1999-06-19 / Columnists

From the G-Man

by Gary Toms

Hey people! I’m going to let you in on a little secret this week. I am very big on conspiracies! So much in fact, that some of my closest friends have dubbed me "G. Mulder" of "The G Files." Now if I could just find a red hot lady to be "Scully", race is not an issue, I would be in great shape. I have looked into cases involving UFO’s, the Atlanta child murders and the assassination of JFK, and I experienced something last week that is worth mentioning. In the end, you may not view things in the same way as you once did.

I went to my friend’s house last week for a get together. Some people I had not seen for quite some time were going to be there, and I was really looking forward to the reunion. You see, most of my friends are either police officers or federal agents. Now you know why I could care less about people threatening me. At any rate, they always have interesting stories to tell.

One of my friends, we’ll call him, "Jimmy", started a conversation based on the fact that he always feels he is being watched no matter where he is. We all concluded that this was probably the case, since cameras seem to be everywhere nowadays. "Michael" then asked if we had heard the story about the cable companies. Many of us had not, and he proceeded to tell us about how a technician, who worked in the cable industry, had stated that cable has a way of monitoring every house in America, and possibly abroad, for criminal activity. I had wondered how this was possible, and "Bob", a federal agent, said it was all too easy. He pulled out this book that had all of these James Bond-like gadgets in them, and they all were used for spying on people. There were clocks, finely crafted pens, rings, money clips, ties, eye glasses and more! I was astounded to say the least.

A few minutes later, "Bob" showed me something called a pin-tipped camera. It had a red light tip at the end, and any number of them could be made to resemble a digital clock. He then pointed to the cable box, and he said, "It looks a lot like the cable box, right?" We agreed. He then made me aware of something that is difficult to argue. He revealed that the cable lines run concurrent with the telephone lines, and anyone could listen to your conversations if they wanted to. The difference between the phone and cable company is only one can listen in on calls, and the other allows them to see and hear what’s going on your house.

It was at this point that "Jimmy" said, "All the years you’ve known me Gee, have you ever seen a cable box in my bedroom?" I then realized that as long as I’ve known all of them, not one of them has cable in their bedroom. Some of them don’t have cable at all! I needed more proof, so we decided to try and open up the cable box to have a look. When we tried, an E4 appeared, and within minutes the phone rang. It was a rep from the cable company asking us if someone had been tampering with the box! We then watched them control the box from their main office via the television screen, and the E4 was quickly erased. Before hanging up, we were reminded that tampering with the box was illegal.

Many will dismiss this article as being far fetched, and some will really think about what was said. I will say this much. Don’t ever fool yourself into believing that no one is watching you. You have been tracked from the day you were born. Birth certificates, social security cards, selective service registration, pin numbers and credit cards are just a few of the methods being used. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just think about what my friends said. Big Brother is watching, and they can always restructure the laws to get away with it. The scary part is, this is just the beginning.

See you next week......if the Cigarette Smoking Man, in the black trench coat, doesn’t get me first.



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