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From The G-Man...Gary Toms

From The G-Man

Don't Count Hillary Out!

By Gary Toms

Hey people! I’m taking on the "big dogs" this week. The intended target of this installment is the electronic media. I have noticed that there is this never-ending attack on Hillary Clinton by some of the most prominent journalists in the country. All of the news stations, from ABC to CBS, have talk show hosts, and guests, blasting the First Lady for her decision to run for the Senate. I listen to these so called experts, and I am amazed at the level of ignorance they display. Hey guys, and in some cases gals, pull up a chair. G-man’s got something to say to you.

Let’s start with all of these stupid polls. There seems to be a new poll taken every other day by some "reputable" organization or college. News figures such as Tim Russert, Bob Schieffer and Sam Donaldson relay this information to us as though it should have some type of impact on how we vote. Then, they have the nerve to have these political pundits on their respective shows telling us that Giuliani will win in a landslide and Hillary does not have a chance. Well, allow me to make two points.

First of all, polls don’t mean a damn thing. How many elections have been held in the past where a candidate was sagging in the polls, and all of a sudden they came roaring back? There have been many. No one knows what the outcome will be until the final vote is counted. Period!

Secondly, I seem to recall many of the leading journalists, and news experts stating that a certain candidate didn’t have a chance in hell of winning because he was far behind in the polls and not popular with voters, but the voters, and Jesse Ventura, made them look stupid! You would think that these "newsboys" would keep their mouths shut after being embarrassed, but now they have to start on the First Lady.

You can forget all of the political guessing games by these Ivy League and Harvard types. It comes down to basics, and the way I see it, this race comes down to two things: the rich vs. the poor and "The Diallo Factor".

Those who are likely to vote for Giuliani are going to consist of the following: Wall Street investors, people who made big money from the stock market boom last year, people in the suburbs, people in upstate New York, big businesses, people who feel the streets are safer and those who like the mayor's take no prisoners attitude. In short, all those who are pretty well off or feel crime is under control. The people who are likely to vote for the First Lady will consist of anyone this man has managed to piss off: including workers’ unions, sidewalk vendors, victims of police brutality, gays, homeless coalitions, the poor and other advocacy groups.

The second thing that will have an effect on this race will be what I call "The Diallo Factor". Many people are still affected by what transpired during this event, and they are even more enraged because of the recent ruling that moved the trial to Albany. The clock is ticking towards the trial date, and people are going to be focused on the proceedings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the officers charged are not convicted, there will be a major backlash against Mayor Giuliani. African-Americans, and other groups, will go to the polls in record numbers to voice their anger, and Giuliani will pay a heavy political price as a result, and he knows it!

I am just waiting for the electronic media to say that Hillary is playing the race card when the trial starts and during the aftermath. I know that’s what they are going to do, and they will be making a big mistake in doing so. Yes, there are those who do not want to vote for Hillary either, but this is about choosing the lesser of two evils for many. Many people want to see this man gone, and they do not want him as a senator. Most of those people happen to be minority, and they will vote based on years of anger, frustration and resentment of the mayor, his policies and his tactics. Hillary Clinton will benefit, and that has nothing to do with the race card issue. Giuliani has been pissing people off long before Hillary ever got here, and they are about to let him know it. It would be a big mistake to not take the minority vote seriously, and that is something most of the media seems to be doing. Keep it up, and you’ll be in another Ventura-like situation. Trust me on that!

Feel free to contact me at GeeMan1025@aol.com and I'll see you next week!

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