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From The G-Man

Try A Little Tenderness Now

By Gary Toms

Hey people! You know, some folks just don't get it. How many times do I have to say it? If you're out there doing something stupid, I'm going to write about it. I can't believe there are those who still do not take me seriously, so this week's column is dedicated to them.

This week's victim of my venom is the woman who was shopping at an Associated supermarket last week. I was there to pick up "mumsie" after a day of shopping. As we loaded her groceries into the car, this rude and crude woman passed by. She was accompanied by three of her children and two adults. I heard the smallest child ask for a lollipop, and all of a sudden this "thing", I refuse to call her a woman, smacked the child with such force that he was sent flying to the ground. He started to cry, and she hit him again, but this time it was harder. People looked on in horror as the child screamed. The "monster" then stated, "Boy, you'd better shut the f..k up before I make your s..t bleed!"

If I may quote the comedian Jerry Lewis, "Hey lady!" You are a complete disgrace to all women and mothers. I wanted to walk up to you and slug you with a carton of Tropicana orange juice, and afterwards, pour myself a nice, tall glass to celebrate what I'd done. I decided to have pity on you then, but you can forget that crap now. I hate you, and people that act just like you. You are garbage, and I wish that the Bureau of Child Welfare had field agents out to catch you in the act.

There is no reason for children to be cursed at, and beat upon, like they are adults. I constantly see things like this, and with the power I have as a writer, I would be a damn fool if I didn't address it. No wonder these kids grow up with major attitudes and an enormous amount of rage. The stupid parents, who are mostly young and without parenting skills, have no respect or regard for these children. They don't even have respect for themselves.

Any parent that goes around beating their child like a punching bag deserves to have the child taken from them. The same should be said for cursing and verbally assaulting them. Abuse is abuse, period, and for people like the "monster", they should be denied all rights when it comes to the privilege of being a parent.

I truly hope that those of you reading this do not fall into this classification. I don't think many of you do, but those who act in this manner, I hope this sinks in. If you have a problem, get some help. There are people, and places, that you can go to for counseling. Again, I see this very often, and it must stop.

On a lighter note, I would like to give you all an opportunity to sample my DJ skills. I have completed two cassette tapes entitled "DJ Scorpio's Dance Mix-Volumes I & II", and one cassette of my own exclusive remixes of dance hits. They would make nice birthday or holiday gifts for fans of club, house, disco and freestyle music. They are $10 each! Most DJ's charge much more, but you all get a cheaper rate because you support the G-man's column! Just indicate which tape you would like, and send your request to me at The Wave or care of Scorpion Productions, P.O. Box 900631, Far Rockaway, NY 11690-0631. Don't bounce the check now, because you know I'll write about you! (smiles)

A special "Jacky" award goes out to the ex-boyfriend of Ben Vereen's daughter. As many of you know, Ben Vereen is an accomplished actor of theater and film. This moron stole Mr. Vereen's Tony award, and he told him if he ever wanted to see it again, he would have to cough up big bucks. How stupid is this guy?! Is this "King Jackass" or what? Can you imagine? He probably has the Tony tied to a chair, and is holding it at gunpoint. He sits a plate of ravioli in front of it, comes back an hour later and yells, "Why aren't you eating?!" How about this one? He has it trapped in this pit, and he lowers a bucket down to give it water periodically. Remember that lunatic in "Silence of the Lambs"? That's how I picture this guy. Hey dumbo, a big, fat "heeeee haaaaaw" to you! You get a "Jacky" with a straight jacket on it.

Place those orders, and I'll see you next week.

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