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From The G-Man

They're Growing Up Too Fast
By Gary G. Toms

Hey people! I have a question. What’s with all of these young girls, ages 10-13, who dress up like they’re about to be cast in a Puff Daddy video? They walk around with all of this make-up on, and they wear these platform shoes that take them from 4 foot nothing to playing center for the New York Knicks. I’ve even seen some of them in micro-mini skirts that would make Ally McBeal cringe.

There is a very frightening aspect to all of these realities, and that aspect is that many of these girls are sexually active in one way or another. As someone who keeps close to the youth, and the streets, I hear many of these girls engaged in conversation with their friends, and they openly speak about how they "did" this guy when their parents were not home. The most disturbing thing that I had the unfortunate opportunity to hear was how several girls took part in an orgy at a house party, and I had started to get the impression that the participants were not just young boys....if you know what I mean.

These are some really sick situations, and I hold two factions responsible; lousy parents and the mass media. Parents have the ability to gage a child’s conduct, sense of morals and overall character. What the hell kind of parent lets their daughter go out of the house looking like Scary Spice or The Happy Hooker? There is something seriously wrong with that, and the parent who says, "Isn’t she cute", can take pride in knowing that they contributed in the creation of a young tramp.

The mass media is just as responsible for creating this crap! Everywhere young people look, there’s sex, booze, images of so called "hunks" and a large degree of materialism. Videos, from Busta Rhymes to Puffy, must have women with big butts or breasts wiggling in your face every two minutes. Then people on Madison Avenue, and major record labels, want to sit back, smile and say, "Hey, don’t blame us.....sex sells." Let me ask you one question. Do you think the Madison Avenue "stooges", and record company jackasses, Puffy included, would like it if their sweet, precious daughters were swinging "T" and "A" in a music video. You think Clive Davis, head of Arista Records, would go for that? I.....don’t.....think.....so!

There has got to be more accountability for these hideous and dangerous circumstances. There are many sexually transmitted diseases out there, and one has definitely made its presence known. It’s called AIDS, and it doesn’t give a damn about age. It will kill you. If you know girls that fit the description in this article, let them know what the deal is. I know many of the younger kids don’t read this column or The Wave, but I hope those of you that do will let these girls know that they need to slow down and allow themselves to have a childhood. Don’t get so caught up in the hype. It’s not worth it.

I want to acknowledge some very special people before I sign off. They are Mrs. "K", Laverne Woods, "Julie", Rene Menendez and Mr. Everett Scott. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was receiving hate mail, and the following week, I received some extremely supportive and loving letters from the above listed people. I want to thank you all for recognizing that my goal is to bring people together, not divide them. I may have a unique way of trying to accomplish this feat, but hey, I’m a unique guy. Even all those who claim to hate me have to admit it. You’ve just got to have your weekly dose of...The G-man.

See you next week, and wipe the lipstick off that little girl’s mouth!

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