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From The G-Man

From The G-Man

Societal Calendar: Year Of The Thug

Hey people! I’m going to begin this week by responding to a letter I received. The "7400 Lady", basically stated the following:

  1. I continue to write a weekly negative column
  2. Last week’s column should have been titled "Hispanic and Black Shame"
  3. Minorities were solely responsible for the attacks
  4. Minority kids need role models like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson
  5. Why don’t you spend your time writing about how tax payers end up paying the legal court fees, and lawyers, to protect these "hoods" and school dropouts?
  6. Why can’t these kids go and work at Home Depo, fast food joints or the Parks Department? They have been trying to fill positions for years!
  7. The only reason that Springsteen met with the Diallo family was to help him increase record sales and make a million dollars, and Diallo’s memory should not be desecrated by moneymaking schemes.
  8. "G-man, take off your rose colored glasses!"

In response, I would like to state the following:

  1. If I write a weekly column that appears to be negative every week, maybe it’s because there are negative, and critical, situations that are occurring that can ravage this city and state. What would you prefer I write about? Maybe the finer points of boiling an egg or basket weaving? Sorry, but the name’s G-man, not Martha Stewart!
  2. You totally missed the point of "The Blue Wall of Shame", in last week’s issue. I was making the point of how the actions of high ranking officials, and unresponsive officers, were hurting many, many outstanding police officers that are out there getting the job done. I did not feel the need to attack the sick people responsible for the melee because, as anyone who seriously reads this column knows, I constantly attack the "thug" culture and mentality.
  3. According to you, and I’m sure many others, minorities were solely responsible for the incident in Central Park. I don’t know exactly what you’re implying here, but I will say this. The overall structure of society had a much greater role in creating this disgusting situation, as opposed to a bunch of minorities. It’s much more complicated than that!
  4. Since I started writing for The Wave, I’ve said that minority kids need role models. I don’t know where you’ve been, but perhaps you can refer to the archives of this paper.
  5. Like it or not, it’s the law! These kids must have legal representation, especially since, in many cases, they cannot afford an attorney. Don’t be upset with minorities on this one. Minorities are not the ones responsible for the construction of the judicial process or system. Sorry!
  6. You want minorities to go work in fast food joints, Home Depo and the Parks Department. Well, many are already working in these places, and unless your willing to raise the sorry minimum wage to something respectable, other kids are not going to waste their time working in these areas. I don’t see anyone on Wall Street being told that they have to work for a minimum amount! Moreover, there is no evidence to support that working in these places serves as a deterrent to crime or bad behavior. People can stray for any number of reasons, with or without a job.
  7. Why don’t you just get on the bandwagon and call Springsteen a "dirtbag". By your account, the man is a leech, and he doesn’t care about the human condition; he just wants to make money. I doubt, very seriously, that you have ever listened to a Springsteen song or attended a concert. Anyone who has knows that this man is a crusader for truth, civil rights and fairness, and he deserves to be recognized as such.
  8. I’m glad you like my rose colored glasses! I got them at Sterling Optical.

7400 Lady, you definitely need to refer to the archives of this paper because you obviously don’t know who I am or what my mission is.

The only other thing I want to say, about the 7400 Lady, is that she really frightens me. She has every right to disagree with whatever I may write, as do many of you out there. However, not once did she denounce, or condemn, the actions of city officials hurling racist and derogatory slurs. That was the focal point of "The Blue Wall of Shame". Instead, she chose to attack me for badmouthing the police department, and she painted a horrible portrait of the entire minority community. Sorry, but the entire minority community did not commit this act. A group of jerks, from the minority community, are solely responsible. We must remember that.

The Central Park attacks, and most recently the Lakers championship rioting, have officially ushered in the year of the thug, and as the summer progresses, you can expect more incidents. Why are these incidents unfolding? Some say it’s because liberals have shackled the courts and police departments to the point where criminals, and lawlessness, engulfs the country. Others say it’s just a lack of morals and respect in society. These are valid points, but I truly believe that it’s all about images, and I have said this time and time again.

If you viewed segments of the videotaped attacks, the images of these guys were no different from what you’d find in a "thugged out" music video. For many of these guys, it’s about portraying an image and living a lifestyle. If that includes treating and viewing women solely as objects of sex, as rap videos often depict, that is what they are going to do. Moreover, when you have little kids growing up, in a "thugged out" environment, they are going to end up projecting that image as well, and it becomes a vicious, never-ending cycle.

I’m no Christian, but I am willing to bet that if the thugs portrayed in the genre of "Christian rap" got more play than this negative crap, Central Park might still have a good reputation. My critics in the hip-hop community can disagree and call me "old school" if they want, but they need to recognize me as someone who is truly keeping it real.

When you see or hear the slogan "Image is everything", it’s there for a reason, and the advertising agency that came up with the slogan knows how powerful that statement is. The record, film and video companies know it too, but I blame the record companies more than any other entity. They have the most impact. They have the largest stronghold on young people today, and more people in power have to start realizing this. When you attack these entities, you’re attacking a virus that seems to be spreading all over the country, and something must be done before we’re all afflicted to a greater extent.

You can find me at Mapel2000@aol.com. See you next week.


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