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Replies To Howie

Dear Editor:

Mr. Schwach asked me to write and explain my vote for officers of Community School Board 27. This is not an explanation, because I don’t owe him one. It is, however, a reply so let us cut to the chase. First, I not only attended CSB meetings long before I ran for office, I also spoke at two. Check your facts, please. I was working for Rockaway schools 30 years ago, so forget the newcomer tactic. And, I am not obligated to vote with or for anyone, no matter what you think his or her I.Q. may be. I know what mine is. Worry about your own. You still can’t spell my name. As for the word "traitor", how dare you dictate to me, or anyone on what constitutes a traitor. You, Mr. Schwach, are the traitor. Here’s why. 1. You are a traitor to journalism. You twist the truth, report incorrectly, refuse to meet with the people you attack blindly and you make blatant misstatements of fact. Almost every week, The Wave prints letters charging you with one or more of the these things, so what I say is hardly news to Rockaway. 2. You are a traitor to your self-proclaimed profession of "educator." You have stated that many of our children are uneducable. A real educator would never say that. They would know that if you cannot reach a child by one method, you try until you find one which works. How dare you condemn children to educational oblivion? What children are you targeting? You are an educational bigot. Based upon your attitude, you should be removed from school contact with children. 3. You are a traitor to District 27. You seek to divide an already troubled district. We are the second largest school district in the country and geographically divided as well. You dare chastise me for not voting with the Rockaway group, but instead trying to draw Rockaway and the mainland closer by voting for a mainland board officer. Do you think that’s constructive? Should there be a "Rockaway contingent" or in the future should decisions be made for educational reasons? Has the "Rockaway contingent" done so much for our schools that I must follow down the garden path on every vote? My job is to weigh the issues and vote on their merits. That’s how it will be, Howie. I care about education, not politics. Can you show me a magnet grant, a rise in test scores, buses coming back over the bridge carrying our top students to JHS 180? We’ve had division. Rockaway will gain from unity. Remember, Howie, a great man once said that in unity there is strength. To achieve anything positive in Rockaway, we need district-wide support. A community school board should never be split on the lines you suggest. Members must interact and vote wisely to ensure quality education, not herd like sheep. And, by the way, you once accused me of having an agenda – P.S. 114. The last time I looked P.S. 114 was still in Rockaway. I would like to know of what unholy alliance you are part. You lost your protector (or director) at the District Office when Chancellor Crew removed Supt. Isaacs et al., but you seem to have ties to others in the district. You constantly praise the intelligence of one school board member and I don’t argue that, although I can’t comment on your I.Q. analysis. Yet, when three members acted correctly, you praised only Mr. Greenberg and gave no credit to Mr. Brown or Mr. Sanders. Where are you coming from? As an educated woman and former educator, I will vote on educational issues for valid educational reasons. I will listen courteously to District parents, grandparents and community groups. I have a great stake in Rockaway, as have my children and grandchildren. Our lives have been lived here. But, you’re not going to intimidate me into making anything but considered decisions about our children’s education. You don’t seem to like educated women, white or black. Perhaps your group finds us intimidating. You and yours harassed and ridiculed Dr. Chapey, now a New York State Regent. I am not, as I overheard stated on August 5, her physical replacement. Mrs. Bevilacqua and I replaced Mr. Egan and Mr. Russo. Neither am I going to be the new scapegoat. I serve notice here that I will not tolerate the cheap shots and vulgar abuse to which Dr. Chapey was subjected. Don’t try it. Grandmothers can be tough opponents. If you want it down and dirty, so be it. But, wouldn’t it be better if we devoted our time and energy to the education of our children? And, Mr. Locke, find another, cleaner way to sell papers. You act traitorously every time you pay Mr. Schwach, who is also paid by District 27, to write such trash.



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