’s Enemies

Dear Editor;

Kudos to Joseph Ceder for having said a mouthful when he said to "leave Microsoft alone. Mr. Gates is vilified for his achievements, for having enhanced our lives and the lives of millions of people around the world with his superb products. Go after the real villains, the pharmaceutical companies. They are the ones to be controlled."

Last week, in her article "Muffy’s gain is our loss" Ms. Skenazy urged Washington not to abolish the estate tax for the reason that the "thirty billions bucks buys a lot of stuff." She was referring to the income that the federal receives from the estate tax. She went on to name a few projects that "even the federal could do with that money, such as paying for all our conservation programs for a year, from the environment protection agency to the national park". She could have gone a little further and suggested that, upon his death, the federal should confiscate all the 100 trillions (?) of Bill Gates’ assets that, coupled with a couple thousands of trillions of others villains, could really do something big like paying for the army and the navy.

Ms. Skenazy has her priorities all mixed-up and in need of a little salt on her noodles. The huge fortune was accumulated with the sweat of his brow and mostly with his ingenuity. Is she aware that Bill and other fortunates paid federal, state, city, municipal, school (and what ever more we have) tax on their assets (with a huge corporate tax already imposed on it.)

An estate tax would be the third tax imposed on the same money. Nobody should pay tax twice or three times. Is she aware that Bill gives millions to charities and more important he employs millions of people around the world enabling them to better their existences and the existences of their families? Is she aware that when she gets her salary, that check may contain a little bit of Bill’s money? I do not think I have to prove this, but I will do it anyway. Thanks to his jobs, those people are able to buy groceries, employ electricians, carpenters, etc., etc. and buy the news. Yes they buy the news too and therefore enabling the news company to pay for her job. It is a chain reaction that Bill and others "villains" hold together. Without Bills, the chain would snap and there would be no jobs and therefore not buying newspapers. Is she aware that many farmers have to sell part of their estate to pay the estate tax, to keep what was accumulated working hard 12 to 14 hours a day?

To enforce her point of view, Ms. Skenazy mentions Mr. Andrew Carnegie’s belief that "a parent who leaves his son enormous wealth generally deadens the talent and energies of the son, and leads him to a less useful and less worthy life than he otherwise would" (sic). He should have added that a parent who leaves his children destitute will fortify their characters. With all due respects for the great Philanthropist, I think he had his "priorities" all mixed-up too. Why didn’t he go on and said that we should erect a monument to the parent who leaves his children destitute and with a huge debt.

By the way, I am not rich, far from it. I only appreciate and thank the riches people for all the goods they do. Thought the centuries millions of people, at risk of their lives, have come to these shores where Gates, Forbes, Turner and other fortunates have given jobs for the betterment of their lives. Thousands of them have lost their lives for that dream. It is only a few weeks ago that 55 able-bodies at great expenses and at-risk of their lives left China for a destination where they hoped a few Bills would give them work and a chance to a better life for themselves and their families. They never made it. At the "Promised Land" only 55 dead bodies made it. If they were a few Bills in their homeland giving them jobs, those dead bodies would be still living to day.

Ms. Skenazy did not suggest the elimination of the Bills, only that they should do more for the country. She truly believes that if the federal gets rid of the estate tax, "the superloaded will re-packet the 30 billions" (how could they re-packet what is theirs already)? "Without pitching in their millions (I am glad she use the word their millions), the rest of us will have to pay higher taxes. Or the government has to cut on its services." I say for those services the federal should look for other sources, like the elimination of the great waste in government, the nonessential subsidies, (can anyone tell me how the federal can sue the tobacco companies and subsidize it at the same time?) the phony clinics, and yes, the pharmaceutical companies. We know of thousands and thousands of frauds perpetrated against the government. It is only of yesterday that a clinic with pseudo doctors and clients has bled Washington of billions of dollars. Go after them. Do not kill the goose, if you do there would be no eggs. Until next time, Ciao!


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