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From The G-Man:

Show Me The Money For Kids

Hey people! I would like to quickly acknowledge a few readers that responded to articles written in recent weeks. "Monique", a resident of the Hammels Housing Development, was extremely kind and supportive of my efforts, and she was not bad looking either. You go girl!

Kudos also goes out to Mr. Richard C. Berger. He is a New York State Emergency Medical Technician who stated that I acted accordingly when I assisted an injured pedestrian two weeks ago. He states, "On the scene of an emergency, even with the higher level of training they have as nurses, doctors and physician's assistants, they are actually not allowed to
order around first responders, E.M.T.s, and paramedics. The F.R.s, E.M.T.s and medics have training in what to do, and what protocols to follow. If a civilian interferes, they could be locked up for that interference." I hope you got that "Nurse
Big Mouth"! Thank you Mr. Brenni, Ms. Smith and Gline Jordan. It was great chatting with all of you.

In past issues of The Wave, it had been mentioned that certain areas, such as Far Rockaway, had been awarded substantial grants to help revitalize the community. This has been verified to me by a number of residents and political appointees. That being the case, I have just one little question. Where has all of
this funding gone? Has it been used to buy more boards to cover up the crusty bungalows? Has it been used to purchase homes, cars and clothes for our local reps? Perhaps it served as a campaign contribution to some do nothing politicians. You see
folks, these are things that make you go....hhhmmm?

I can tell you for a fact where it isn't going. There are many programs directed toward helping troubled youth, throughout the peninsula, and they should've gotten a slice of the pie,
but they were not even given a consideration. I was informed of this after speaking with Mrs. Pat Taylor, president of the Ocean Village Tenant Association. She has worked tirelessly with troubled kids in this development, and others, by having
them take part in athletic activities instead of criminal behavior. She states, "So many people focus on the negative aspects of Ocean Village, but the truth is, you have some
really wonderful and good people here too. The kids I work with truly want to make a difference, and it hurts when the programs don't receive the funding needed to keep them going. If the government dispenses these funds toward our community, why is it that this program, and others like it, never benefit
from them? It's frustrating, and it hurts the kids just as much as it hurts me."

It really sucks that such conditions exist. I do not understand why such a wonderful program cannot get the funding necessary to continue operating. This is the case for a number sports related programs throughout Rockaway. Everybody in a position
of power bitches about how bad the Rockaways are becoming, but
what do you expect when you "hog" all of the money that should
be used to help at risk kids via these programs. Instead of helping create positive avenues for kids, you focus on some stupid Technodome project that probably will never be built.
I wish I could line up all the people responsible for this dumb idea, get a good running start and bam! A good, swift kick in the rear for all of them. That goes for the greedy people
who are "hogging" all of the funds too. You big pig butts!

I'm serving notice right now. If I should ever find out who is withholding money from the residents, and the community, I will take great pleasure in printing your name in this column, and I will make efforts to find out who you are. I won't have to go far either. There are a lot of pissed off people who run these programs, and they are polishing up
those steel-toed boots for you clowns. I suggest you get your acts together, and provide the money necessary to keep the sports programs, and any future programs, going for a long
time. You all know who you are, so step up and do the right thing.

If there's anyone reading this column that might be able to
contribute to these programs, please feel free to contact me here at The Wave. Individual contributions are fine, but I'm calling out the big corporations with "deep pockets". Stop
sucking down the caviar for a minute, and take some time to make a difference for these kids, their coaches and the program supporters. Hell, you can write it off an your taxes at the
end of the year! Give them a break. It would mean a lot.

Adios, I'm a ghost! See you next week!

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