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From The G-Man

Defending Restless Spirits

Hey people! As I predicted last week, the march held by the Ku Klux Klan was a complete bust. It was wonderful to see so many people protesting against what this group stands for. In the end, there was one thing that I found to be quite disturbing about the entire situation. Norman Siegel, head of the American Civil Liberties Union, took part in a number of press conferences and talk show appearances defending his decision to represent the Klan. The reporters and talk show hosts were a bunch of idiots. The questions asked were so basic, that Siegel could respond appropriately and fend off some of his harshest critics. Nobody bothered to challenge this man or his organization, and that really got to me. Well,

"Normy", all that is about to change.

If there is anyone reading this column that has ties to the ACLU, I would like you to give them this week's copy. While you're at it, tell them I want two questions answered. First, I want them to tell me, especially the African-American members, how it felt to piss on the graves of those murdered by this group? Many, who were non-white, were subjected to some of the most vicious and violent acts known to man. Men, women, children, babies and members of the clergy were slaughtered, and all the while your "client" was stating, through marches and speeches, that it was their Christian right to "purify" this nation. You are here, "Normy", and you are able to do what you do because of the lives that were sacrificed fighting against the very people you defended. Lynchings, church burnings and rapes are still taking place, but the media will not cover these stories because if people found out about it, this nation would be thrusted into a major race war. Your clients are responsible for a good number of these acts, past and present, and this is how you choose to honor those who perished?

I want you to answer another question for me pal. I would like to know why the ACLU was so quick to jump to the defense of the KKK? Did you do it because you saw it as an excellent way to get press coverage? I hope this was not the case. If it was, I have a size 10 boot that wants to become acquainted with your a..! That goes for all those sorry African-American lawyers, who chose to ignore the past, as well. There are many lawyers, who share the same views as the Klan, and I'm sure they would have been more than happy to represent them. It doesn't matter if the Klan contacted you first. There comes a time when heritage, dignity and honor should supersede anything else, and for some strange reason, you chose to overlook that. You stated that you and your members despise the Klan. Well, just think of how the three civil rights workers, Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman, felt when the Klan pumped bullets into them repeatedly. That alone should've been enough for you to say, "Get the hell out of here, and find someone else to represent you!"

I understand that the ACLU represents all people, but given the history of the KKK, it would seem to me that some type of consideration should've been given for the dead and those families who mourn to this day. Your organization has done some wonderful things to facilitate change in this country, but I'm sorry "Normy", you dropped the ball on this one. Yes, they have a right to speak, but you have the right to deny them representation based on personal conflict issues and/or beliefs. There are lawyers who do this every day, and I do not understand why your organization did not consider such action.

Is the Constitution bigger than a persons' sense of heritage, honor and integrity? It's a tough call, but I say no. Moreover if the group hiding behind a Constitutional right has a history of violence, preaches violence and continues to carry out acts of violence, they have no rights as far as I'm concerned. I hope and pray that the victims continue to rest in peace, and may they forgive you for such a blatant act of disrespect.

See you next week

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