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Giuliani Praised

Dear Editor;

Hardly a week goes by that Mr. Schwach does not get a rebuttal from a person or association for his reportings.

Based on the number of rebuttals that he routinely receives, it looks like he dislikes many people, with Lew Simon as his preferred bouncing ball.

For years he has been expressing his dislike for our mayor, Mr. Giuliani. On many occasions he told us that he was not going to vote for him. It was a litany, as if we cared about his feelings. He said it many times, as if telling us he would change our opinion of Mr. Giuliani. In the last edition of The Wave he stated that "for medical and family problems Giuliani is out of the senate race." Not a word of encouragement for the man. My, my, how much can you dislike a person? Even for an animal in distress we have a kind word. Is this what Mr. Giuliani deserves after dedicating his entire life to justice and for the last seven years as the best mayor New York City ever had? Does Mr Schwach realize that if he can walk on 116 street or any streets of the city without being afraid at night he owes it to Mr. Giuliani? Does he remember when he could not go to Time Square or ride a subway? Does he remember the crime rate of the pre-Giuliani era? Does he remember eight years or so ago the City of New York was rated at the bottom of the ladder for safety and place to visit. To day the City of New York is among the safest and most visited cities in the U.S.A. This accomplishment did not just grow on us. It was Mr. Giuliani’s doing, oh yes, he did it his way and for this we should be obligated to him, not castigate him.

It is only recently that we read a statement from Mr. Michael Long, chairman of the Conservative Party, a long time foe of Giuliani, when he was asked if he wanted Giuliani to change, he said "No. I don’t question the fact that he has made all of our lives better here in New York City." Mr. Giuliani was, and still is a statesman and a great politician, but most of all a great man. A man that loves politics, but he will place life over politics. He has demonstrated it many times at risk of damaging his political image, like the time when, dressed ala Monroe, he sang "Happy Birthday President" or when he went on Saturday Night Live as a transvestite and he did not hide his feelings when he said he would prefer an open day at Yankee Stadium than a Senate rally. Would she say or do that? Would she be a plain Yankee? When she wears a Yankees cap or says to love New York State you know it is only a political stunt. Right now she walks the streets of New York like she owns them already.

Ask Rudy why he ran and his accomplishments will give you the answer. Ask Hillary and she will tell you she wants to better the health care for New York. What an illusion. What makes her think that she can do it now? She had the chance to do exactly that, nationwide, when she was appointed for that purpose and despite all the monies and the most powerful backing (the president and party) it was a fiasco. Now she wants to try it again. No thanks for the offer. Allow me a wild answer and I will tell you why she is running for senator. It is to avoid an eventual re-trial for any of the many travelgate, filegate, whitegate, cattlegate and other gates she was involved in. A seat in the Senate will buy her immunity for another six years. We just heard that the machine has been triggered already to proceed against the president (and her?) after he leaves the White House. Fantasy? It could be.

Beside, as a senator, how can she handle thousands of bills, when she could not handle one bill in her backyard? Now it is Mr. Ricky Lazio’s turn. It is Mr. Schwach’ opinion that "Lazio’s only hope is that there is a significant number of people who hate both Giuliani and Clinton." How is that again? What has Giuliani to do with the race now? He is out, remember?

On behalf of many, I will tell him that I am voting for Mr.Lazio, regardless of the disliking (please lets not use the word hate…. I hate it) for Mrs. Clinton or the love for Mr. Giuliani. Why? I will give him five answers. First of all, he is a New Yorker, young, has eight years of good record in Congress and a good relation with his colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats, and that is a plus. Why do you need an outsider to represent us in Senate? I personally believe that there are many New Yorkers capable of doing so. The New York Democratic Party does not believe so. Shame on them. It is an insult to the entire state. This is the fifth reason I am voting Lazio.

Well frankly I did not expect him to wish Mr. Giuliani well at his time of distress. I, for one and many more, wish Rudolph Giuliani, the best mayor New York City ever had, good luck, a speed recovery, "Buona Fortuna e per Cent’Anni" (God Bless You for another 100 years). With the grace of God, we will see him in action next year. You can not kill a man’s dream. Until next time, ciao.


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