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Fight Back Tickets

Dear Editor;

Howie Schwach is correct about the ticket blitz - but this covers the whole city, not just the Rockaways. Ever since the Koch administration placed ticket revenues into the city budget (forever) and Mayor Guiliani telling cops to write good tickets (not phonies or ones with deliberate mistakes), the revenues and officers of the Parking Violations Bureau (the city’s IRS) have grown tremendously!

In words of a police desk sergeant, "Once the ticket is written, the burden of proof is on you!" If you get a moving violation, you probably deserved it in the first place. But this kind of ticket is not the problem.

The real problem is the parking ticket that you find on the vehicle upon your return to said vehicle. You complain and moan because you know you parked legally, obeyed the signs, and did nothing wrong. But the burden of proof is on you- due to a quota system that exists as the unwritten law for some public servants, which now includes the sanitation department. They write nonsensical tickets also.

And what about the ticket that was removed by B.B’s - just for spite, or was never there in the first place. That’s the one you hear about via a notice from Cadman Plaza Station of the parking violations department. Which threatens you with fines and penalties if you do not pay within a certain time.

And how about the multiple tickets; when word gets around the precinct and everyone puts one or more on the vehicle to fill "the quota". This does happen at times, you know!

But once you learn or figure out the madness (psychology is better) of the parking ticket business (that’s right- a business) you can oppose it.

You have several parking tickets and request a hearing at the PVB. At the hearing you sit before several administrative judges and talk your heart out. But that does not mean a thing. If for instance, there are ten tickets, they will cancel out (for whatever reason they have a list of) maybe six. This makes you feel like you have accomplished something. But they still got you for four or so and you must pay or else. This is the secret of the PVB. But if you are satisfied to pay and get it over with, that solves your problem until the next time it happens to you.

But all you have to do is challenge the remaining tickets and keep challenging, if you know in your heart that you are right in doing so. Write and keep on writing to your elected officials about you being right. Remember the squeaky wheel gets tar grease - doesn’t it? And if you are truthful - you do not need a lawyer.

There are also other things to do first before the trip to the PVB hearing. Check each and every item marked on the ticket. Make sure the plate number is correct; the registration expiration date is correct; the state markings are correct; the plate type is correct; the place of the vehicle is correct; the color and year of vehicle are correct; body type also-as well as the digits of the VIN number on the dashboard.

Then scrutinize the time, date, address of place of occurrence and the reason for the ticket. Get photographs of signs or any other thing that would be important to prove your point.

According to my experiences with PVB hearings, they want to sell you a Chinese Ming Dynasty vase- that has a sticker on it which says- made in lower Slobovia. This is a false description of the vase or mistake in the ticket writing. (Oops, I mean label)

The ticket is not good if it has mistakes on it, remember that. And that is right from the PVB. Of course, they will try to get over on you if you are a sheep about it and say nothing. And don’t forget to complain right up to the police commissioner and the mayor. If they don not reply, keep on complaining with certified mail with return receipts.

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