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From the G-Man

by Gary G. Toms

Hey people! Before I get started, let me just state that I happen to think that there are many good young people in our society who are not given the credit they deserve. Many of them are making a difference in their communities and the world as a whole. However, there are those that seem to continuously show a lack of respect for others around them, and I am sick of it.

A few days ago, I saw this stupid ass, as in jackass, hit an old woman as she clutched her bible. The purpose for the assault? She had accidentally stepped on his brand new sneakers! In another example, some guys were standing on a corner checking out girls as they walked by. A woman, roughly about 50, passed them, and they began to make some really nasty, sexual comments. When an elderly woman yelled at them from a window, for their lack of respect, several of them responded, "Shut the f… up you old b….!"

The most disturbing thing I witnessed took place right in front of a synagogue. I was in route to the barbershop, and I saw seven or eight people, boys and girls, approaching toward me. I passed the temple and said good afternoon to a group standing in front. As I passed these kids, they turned to the group and started to harass them by yelling "Heil Hitler." Before the group could retaliate, the teens ran off laughing.

There are countless acts like this that take place every day, and I really don’t understand how people can be so damn ignorant, stupid and unsympathetic. Each time I bare witness to things like this, it makes me want to put these fools through a wall. Some of these kids actually think these actions are funny or a way of having a good time. Well, I’m not laughing, and how much fun can you get out of insulting someone’s heritage? This behavior is sick, and so are the people engaged in it.

I don’t see anything humorous, or entertaining, about young teens on a bus, or train, cursing up a storm with elders in the area. You carry on in this manner, and the older person sitting next to you may be a Christian or member of the clergy. You make sexual comments to someone who could turn out to be your best friend’s aunt or you mother’s best friend. You make disgusting remarks, which are supposed to be funny in your view, about a horrible period in Jewish history, and the people you direct your comments to may be concentration camp survivors. Does someone have to beat the crap out of you before you get the message? Stop the nonsense!

Every time you see an old black man, or woman, your first thought should be that they survived Jim Crow and racial segregation. Every time you see an old Jewish man, or woman, you should wonder did they endure the horrors of Auschwitz or whether or not they lost an entire generation. You don’t yell "Heil Hitler". Every time you see Irish people celebrating their heritage, you should not refer to them as "lousy drunkards" and laugh at they way they talk. God gave you the gift of intellect, so use it!

I want to issue a special message to all of my readers. I’m sure many of you encounter situations similar to these every day. Some of you don’t think to get involved because of the possibility of being physically injured by these morons. If that’s your position I truly understand, but if there are those of you out there that feel the need to talk to these kids, if the moment arises, don’t hesitate to share your views or thoughts. Sometimes, it’s just what they need. Maybe, if said in a nice enough, or strong enough way, they just might get the message. Our elders are the reason many of us are here today. From World War II, Civil Rights and Vietnam, their struggles and sacrifices have given us certain liberties that others can only imagine. Remind these young morons of this fact; by whatever means necessary.

Take care people, and I’ll see you next week.


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